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Tonic serves as a German advertising network specializing in desktop and mobile traffic, offering various features tailored to meet the needs of publishers and advertisers alike.

With Tonic, users have access to a range of advertising formats, including Popup, Display Traffic, Domain Traffic, and Exit Traffic, providing flexibility in campaign strategies.

Payouts are processed on a monthly basis, ensuring timely compensation for publishers.

Tonic prides itself on its ability to monetize a wide array of verticals across all devices, whether mobile, desktop, or tablet, providing publishers with opportunities to maximize their revenue streams. However, certain verticals may be restricted if they pose a risk to financial stability.

Although Tonic operates globally, there are some geographical restrictions in place to maintain quality standards and comply with legal requirements. Nevertheless, the network performs well in English-speaking countries, Europe, and various Asian countries.

Publishers can receive payments from Tonic worldwide, with payment methods including wire transfer. Payments are available in both US-Dollars ($) and Euro (€), offering flexibility and convenience for users across different regions.


  • Buying traffic
  • Advertiser registration
  • Pay per click or per show
    CPC, CPA & CPV
  • GEO
    All GEOs
  • Payment methods
    PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, Payoneer-Mastercard
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15 April 2024
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