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8+ Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022

Have you finally worn thin of your hectic 9 to 5 schedule, which involved you waking up at an ungodly hour and sluggishly driving yourself to and fro from work?

Consequently, are you now searching for the most profitable niches in Affiliate marketing to earn from in 2022? If your answer is a yes, then you’ve come to the perfect spot, as we’ve curated a fact-checked guide to make your decision easier.

Ultimately, suppose you plan on monetizing your content with affiliate marketing. In that case, you’d need to continuously churn and research content for it in the long run, so it makes perfect sense to take your time in deciding the ideal niche for your affiliate marketing business.  

Without further ado, here are our top nine profitable niches, along with their sub-niches for your affiliate marketing business.


It’s no doubt technology has been one of the best inventions of and for humankind. As a widespread phenomenon, it has found its way into various life walks: finance, art, health, agriculture, and more. This volatility has made technology a centerpiece in our everyday routine.

And if you consider yourself a tech geek, not only will you find yourself enjoying the process of the potential affiliate marketing niche, but also easily attract and build an audience with your knowledge of the tech genre.

Every minute accounts for new technological innovation. This, in turn, causes a surge in the global population continually wanting to upgrade their gadgets. In essence, according to a worldwide business data platform Statista, a whopping 1 589 million smartphones are estimated to be sold in 2022 alone:

Tech junkies always keep an eye out for an all-inclusive source for delivering them with the latest tech-related news. And suppose you can cater to your audience’s technical and budget requirements while finding them the latest gadget available in the market. In that case, you’d become their go-to-guy for anything tech-related.

David Risley, a passionate affiliate marketer, is well-known in the affiliate marketing world for the unique and completely different approaches he takes when selling gadgets or advertisements. In essence, one of his blogs, “Affiliate Sales,” made it into the list of top-earning blogs with a whopping monthly earning of $16 000.

As a tech affiliate marketer, you’ll encounter abundant content availability, which would prove itself to be a significant category advantage. Additionally, due to the continuous upgrading and launching of tech products, there will never be a drought of the latest topics for you to cover. Moreover, this niche carries with itself a remarkable sales value. Consequently, you can guarantee to earn millions from marketing tech gadgets if you aim at being among the first ones to cover the latest ongoing trends.

However, despite the technology being a broad category, you’re advised to aim at a sub-niche for a more hassle-free and profitable marketing experience.

Popular Sub-Niches In Tech:

  • Blockchain: This will be all about cryptocurrencies, trading, and mining.
  • Mobile Tech: You can provide your audience with content about the latest Android and IOS updates, Mobile Gaming, or AdMob for apps.
  • PC Tech: Write a blog focused on the wonders of PC technology. You can discuss software and hardware reviews, along with helping your audience with PC specifications for their new gadgets.


Falling in love, be it agape or romantic, is inevitable to human nature. And this feeling, one way or another, heaps up into relationships. However, due to today’s internet-driven world, some people find it challenging to build a dynamic relationship.

The inexperienced and “love-less” people are willing to spend their money and time on a resort that would guarantee them improved loving and flirting skills. And that's where you’ll make an entrance with your motivational relationship-related content circling your affiliate marketing business. This could include first date tips and spots, poems, dinner clothing ideas, how to impress a boy/girl, and more.

This niche is lucrative to the point that Valuates Reports reported the online dating market size to reach a whopping $3.592 Billion by just 2025. Moreover, 15% of US adults have confessed that they use dating websites or apps in their romance voyage.

Popular Sub-Niches In Relationships:

  • Relationship Blog: This can aim at individuals looking to build long-term relationships.
  • Blind Dates: Your content can include the benefits of helping set up blind dates, along with safe dating tips.
  • Common Age: Create content targeted towards a particular age group. For instance, the elderly, teens, divorcees, or college students.
  • Religion: Love and relationship content aimed towards a specific religion.


The saying, “Health is wealth,” is true indeed as we human beings are known to value our health utmostly. And with the currently prevailing unpredictable period of Covid-19, people are conscious about their health more than ever. However, due to the internet’s advent, the bridge of communication between the health industry and its audience has been immensely diversified.

The global healthcare market is currently worth a massive $10tn and is growing faster than the GDP in many countries. The urge to stay healthy means people are continually looking for diet strategies, anti-aging methods, and more. Consequently, this niche is not only evergreen and profitable but also accumulative of massive traffic.

Another plus point of choosing this particular niche for affiliate marketing is that you wouldn’t be required to be a guru or certified health practitioner. If you are zealous enough about researching health and fitness-related answers, you can make a fortune in this niche.

As experienced nutritionists and chefs, Tara Leong and Jeff Leong chose ‘health’ as their business and affiliate marketing niche. Consequently, with their well-strategized content like email challenges and stories, healthy recipes, newsletter introductions, and medicinal product reviews, their blogging journey has been nothing short of being a success story.  

Popular Sub-niches In Health:

  • Weight Loss: Compose blogs circling dieting and nutrition. Here you can share different diets and recipes, along with weight loss stories to encourage and motivate your audience.
  • Stress Management: Your aimed audience would-be businessmen and career-driven individuals voyaging to receive tips on decluttering their lives and combat stress.
  • Fitness Professionals: As a fitness enthusiast, you can share customizable information about various supplements, weightlifting, mental strengthening services, and personalized workout plans with your audience.
  • Skincare: Skincare isn’t limited to mere remedies for acne, warts, and skin rashes. A blog circling this niche will generate custom skin advice and products for its audience based on their skin types.
  • Reproductive Health: This micro-niche is aimed towards mothers and mothers-to-be. As a reproductive health niche affiliate marketer, you’d be sharing fact-checked info relating to baby health, conception, child development, and other maternity-related issues.

Investment and Personal Finance

Who doesn’t want to get their finances right and grow their net worth? Keeping this common need in mind, you can opt for this ever-evolving niche by providing your audience with content on various making-money methods.

If you have a thing for personal growth, finance, forex market, the stock market, and other investment schemes, this affiliate marketing niche is where you’ll excel at. You’ll be able to build a prosperous affiliate marketing business that would target helping people effectively save, plan, and invest their money in various profitable channels.

There are countless success stories ‘indebted’ to this particular niche, one of which includes DC Fawcett’s. This prosperous affiliate marketer has skyrocketed his net worth by helping people master and grow their real estate marketing businesses through his “proprietary virtual real estate investing systems.”

A plus point that comes with opting for this niche involves you not need to be an experienced stockbroker or hold a CPA certification to excel in successful marketing. You can perform some thorough research, review financial services, products, and instruments, and back up your facts with official sources, and you’ll be good to go.

Popular Sub-niches In Investment And Personal Finance:

  • Foreign Exchange Market: Aim at creating content that compares vital currency exotics and pairs and reviews best software programs and brokers.
  • Stock Market: Provide your audience with updates of analyzed stock market trends and instruments.
  • Loan and Credit Card Management: Credit card debt and rewards have been long known as highly controversial topics. If you provide your audience with genuine information on loan management or the presence of scams, you will be able to attract immense traffic in no time.

Fashion and Beauty

Everyone loves to look good. And since fashion illustrates what we wear and how we style it, it indirectly links to people’s need to look their best. The fashion niche is undoubtedly an immensely high-income niche in terms of being a potential affiliate marketing business. Dynamic companies like Versace and Louis Vuitton have already set a standard in the fashion industry by catering quality shoes, boots, shades, ties, and gowns, satisfying people’s interests mentioned above.

Beauty products go side by side with fashion. People are known to lay out money on their skin to keep it blooming and supple. And who could blame them? Who wouldn’t want their skin to look radiating and wrinkle-free?

If you’re fond of your Fentys, Balenciagas, and Yeezys, fashion and beauty are the perfect niches for you to target. Start a fashion blog and create content on the latest fashion trends, releases, fashion weeks, and more to attract enormous audience traffic.

Popular Sub-Niches In Fashion And Beauty:

  • Cosmetics: Create content surrounding various kinds of beauty products and the types of skins they’re best suited for.
  • Latest Fashion Trends: With every turning season, the fashion in-store updates frequently. That is your queue to start reviewing and blogging the newest fashion products in town.
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Movies and Music Streaming

Movies and music are two of the most demanded media products throughout the globe. It doesn't matter which fanbase you’re part of; you can easily construct reviews on various movies and songs as your affiliate marketing business.

You aren’t the only music and movie lover on this planet, as there is a constant hype and prevalent undying rave over the next upcoming movie or album. If you’re adamant about your passion for film and music, then this niche is the perfect one in the market as your affiliate marketing business.

Create content circling the reviews of various songs and movies and aim to be among the first to cover the latest releases. Additionally, avoid writing generalized information instead of targeting writing what “you” think about a particular album or a series. Sharing your authentic and unfabricated opinion might just earn you a loyal audience.

Popular Sub-Niches In Movies And Music:

  • Movie Reviews: Create content revolving around movie reviews based on multiple rating criteria like the cast, plotline, acting expertise, and more.
  • Music Blogging: Upload free songs and albums of diverse artists while ensuring the media is royalty-free, as doing so otherwise would result in copyright issues.


As the saying goes, “Be a better version of you, for you,” self-improvement covers several vital areas of life. It circles your pursuit to become a better version of yourself in all walks of your life, be it as a parent, child, person, or lover. If you find yourself excelling in a particular field like scriptwriting, hardware engineering, or financing, you can opt to become a guru to many others.

As an affiliate marketer in the self-improvement niche, your target is to accumulate and provide quality content geared towards an audience aiming to enlighten themselves with their desired area of expertise.

Gary Vaynerchuk, more commonly known as Gary Vee, can easily make it to the top of the list of current influential personal development coaches worldwide. As a successful businessman, as is evident by his massive net worth of $200 million, he effectively coaches his audience on personal development, specifically in business marketing.

Popular Sub-Niches In Self-improvement:

  • Presentation Skills: You can create content containing presentation-making tips and secrets that would accommodate your readers in building effective presentations and influence right from the start.
  • Public Speaking and Leadership: Public speaking and leadership are vital soft skills to acquire for any career, yet many people still struggle. Create guides on how to project an ideal verbal and non-verbal language for maximum impact in your speeches.


Esports, short for “Electronic sports,” revolves around remolding online gaming into a spectator sport. The overall experience is no different from spectating a professional sporting event like football or baseball while sitting in a stadium. Esports features gamers competing against each other in a virtual environment. This niche caters to official sports-related games like FIFA, virtually programmed ones like Dota, and Counter-Strike.

Even though esports was classified as a subset of the sports industry, it has now grown into a full-blown niche itself. In essence, as estimated by Business Insider Intelligence, the esports market is on track to surpass US $1.5B by 2023.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, a massive increase in esports viewership was recorded. It was mainly due to the canceling of the classic sports events and the lockdown forcing people to stay at their homes. Consequently, in quarantine, numerous online betting companies introduced e-sports and virtual sports events to fill the void formed due to the lack of classic sports events.

Popular Sub-niches In E-sports:

  • Team fan page: Create content circling and following a specific esports team. You can record information regarding the events the group participates in, wins, or loses in.
  • E-sport apparel: Create a blog based on branded E-sports apparel. The collection can include jerseys, hats, jackets, all the other types of clothing common among the fans of Esports.
  • E-sport gear: Here, you’ll be covering the equipment and gear used by professional gamers in their esports tournaments. You’d be reviewing these products and promoting them to the fans of Esports.


Quitting your monotonous nine-to-five job, zipping up a suitcase, and catching a plane to a city you’ve always wanted to visit. It sounds like a perfect get-away dream from all the recessions, complicated affairs, and entanglements of life, no? Well, this can be achieved through only one means: travel.

If you have a thing for traveling and all the new experiences it brings with itself, then the travel niche is tailor-made for you. Many people equate traveling to being a serene experience, and due to it being your field of expertise, you’ll be able to play the role of their go-to-person for the travel process and destination tips.

Travel blogging is best done by people who travel around the world themselves and write about their experiences via a literal first-person’s perspective. However, if you can’t afford to travel yet, your spotless research and storytelling skills will have to come into play to describe even the obscurest of destinations expertly.

Several travel airlines, tour operators, and agents are known to partner with affiliate businesses, in turn paying a handsome percentage for every person that deals business with them through the program’s link.

Additionally, some myriad independent sponsors love negotiating a referral campaign or an advert slot with you. In essence, the travel agency industry in the United States alone is recorded to have generated 17.3 billion U.S dollars in 2020.   

With his fantastic writing and photography skills, useful traveling tips, and earnest passion for traveling, Daniel James is a perfect example of successful content creation in the travel affiliate marketing niche.

Popular Sub-Niches In Travelling:

  • Backpackers Mentor: Backpackers is the category of travelers who are known to have a shoestring budget. Their trip revolves around climbing, hiking, and generally max octane activities. Create content to guide backpackers to plan their trips efficiently and economically.
  • Airline Reviews: Instead of arduously planning their trips themselves, most people would prefer the task to be done by an agent or a company. That’s where you’ll come into play with your research skills, providing the audience with comprehensive reviews on various airlines and travel agencies.


Congratulations. You have made it to the end of the list. If you were searching for the best niche categories and content-topic ideas for starting an affiliate marketing blog, we hope this guide gave you a head start into this new world of business.

One last thing, go for something that you are passionate about. Passion will drive your will to create new and meaningful content that will resonate with the audience and allow you to sign better deals.

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