October 16, 2018
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Crisis of Actionpay CPA affiliate program and the end of my career with the status of a "Scammer". In this article I want to present to customers of Actionpay the whole truth about the methods of work of this affiliate program. Namely, I want to provide facts about what illegal and immoral activities is this cpa affiliate program! I am sure that many clients of this affiliate program will join my action to block this "Shitty" service. I write this article because I lost all hope of getting my honestly earned money. I've worked with this affiliate since December 2015, when the amount of payment was small, there were no problems with the payments. Personal managers every time begged me to raise the volume and promised not to be late with the payments. Since 2018-03-22 Actionpay stopped paying me the money, explaining that they have temporary problems with payments, and begged not to turn off traffic. Below I provide screenshots of ordered payments https://gyazo.com/2a7b0d79b502f45de24ca48ab72ed30a https://gyazo.com/774bdb2e8e43019b9d5e8ffe0336bb2c

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