April 15, 2016
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Payment is for clicks, not for bookings. It's not supposed to be profitable at all. I put this affiliate a long time ago, it was the first one on the blog, and only after some time it was replaced by TravelPayouts with its hotels. Didn't have time to replace all the links (I mainly waited to test it on the banner in the sidebar), after about a week, I got a ban. The very same ban for which many blame this affiliate. Because there is sucg a ban is such that you couldn't even withdraw any funds. Moreover, they are doing it cunningly, waiting until you have accumulated 200 dollars (min amount) and only then do checks of your traffic, and ban if it does not match their parameters (no bookings, only clicks). On the one hand, they can be understood, why do they need partners, who do not bring them profit and through which there is no bookings, on the other hand, why wait for a minimum threshold? It's a bit unfair. In the end, I wrote to the Russian-speaking support (in English - useless, not even an answer), and I was given a second chance. Like, if there will be bookings, I will be unblocked again. I finished changing all the links, added new ones, removed the banner and replaced it with a widget. Now the affiliate brings 300-500 dollars. Not bad, I think, considering that the season is over. The main thing is not to grab the ban again, because in a private office there is no statistics on bookings, only clicks. Why did they do that? The partners could have controlled the process themselves. The partner tools of Hotelscombined are not dense, the usual banners and more or less good search form.

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