July 15, 2022
  • Support 1
  • Technology 4
  • Quality of offers 6
  • Reliability 3

I also tried to work with the affiliate program BestEduDeal, but after some time I’ve changed my mind about it. I always disliked it and here it’s even worse, because they require so many papers, moreover an absurd condition when one of them has to confirm the other. At first I got into it, scanned, sent for acceptance to the affiliate. In addition to that, to earn something, you need to have high quality traffic, and the information other people say and write, that you need only 3000 bucks a month without any problems - this is a lie. It would be great to earn at least 20. As they wrote to me from the support, we value our partners, and will not accept the dubious kind of resources. The conclusion suggests itself, everything is done for the benefit of the advertiser.

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