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How to Become a Gambling Streamer and Make Money on Networks/Programs — $35 000 in an Hour

Online gambling while streaming has become a scene that has been rising in popularity at a constant rate. As a matter of fact, the global digital gambling market has been predicted to expand to a whopping $66 994 billion by 2025 from $44 317 billion as of 2019

While people were hunkered down because of the ongoing pandemic, courtesy of covid-19, casinos provided gamblers with the opportunity to live stream betting, and YouTube tutorials taught people how to play poker. And ever since, there has been nothing stopping gambling streamers from having fun and earning money.

So, how does one become a gambling streamer and a successful one too? Let’s find out:

So, What’s the Deal with Online Gambling Streaming

Since its origin, online gambling streaming has changed a lot, especially ever since the emergence of casino streaming. The number of casinos has also increased exponentially as they are also becoming aware of the benefits of gambling streaming in terms of traffic, brand awareness, and revenue. As a result, the number of streamers has also increased, making online gambling streaming a very competitive field.  

So, before we even dive into the details of online gambling streaming and earning money from it, you need to remember that the competition in this field is ferocious. As soon as a new market gets identified, everyone goes for it.

How Much Do Gambling Streamers Make by Working with Casinos

It depends on the casino you are working with. For instance, working with a larger casino, you can expect to earn a lot. How much, though? The sum can vary anywhere from 5 000 EUR a month to up to 100 000 EUR every month in the case of bigger channels. This is, however, just an estimate and earnings can vary depending on the following and month. 

What Do You Need to Become a Streamer

  • You need an account on a streaming platform. Twitch and YouTube Live are good options. 
  • You also need Open Broadcaster Software to stream. It can be a bit confusing for you, at first, if you are not a tech-savvy person, but you will get the hang of it soon.
  • You will also need a service known as Restream to stream to YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. It is free to download, and you need your Twitch account credentials to log in. 
  • A simple webcam, for example, the Logitech C270, is a good idea if you want to make it to the top hierarchy. To battle in the top leagues, you need to show your face, so get a camera.
  • Lastly, get a headset so you can stream your voice. A dedicated USB microphone like the Blue Yeti is a good option. 

Tips to Become a Successful Online Gambling Streamer

  • Stream from both YouTube and Twitch to gain a maximum audience. You can upload your most successful sessions on YouTube with the chance of them going viral and becoming a part of other compilations. 
  • When it comes to streaming, the rule of thumb is that the more viewers you have, the more of them are more likely to join your live session. The most successful streamers spend 4 hours minimum per session. We suggest 8 hours per session, though. 
  • Do not cheat. Casinos don’t associate themselves with streamers who have used robots to increase their audience or used fake money to cheat. You can find 100% genuine casinos where fake money streaming is not a problem. 
  • Use a streaming schedule so your viewers can know when you will go live on a specific day. Plus, a schedule also allows you to get a bigger audience right from the start of your streaming session instead of waiting for the first 30 to 45 minutes for people to join. 
  • Do not waste your money by overcomplicating stuff. You don’t need green screens, multiple mics, fancy cameras, and recorders, etc. It’s all about having fun and genuinely enjoying it. 

Case Study — Earning $35 000 in an Hour From Streaming

Mathew Mizkif Rinaudo is a Twitch streamer with a decent following. Mizkif was offered $35 000 for one hour of gambling streaming by big casinos. He was offered to do these streams for ten continuous hours for a whole month. As surprising as it sounds, it is actually quite normal to earn tens of thousands of dollars every hour by doing such streams. 

Mizkif, who was 26 years old at that time, declined the offer. He had also done five of such gambling streams earlier that year. According to Mathew Mizkif, he was getting paid $5 000 by sponsors apart from the money he was earning from his affiliate links. He stopped working with casinos soon after. Now, he only does non-gambling sponsorships. 


And that is how much you can earn from streaming online and what you need to become an online gambling streamer. Keep in mind, the competition is ferocious, and it is going to take time before you even get noticed and get a chance to participate in the big leagues. 

Moreover, apart from the money, online gambling streaming is an amazing way of creating good content, enjoying entertaining streams, making friends, and building a like-minded community who share the same interests as you. 

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