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How to Make Passive Income with the New X (Twitter) Ad Revenue-Sharing Program

X previously known as Twitter recently rolled out an exciting new revenue-sharing program that allows users to earn money from their tweets. By meeting a few requirements and optimizing your presence, Twitter users can now generate monthly passive income thanks to this opportunity.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to start monetizing your tweets, including:

  • The requirements to qualify for Twitter's program
  • Tips to rapidly grow your followers and impressions  
  • How to choose a profitable niche to maximize earnings
  • Step-by-step advice to optimize your Twitter profile and content
  • Realistic income projections based on impression levels and niche
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Twitter monetization

Ready to learn how to turn your tweets into that Elon Musk cash? Let’s dive in!


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Requirements to Join Twitter's Revenue-Sharing Program

To gain access to Twitter's new money-making opportunity, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

1. Be At Least 18 Years Old: All users must be over 18 to participate in revenue sharing. This is for legal compliance reasons.

2. Have 500 Minimum Followers: While follower numbers don’t directly impact earnings, this threshold helps ensure your account has an established audience.

500 followers is a relatively low barrier for entry compared to other monetization platforms. With some optimization, most active accounts can reach this follower count within a few weeks.

3. Subscribe to Twitter Blue: Twitter Blue is Twitter’s premium subscription that unlocks additional features. It costs:

  • $8/month if you subscribe on the web
  • $11/month if you subscribe via iOS or Android

Revenue sharing is currently only available to Twitter Blue subscribers. The subscription is manageable for most users and you’ll easily earn back the costs once you’re monetizing your account.

4. Have 15 Million Impressions in the Last 3 Months: The biggest challenge with Twitter’s program is the impressions requirement. You’ll need at least 15 million impressions on your tweets over a rolling 3-month period.

Impressions refer to the number of times a tweet is seen. They include:

  • Timelines views
  • Hashtag views
  • Profile views
  • Retweet views
  • Tweet embed views

We’ll cover specific strategies to hit this impression target later in this guide. While 15 million seems daunting at first, it’s achievable for most active users willing to put in some effort.

Once your account meets all these requirements, you’ll receive an invitation from Twitter to activate monetization through their ads and revenue-sharing system.

How Does Twitter’s Revenue Sharing Work?

To understand how you’ll earn money, it helps to know how Twitter monetization works:

Twitter is an advertising-based business. Companies pay Twitter to promote ads to targeted audiences on the platform. When users view or engage with tweets that contain paid ads, the advertisers pay Twitter fees based on the number of impressions received. Through their new revenue-sharing program, Twitter redistributes a portion of this ad revenue to users whose tweets generated the impressions.

The more impressions your tweets receive, the more opportunities Twitter has to display ads and collect fees from advertisers. And the more ad fees generated, the bigger the cut you receive as a content creator.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement – brands get valuable exposure, Twitter earns ad revenue, and users monetize their audiences and content.

5 Tips to Get 15 Million Impressions Fast on Twitter

Let’s talk about the biggest challenge with Twitter monetization — hitting that 15 million impressions quota. Here are 5 proven tactics to rapidly grow your reach and impressions:

1. Strategically Use Hashtags

Hashtags expand the visibility of your tweets to users who don’t already follow you. Including 1-2 relevant hashtags in each tweet can help you reach broader audiences.

Study trending hashtags and join in conversations where your voice adds value. Avoid using too many hashtags or they’ll look spammy.

2. Engage With Influencers in Your Niche

Reply to tweets from influencer accounts in your niche and add thoughtful commentary. If they like your response, it may get promoted to their followers.

Turn on notifications for major accounts so you can engage early with new tweets before they go viral. Being among the first to reply improves visibility.

3. Post Eye-Catching Images and Video

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets on average. Video garners 10x more engagement than plain text.

Visuals help your content stand out in crowded timelines and are more likely to be viewed, shared, and engaged with.

4. Thread Your Thoughts

Twitter threads tell a story across multiple linked tweets. The more intriguing the story, the more engagement it’ll receive. Use the first tweet as a hook to capture attention. Provide useful info in each subsequent tweet to keep readers following along.


5. Run Twitter Polls

Twitter polls create an active conversation around a question you pose. Users vote to drive up engagement. Ask interesting questions that require some thought. This doubles as market research into your audience’s interests.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche to Monetize on Twitter

The niche you choose significantly impacts your earning potential on Twitter.

Some niches allow you to earn 4-5x as much as others per impression. This translates to thousands in potential extra income monthly.

To maximize earnings, you’ll want to focus on a niche that:

  • Has an active target audience on Twitter
  • Appeals to big brand advertisers with large budgets
  • Has relatively low competition from other monetized creators

Based on these criteria, the current most profitable niches on Twitter include:

1. Finance and Investing

Tweets about finance, investing, and cryptocurrency tend to earn the highest rates per impression.

Major brands like banks, trading platforms, and financial services compete heavily to reach these audiences on Twitter. And many finance threads go viral, expanding your impressions.

Sub-niches include cryptocurrency, stocks, entrepreneurship, personal finance, and more.

2. Technology

The tech industry spends big on Twitter advertising across niches like:

  • Apps and software
  • Gadgets and electronics
  • AI and emerging tech
  • Gaming and esports
  • NFTs and web3

Competition is moderate, with fewer mega-influencers compared to other categories. It’s possible to build a sizable audience fairly quickly.

3. Business and marketing

Advertisers target Twitter’s highly engaged professional audiences with budget-friendly cost-per-impression rates.

Effective sub-niches include digital marketing, social media marketing, business development, HR, and productivity. Avoid overly broad “business” content.

4. Current Events and News

Reporting and discussing the latest news generates consistently high tweet engagement. Timely commentary on trending issues can go viral fast.

Consider niches like politics, environmental issues, civil rights, pop culture, and major global events. Controversy drives impressions.

Other Profitable Niches to Consider

Beyond the top money-making categories above, you can also succeed with:

  • Sports: Established fan bases for major teams and leagues.
  • Comedy: Viral humor content generates strong engagement.
  • Lifestyle: Health, dating, travel, food, and more lifestyle niches have potential.
  • Arts: Artists, musicians, writers, and creators monetize their audience.

The key is choosing a specific, well-defined niche with an active target audience. Avoid overly broad topics that spread your content too thin.

How Much Money Can You Make on Twitter?

So how much can you realistically earn from Twitter’s revenue sharing program? Income potential depends on two key factors:

1. Monthly Impression Volume

Unsurprisingly, more impressions equal more income. Here are rough monthly earnings benchmarks at different impression levels:

  • 15-25 million impressions per month = $250 - $750  
  • 25-50 million impressions per month = $750 - $2 000
  • 50-100 million impressions per month = $2 000 - $5 000
  • 100+ million impressions per month = $5 000 - $15 000+

These estimates are based on average CPM rates (cost per thousand impressions) across profitable niches.

With over 100 million impressions, top earners make $10k+ per month. It takes significant audience growth and optimization to hit 9-figure impression counts.

2. Niche CPM Rates

The other variable is the CPM rate of your chosen niche determines a lot.

Finance and cryptocurrency content generally earns $8–$12 per thousand impressions. Gaming and lifestyle niches earn around $3-$5. Niche dramatically impacts income.

Based on typical niche CPM rates, here’s how much each additional million monthly impressions adds to your revenue:

  • Finance/Crypto Content: $8 000 - $12 000 per million impressions
  • Tech/Business Content: $5 000 - $8 000 per million impressions  
  • Gaming/Comedy Content: $3 000 - $5 000 per million impressions

Your income scales up quickly with more impressions. However choosing a valuable niche vastly multiplies potential earnings at any impression volume.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Maximum Impressions

Now that you know how Twitter’s revenue sharing works and the criteria for profitable niches, let’s talk about optimizing your profile and content. Follow these tips to appear more credible, establish your niche, and attract more followers:

1. Create an Appealing Profile Photo  

Your profile photo is prime real estate to make a strong first impression on visitors.

  • Use a high-quality, well-lit headshot of your smiling face. This feels the most trustworthy.
  • Showcasing niche-relevant products or visuals can also work if done tastefully.
  • Avoid using avatars or caricatures: people connect with real faces.

Profile photos with bright, contrasting colors tend to stand out more in Twitter feeds.

2. Design an Eye-Catching Profile Banner

Your banner visually brands your niche and bio. It’s valuable visual real estate.  

  • Include your name and any relevant branding.
  • Communicate your niche with appropriate imagery.
  • Add visual interest while keeping critical info clear and readable.

Canva makes it easy to create custom Twitter banner designs for free.

3. Write a Strong Profile Bio

Your bio should quickly communicate:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Your niche or areas of expertise

This framing helps visitors immediately understand your value proposition.

Keep it short and skimmable — you have limited characters. Prioritize the most important details.

4. Pin Your Best Tweet

Pinning an engaging, representative tweet to the top of your profile makes a strong first impression on visitors.  

Your pinned tweet should:

  • Demonstrate your abilities and knowledge
  • Encourage engagement
  • Align with your niche
  • Send traffic to your other content

Swap out your pinned tweet regularly to promote different ideas.

5. Include Strategic Calls to Action in Your Bio

Encourage visitors to follow you, check your website, or view your pinned content.

  • “Follow me for daily stock tips!”
  • “Check out my blog for fitness advice.”
  • “Watch my pinned video on crypto.”

Just don’t make your bio too promotional. Focus on providing value.

Crafting Viral, Money-Making Tweets and Threads

Compelling tweet content is crucial for engagement and impressions. Here are proven formulas for tweets that earn:

1. Newsjacking Trending Topics

Commenting on a trending event or newly viral tweet rides existing momentum. This exposure can bring in millions of views.

Search trending hashtags and join relevant conversations where you can provide a unique perspective. Quote-tweet or reply to viral tweets with your take.

2. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Open-ended questions that make readers pause elicit lots of responses and engagement.

Follow up with your perspective in later tweets. Questions work great as thread starters.

3. Create Twitter Polls

Simple yes/no polls related to your niche perform exceptionally well. Come up with intriguing dilemmas or debates.

The voting mechanism inherently boosts engagement. Pose follow-up questions based on the results.

4. Share Valuable Industry Insights

Establish yourself as an authority by tweeting “insider” facts and data points that educate readers.

Commentary on recent news with your informed perspective also performs well. Provide analysis people won’t get elsewhere.

5. Spark Debate

Controversy drives engagement. Expressing an unexpected or contrary stance gets people riled up to respond.

Back up your opinions with data. Avoid being merely provocative or extreme, as this can backfire.

6. Include Engaging Visuals

Tweets with images, video, or other multimedia outperform plain text drastically.  

Visuals that demonstrate your niche perform best — a fitness influencer doing exercises, a tech expert showing new gadgets, etc.

Canva lets you easily create eye-catching Twitter visuals.

7. Create Extended Threads with Valuable Tips and Advice

Extended threads that provide step-by-step advice or tips perform well, especially as educational content for your niche. Break down each tip across multiple tweets to boost impressions and encourage clicks through to the end of the thread.

8. Promote Trending Hashtag Holidays  

Viral hashtag holidays like #SmallBusinessSaturday provide ready-made opportunities to create themed content tied to what’s already trending.

Research upcoming hashtag holidays in your niche and prepare relevant content to capitalize on existing social momentum.

9. Post During Peak Hours

When you tweet matters just as much as what you tweet. Use these timing best practices to boost impressions. Twitter activity surges on weekdays at:

  • 8 – 10 AM (people commuting to work)
  • 12  – 2 PM (lunch breaks)
  • 5 – 8 PM (after work)

Post your most important tweets during these high-visibility windows.

10. Increase Frequency Strategically

  • Posting 1-2 times per day is essential to hit 15+ million impressions monthly.
  • Ramp up activity during viral events or when promoting important content.
  • Avoid “oversharing”: spread posts out to avoid looking spammy.

11. Leverage Trending Moments  

Check for trending hashtags and news events multiple times per day. These present opportunities to hop into timely conversations. Set mobile alerts for trending topics so you can react quickly before momentum dies down.

Twitter Content Creation Tools and Tips

Creating consistently engaging tweets, threads, and visuals demands planning. These tools can streamline your content creation process:

  • Hootsuite: Centralized social media management, scheduling, and analytics. Lets you plan and recycle old evergreen content.
  • Canva: Easy-to-use graphic design templates. Create visual content optimized for Twitter.
  • Tweetdeck: Powerful Twitter analytics and listening tool. Identify engagement opportunities.
  • Buffer: Schedule tweets in advance for when your audience is most active.
  • Sprout Social: Social media analytics, monitoring, and reporting. Track the performance of your tweets and optimize accordingly.
  • Google Trends: Identify rising search terms and interests to inform content topics.

Use Twitter Ads to Amplify Exposure

Once you’re earning steady revenue through Twitter’s program, consider reinvesting some profits into Twitter ads. Promoted tweets and other ad units can help you rapidly scale an audience in your niche. This expands impression volume and resulting income.

Take advantage of Twitter’s free ad credits for new advertisers. Measure results and optimize your targeting for the best return on spend.


This covers everything you need to know to start monetizing your Twitter following.

The keys are:

  • Meeting the baseline requirements
  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Optimizing your profile and content for engagement
  • Posting high-performing tweets consistently  

It takes effort to build a readership. But by providing real value, you can see your impressions and income scale up quickly.

Ready to get started?

Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to provide feedback and advice as you work to monetize your audience on Twitter.

The opportunity is out there. With focus and consistency, anyone can begin earning hundreds or thousands per month from Twitter.

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