September 10, 2021
  • Support 5
  • Technology 2
  • Quality of offers 2
  • Reliability 2

I should have been a winner. Sold 4.8k worth of e-commerce, 1% of the category. At least I should have gotten gas money. But no, got $0. Contacted eBay affiliate network, they confirmed that the buyer had paid. They said: the commission received from the buyer was not more than what they agreed to pay me on the rate card, so it's not in their interest to pay me. After all, they won't earn anything on the sale. Then why set up a rate card if you're not going to honor the terms? Before the change you got half commission, it was a fair model. Now they're worse than Amazon, suffering from their own rules (they get hit with their own weapons). It looks like they're having trouble, sales aren't coming in, and they've decided to phase out the affiliate program. It's just a scammer.

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