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How to Contact Facebook Ads Support in 2022

Running an Ad Campaign on large social media platforms can be a hassle. Facebook, for example, is notorious for having a detached customer service in case someone runs into a problem when running an Ad campaign. So, it gets difficult (and annoying) at times to get someone at Facebook to look into your query and solve your problem.  

Plus, while running an Ad campaign you can run into a diverse array of problems such as getting locked out of your Facebook page, getting your Facebook ads rejected, having your Facebook Ads discontinued despite them already being approved, or finding out a scammer is replicating your Facebook posts and ads.

In case of such issues, you need help and you need it urgently. We have compiled 8 amazing and clever ways for you to contact Facebook Ads Support. Try using more than one of them to ensure that you get help:

Facebook Help Features (Help Center)

The very first thing that you can do is go to Facebook’s pretty robust help system that is designed to offer users automated tools to help them out. So, the first and the most logical thing you can do is connect to Facebook’s Help Center and send your message to them. You can use this for issues that you think can be easily resolved by sending Facebook your message.  

Most of the time you also come across Facebook’s communication bots to help users with their most common problems and tell them how to fix the problem. You can contact Facebook Help Center to get help with problems related to:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Copyright and Trademark Infringement
  • Account access
  • Email issues
  • Questions about photos and videos
  • General feedback
  • Privacy concerns and violation or infringement of personal rights
  • Login issues
  • Problems related to names and/or usernames
  • Situations where death/disability is causing issues

To contact Facebook’s Help Centre, just go to the link that says Help Center on the app; however, you will have to use your desktop.

Live Chat

Now, this one seems to be the best and the most feasible option — go to Facebook for Business Support and then have someone listen to your reporting your problems live. However, contacting Business Support is not as simple as it appears. Business Support Chat (Live Chat) is only available for business accounts. Therefore, individual users cannot access the Live Chat option. In this way, most of the individual Facebook users cannot Facebook via Live Chat support.

The Business Support doesn’t become available as soon as you make a business page; you get this option based on your profile’s credibility and trust. So, again, not every person or business will get the option.


Facebook Forums

For people who do not have a Business Account and cannot access Live Chat, Facebook Community Forums are the next best bet. In this option, you can connect with other people in the Facebook Community Forum to help with your queries.  

To go to Facebook forums for help, log into your Facebook account, and you will see a question mark at the top right corner of the page. Click on that; you will see the option for ‘Help Center. There you will find the tab to Visit Help Community. This option will take you directly to the Facebook Forums.

Facebook Forums have topics or categories that you can browse through to jump directly to your topic of concern. Or you can use their search box to ask your question.

Email Support (for Individuals)

Individuals may not get the Business Support option, but they can enjoy Facebook’s undivided support via email. You can send Facebook an email regarding whatever issue you are facing with your ads. However, beware of the reliable-looking email addresses trying to scam people. If you want to know if an email is authentic, look for one of the following endings:

These emails are open 24/7; however, it takes up to 24 hours to get a response from them. So, you will have to wait for some hours for someone to get back to you. Do not bombard them with emails because it will prolong your waiting time.

Find Facebook Staff on LinkedIn

If you face a serious issue with your ads campaign and need to contact Facebook ASAP, you will have to think outside the box. Use other networking platforms to connect with someone who works at Facebook customer support. And what better options are there than LinkedIn?

All you need to do is look for someone who works at Facebook or used to work at Facebook. You never know, they might help you solve your problem or at least tell you who to go to to get it fixed.  

To find a Facebook staffer in your LinkedIn network, all you have to do is log into your account and search for Facebook in LinkedIn’s search bar. You will find the page for Facebook that will give you the option to view over 60,000 Facebook employees. You can even filter the results by connections. Or you can just go through all people currently working or having worked in the past at Facebook.

Official Pages

Another thing that you can do is contact official Facebook pages for help. Here are some of the official pages that you can reach out to:  

  • Facebook Engineers
  • Facebook
  • Facebook and Privacy
  • Facebook Media
  • Facebook for Business
  • Facebook Design

Your account needs to be connected to these pages if you want to contact them. Therefore, first, make sure that your account is connected before trying to get in touch with them.

 Ads Managers

Ads managers are explicitly designed to deal with ads and any issues or problems pertaining to them. However, in order to use Facebook Ads Support, you need to own an active Ad account. Hence, if you have an active Ad account and meet the requirements, you just need to go straight to the Ads Help Center. You can use this link to get help regarding any of the following issues:  

  • Ads
  • Business Pages
  • Policy and Account Security
  • Ad management tools
  • Billing and Payments
  • Measure and Improve Results.

If you cannot find any specific category for your problem, just go with the closest category, and the support agent will guide you in the right direction.  

Contacting Facebook Via Twitter

This sounds pretty crazy, but it works. Asking a question in a wide-open forum by contacting Facebook via Twitter can get your question a lot of attention.

If you are not getting any answers or solutions to your Ad-related problems, it is time for you to scream your situation to the world. You can mention Facebook, issue a tweet, or send them a direct message by following them. Who knows, if your tweet gets enough traction, Facebook will have to solve your problem right away.


Trying to contact Facebook directly for help when it comes to Ads is difficult. It can take some time, and you may run out of patience before you hear back from someone from the support team. Whenever you encounter a problem with your Ads Campaign, and you need to reach out to someone, we suggest trying more than one method to get a faster reply to reach a suitable solution.

Also, don't forget to try to contact Facebook Support outside of Facebook (LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.).

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