November 05, 2019
  • Profitability 7
  • Problems with anti-viruses 8
  • Stability 8
  • Support 8

A good network with a lot of traffic. Fresh traffic.
Cons. Opting can be done mostly by creatives. Sources are large and there are 2-3 of them inside on targeting of KZ. Bid is a bit high for network. Inability to target per region. Support is not 24/7. One kz with one creative. You can only change traffic type with Support after starting kz.

But volumes are a plus. Definitely. And the volumes are not ridden with competitors. Normal approve of call centre, Leads from traffic from the network.
Quick approve,
There is adult, and converts the usual offers well.
As an advantage, I can note that the system has a built-in algorithm not to send push repeatedly. It is possible to send the entire base without repeating circles!

On the whole, well done. I like the network. I recommend it

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