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16 Best Affiliate Marketing Channels and Groups on Telegram

If you want to start making money out of affiliate marketing, you will need a lot of things. You are going to need a lot of advertising, guidance, news or updates, or even a community of people to communicate with and start making contacts that will help you throughout your affiliate marketing business. Currently, there are a lot of social media networks for different types of affiliate marketing.

Let us say you want to start an affiliate marketing business about fashion and beauty. Instagram and Pinterest are good places to begin your job because they allow you to post pictures of your products and ideas. But there are still places that you can promote your Instagram or Pinterest businesses for free. You can achieve this through the groups and channels of Telegram.

What Is Telegram

A great social media to begin your business with is Telegram. 7 years ago, Telegram was a simple messaging application. Since 7 years ago, Telegram has seen a lot of updates and changes that made this application improve and become something more than a messenger. Currently, you can have a channel where you can post anything that you want. You can join or create group chats with over 200 000 members. You can have voice chats in groups and so many other options. With all of Telegram's great features, this application is now more than a messenger and works more like a full internet package for anything. Telegram is one of the fastest-growing applications both in terms of the number of users and upgrades.

In this article, we will be showing you the best channels and group chats on Telegram to help you start and grow as an affiliate marketer.

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Telegram is Free

The first and probably the most important reason why you should use Telegram is that it is available for free. Telegram is free, and it does not include any in-app purchasing. All of Telegram's features are also free so, when using Telegram, you do not need to pay the smallest amount in order to use it for whatever you want. That is unlike having a website, which can be expensive.

Telegram Has Many Great Features

With Telegram, you can create both channels and group chats. A channel is something very similar to other social media. Unlike Instagram, where you can only post pictures and videos, or Youtube, where you can upload only videos, Telegram is not limited to any media format. On Telegram, you can post pictures without lowering their quality. You can post videos, Music, any type of files up to 2 Gigabytes, and you have unlimited cloud space.

Other things you can also do are using voice messaging and video messaging. Another excellent feature of channels is channel calls, in which moderators of your channel can start a live call with the subscribers (members). Of course, you can have more than one moderator for your channel. If you want to start a channel for your business, Telegram channels also come with a powerful analytics tool inside of Telegram.

Group chats with a high number of members are also one of the other things on Telegram that you might want for your affiliate marketing business. You can have group chats with up to 200 000 members. It is also possible to post any sort of media file you want in groups. You can pin posts, mention a specific user, and you can have voice calls in your group. Something else you can do is to link your group chat to your channel.

Telegram Is Constantly Updating and Improving

Over the past 7 years of Telegram’s activity, it has received many updates and improvements. It went from being a simple messenger to a very useful social media for all kinds of purposes. Many of the features were added to Telegram over time, and the developers are adding a lot of new, useful features to it with each update.

Benefits of Using Telegram for Affiliate Marketing

As we mentioned, Telegram gives you the ability to join channels and groups. We also noted that various types of media, such as texts, pictures, voice messages, video messages, and files can also be supplemented in a channel. This enables a lot of experienced and professional affiliate marketers to share their knowledge of affiliate marketing on their own Telegram channels.

They usually teach people where to start from and how to drive traffic. Some of the channels familiarize users with the terminology of affiliate marketing. It is like a free online classroom, where you get to ask your questions, leave comments, and even contact the professionals in other countries or even your own country.

As an affiliate marketer, you should be great in communicating. Using Telegram, you get to see how affiliate marketers talk, what kind of sources they use, etc.

Finding your affiliate marketing sources on Telegram can be overwhelming. That’s why we have brought together a list of these channels and groups that you can join for free to boost your knowledge of affiliate marketing and get in touch with the experts of this field.

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Partnerkin's channel offers one of the most comprehensive collections of affiliate marketing articles and news right on Telegram. Never miss any news, interviews, case studies, strategies, or opportunities. Partnerkin will be your partner on Telegram for affiliate marketing.

Members: around 300 active members.


Click Bee

Click Bee is a super active group chat that is based around affiliate earning by joining other channels or chats. You can join their community and start making money by link earning and becoming a member of other people's chats or channels.

Members: over 19 000 members and 1 000 active members.


Affiliate Marketing

The second channel with the name of affiliate marketing. This channel is one of the biggest communities that exist about affiliate marketing on Telegram. There are a lot of courses, articles, personal experiences, and opportunities in this channel. You can also ask the manager of this channel any questions you have. You can also advertise your own affiliate marketing blogs or channels that you have in their channel.

Subscribers: over 14 000 subscribers.



eDeal Affiliate Network

The eDeal Affiliate Network group chat is one of the largest groups about networking on telegram. This chat is for both Russian and English speakers. They are CPA partners network, and they offer and talk about things such as shave-proof, a payout from 2 days, personal manager, minimal geo limitations, real-time stats, up to 1 000 dollars CPA, and they put up campaigns if you ask them to do so. The group chat is very active.

Members: over 10 000 members and 2 500 active members.



Affiliate Marketing World

This chat is one of the most active groups about affiliate marketing. In this group chat, you can trade and learn so many great things about affiliate marketing. You can also make contacts with them and expand your affiliate network.

Members: over 6 500 members and 1 000 active members.



Affiliate Marketing

This group chat covers everything about affiliate marketing, and you can communicate in it and talk to other affiliate marketers. You can learn a lot of things about affiliate marketing in it and receive updated news.

Members: over 6 000 members and 500 active members.



Wealthy Affiliate

A great place to train and learn about affiliate marketing. You can follow the step-by-step video-based training available on this group and learn how to build a successful business. You can share your affiliate links here and earn revenue from the traffic.

Members: Over 2 700 members.



Mainstream Marketing

Mainstream Marketing is a group chat for anything about online marketing. There are many users that will help you with your affiliate marketing journey.

Members: over 2 300 members and 500 active members.




This is a group chat for Paid ads, Facebook, Google, Native, Affiliate Marketing tips, CPA offers, and spy tools. Again, in this group, you can ask your questions and receive help from the community.

Members: over 2 100 members and 400 active members.



Affiliate Marketing Hub

This group is a global chat for networks, affiliates, advertisers, and offers. You can post the details of your business and talk to people about it. You can find ways to grow your affiliate network.

Members: over 1 900 members.



Adult Industry Mastermind

A group chat for anything about marketing online and affiliate marketing. You can ask people for what you want and they mostly help you. This group works in the

Members: over 1 800 members and 500 active members.



Affiliate Marketing

This Affiliate marketing channel is the third place with the name of Affiliate Marketing, but this one is not a group chat. This Affiliate Marketing is a channel, and it contains some guides and helpful articles to help you start and run your affiliate business.

Subscribers: over 1 600 subscribers.



Affiliate Marketing Tips

As you can already guess from the name, Affiliate Marketing Tips is a channel on Telegram that helps you improve your affiliate marketing business by giving you valuable tips and teaching you tricks you can use in your business. The channel is somewhat newly established, but it is very active in what it does.

Subscribers: over 1 300 subscribers.



Affiliate Marketing

Another group chat by the name of Affiliate marketing. A cozy chat for affiliate marketers to talk about their experiences and their businesses. You can also post your affiliate links or referral links.

Members: over 1 000 members and 200 active members.



Dating Chat

A community for all the things about dating adults and mainstream — offers, networks, traffic, cheats, and tricks.

Members: over 500 members and 150 active members.



Affiliate Marketing Conferences

This group chat is about learning how to become a good affiliate marketer. They talk about things such as ticket prices, agenda, special offers, and feedback from the attendees. You can also ask for traffic and help from other service providers.

Members: over 500 members and 100 active members.




AffiliateWeapons is a group around discount coupons, bonuses, free credits, and trials for spy tools, trackers, and traffic sources. The community is active and there are a lot of users that are willing to help and teach you what they know.

Members: 130 members.


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Overall, Telegram is a great social media application that you can use for affiliate marketing business. There are many great people and affiliate marketers that you can contact and get help from them in every aspect. You can also start your own business and channel on Telegram, and you do not need any amount of money to start it.

Telegram has a very simple user interface, you do not need any skill or experience to use it, and it supports things such as hashtags that can help you grow your communities. If you want to get into affiliate marketing with Telegram, you should consider checking out the group chats and channels that we included in this post. They should be great places to start your affiliate marketing activities.

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