July 02, 2018
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This year I saw this affiliate program on the conference. I've decided to try it. Started working in April, because it is the most profitable month. I was driving traffic to their referral link. For the first day there were 4 orders and then in 2 more days there were a couple of more orders. I've decided to order a payout of $500. As soon as I received the first payment, they've decided to send it for sime sort of verification (I have no idea what they have to check for so long), but at the end all my money was withdrawn. At the end in a week I got convertion better, than when I drove on Studybay, Develar and Eduprofit combined. In consequence, after one more week I withdrew all the money, which means I just zeroed out acounts to cents (I wanted to check). It turned out to be $1335.18. The second time they paid quickly, in about 30 minutes I got the money. In general, I am satisfied. The support is ok.

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