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How to Promote OnlyFans without Social Media — 150 Followers in 40 Days

OnlyFans is a platform, where everyone has a chance to become an influencer and to build a fortune. Despite it has been blamed for its frisky content and pornography propaganda, this placed gathered 30 million users just in 5 years. Many creators join OnlyFans in the hope to get fast and easy money, but it is getting more and more complicated to compete on this website with another million content creators, whose number is constantly growing. Simply catching by unique content will not do the job. Promotion is the king of making a buck here, so let’s learn what is hidden behind all the success stories.

What Creators Are Paid For

Becoming a creator on OnlyFans is not rocket science. It requires a simple registration process, which doesn’t entail any payments or contractual obligations. As the platform is based on the subscription model, the creator has to set up a subscription rate. Now the task is to create decent content and promote the profile. Traffic engagement is where all the fun begins. The point is that just attracting followers is not enough. The creator should make them pay and retain the customers. 20% of the income goes to the company, and another 80% is the creator commission. This process is easier for celebrities, who have thousands of followers on Instagram or Twitter. But if you are not so active on other social media and this is just your start, when you need to learn about some other tips to promote the OnlyFans account and sell the subscription.

Start With The Account Optimisation

Ok, now when you officially joined OnlyFans, think of what your account can be about. Only Fun is good for:

  • Webcam and nude models
  • Actresses
  • Athletes
  • Singers, rappers, and dancers
  • Makeup tutors
  • Fitness bloggers
  • Gamers

When the main theme is picked up, think of the content plan and the consistency of the content. Ideally, new content should come out at least 2-4 times a day. This is not only attracting new subscribers but also making your existing audience stay with you. It is better to make posts regular. This will hit up the audience and the followers will wait for a new portion of it.

Making Organic Growth Of The Audience

Taylor Stevens, who has started her journey as OnlyFans cam model due to Pandemic admits in her Twitter account that being a creator is a full-time job, that takes up to 80 hours per week. Even if you have an army of followers on Instagram or Twitter, only 3% will convert to the OnlyFan subscribers, and nearly half of them will prolong the subscription. As you see the conversion is not that overwhelming and when people actually agreed to pay for looking at your profile you win the battle, but to win the war you need to make them stay.

  • Besides producing decent content worth monthly fees, pay attention to the account picture. It should be of high quality and serve as a little preview of the page, encouraging users to see more. The same applies to the profile description. It should be clear enough, but intriguing to get a closer look at the profile.
  • Think of the subscribers retaining. The OnlyFans rules allow you to set up a discount upon your wish. It can be a simple 5-10% discount for 3 months subscriptions, but it makes the subscribers stick longer to your account.
  • Remain consistent. The thing is that the general view of the profile on the OnlyFans indicates the number of photos, videos, and likes. These numbers will be extremely low if you just start. At this point in time, it is extremely important to raise them fast by regular posting. At the later stages, this is the number one rule of proper follower retention. The higher are the numbers that are publicly visible, the better chances that someone sees that and wants to join.
  • If your number of followers is low at the beginning, it makes sense to make it private. A small number will not play in favor if someone hesitates about purchasing the subscription.
  • Tease the audience with provocative or even mysterious texts as this is something that can be available for the public even before clicking on the subscribe button. It may also attract new followers. This form of engagement contributes to proper interaction with the broader audience.
  • Speaking of content consistency, make photo shooting days to meet your content plan for weeks ahead. It is a good idea to post the preview with the screenshot of your photo gallery to tease the followers and make them stay.
  • Stick to the theme of your profile, but do not overuse monotonous photos and videos. Often the followers are the key to your success. Listen to their requests and responses to improve the quality of content.

These simple tips helped the OnlyFan newcomer Makayla Samountry grow from $200 after the first week to $4 000 during week six. It helped her to optimize her account without any investment or heavy advertisement. In a year this tactic led Makayla to a top 0,8% of all the creators with close to 1 500 followers, which brought her over $120K.

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Not by Social Media Alone

Naturally, promotion through social media looks like the easiest way to increase subscriber numbers. If you create really good and unique content, the cross-promotion will allow developing several accounts on different platforms at the same time and diversify the audience and income. However, this option has a few downs:  

  • Social networks are about publicity. Even though the level of freedom and tolerance from the side of society legitimates making money on nude content, many people still feel uncomfortable declaring it out loud.
  • Each social network has different algorithms, which change pretty often. It means that rather than concentrating on the OnlyFans content, the creator should keep an eye on the promotion techniques for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.
  • It takes time to grow the audience there.
  • Some platforms also change their policies quite often and what was acceptable yesterday, today can lead to a suspension or block. Thus you can lose your account with all the photos, videos, or connections built for years.

Promoting The OnlyFans Account on Tinder

If using personal social media accounts is definitely not your case, try to explore these alternatives to gain more fans, who are ready to purchase your content on a monthly basis.

Use dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, Hinge. Create an account there just to promote OnlyFans, as probably the audience there is even more mature for the OnlyFans journey as in other social media.

The ingredients to successful lead conversion on Tinder are a hot set of pictures as well as a killing bio. If you pick this option for the saving privacy reason, then create a profile dedicated to promotion. You can choose an area different from what you are currently living in, as well as information and pictures that limit the clues to your identity.  

Little precautions are needed here. Tinder or any other dating apps may block the account for direct promotion of the OnlyFans account. Be careful with the arrogant placing of the link in a bio or sending it out in direct messages to your matches. Strict Tinder policies may lead to blocking your account, so the strategy of new leads acquiring should be smooth. Share the link to the OnlyFans account organically in the conversations, or by using a third-party application as a link. Many consider this practice unethical and risky, as Tinder keeps restricting its policies. However, the OnlyFan creator shares her success story on her YouTube channel Char Baby Tv. She created 70 different tinder profiles to promote her profiles and knows all the tricks on how to unblock them. This brought her from 60 to 100 leads from each account, however, this option requires resource mobilization.

The Tinder account itself requires a new telephone number and e-mail address, and it takes some extra money and time to acquire these elements. Once the account is set, you need to fill it out and upgrade to Gold. This upgrade helps to choose any location and set the distance and age range the way more people see your profile. As direct OnlyFans link on tinder leads to an immediate block, you still need a Snapchat or Instagram page dedicated to OnlyFans promotion. First, you lead a match from Tinder there, and only then tell about your real intention. Of course, each conversation takes from 5 to 10 minutes on average and it is better to have ready-to-go templates.

Dating apps are worth considering but be prepared that it takes a lot of your energy and resources.

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Promo in Telegram

With the WhatsUp restrictions, a Telegram messenger became popular for a wider audience. Besides general messaging services, this platform can serve as a good OnlyFans promotion tool. It allows to advertise and promote the creators’ accounts in special groups and channels available in Telegram. The easiest way is to collaborate with these groups or channel owners and ask for posting a short overview of your account with the link. Creators love using Telegram for its extra safety settings. It allows its users to hide telephone numbers and use a nickname but still enjoy all the features.

It may cost some symbolic money if you sell promo, but among Telegram users shoutout or SFS is very popular. This way of promotion doesn’t require any financial investments, just be ready to pay off with the same advertisement post.

Brandi Shagwell has greatly benefited from discovering a Telegram as a part of her OnlyFan promotion plan. She recommends finding a dedicated OnlyFans group or asking someone to add you to one of several hundreds of OnlyFans devoted groups to participate in a shout-for-shout. This is a very effective way of attracting new followers as mostly all the group members are already on OnlyFans and they don’t need to do any extra steps to subscribe.

According to Brandi, this is a perfect community to find the creators of the same level and just share the audiences. So far she boosted her free OnlyFan account to 5.6K users, 99% of which came out of her Telegram activities. Another Telegram feature for promoting creators is called drops. It is conducted by other creators - drop hosts. These people announce the drop and the number of profiles they are ready to promote on their OnlyFans accounts. Usually, drops are limited to 5-6 places and require fast actions. After the announcement, you may submit a short description along with the link and if you are lucky enough to be among the first places, your account will be promoted by other creators. Basically, they will be sharing their audience with you.

Live-streaming Is Another Leads Campaign

Many content creators are coming to the OnlyFans website with experience in webcamming and it gives them a huge benefit. First of all, they are already good at video content making. They know how to intrigue the followers and to make them stay longer and pay for going the extra mile. Webcam models using live streaming to show the teaser and eventually hook on the subscription. Secondly, they already have accounts with the payable audience on the webcam portal. For those content creators with a fresh start, Periscope may become a decent alternative to the webcam as it has a live stream feature allowing it to capture the attention and bring this audience to OnlyFans. Shairi started her OnlyFans account along with Periscope as she didn’t want to use her personal social media pages and gained 1200 Periscope followers just in two weeks. 15 of them immediately converted to OnlyFans subscribers and brought her 200 bucks already in the first two weeks of using the app.

Get a Blog or a Website

Starting a blog is another option to boost the number of subscribers without involving social media accounts. The blog can be about anything and the broader topics you cover the bigger audience you may attract. OnlyFans creator Sidney has a lot of followers on her Instagram page, dedicated to fitness, however, she launched a dedicated website to show that the fitness content is not everything she has got and previews her adult content for further selling. In two years she managed to grow her account to 0.5% TOP content creator and sell the subscription for $35 per month. Having a website or blog is an outstanding way to redirect users from Google directly to the OnlyFans account.

Reddit and Other Forums

You never know which link may bring you an army of subscribers and in this term, Reddit is a very underestimated tool. It can bring up to 80% of subscribers as of this a platform with a high number of users with very wide interests. The biggest advantage of this platform is it can handle not unsuitable work content unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Users don’t need to reveal their identities.

The smartest way to start the promotion is to optimize the profile and add the link to OnlyFans in bio. Once all is set, search for the specific niche subreddits to find the right audience. But before you start the deal, you need to earn Reddit karma. This is the kind of point you are getting for activities and posts. Some of the subreddits just won’t let you post your content without karma, so this is a priority for all the newcomers. It is recommended to start with the regular social topic like politics or social issues, and once having enough karma move to more established subreddits with your specific content.

The trick here is to follow the rules of each subreddit and do not violate them, otherwise, your post will be deleted immediately. Reddit is kind of strict with explicit content, so make a soft promotion there, promising to show more on your OnlyFans account. Just as an example, a creator reached 1K followers on Reddit in one week, and turned it into 12 OnlyFans subscriptions worth 10 dollars each. It shows that this is a working method, which can ensure 1-4 followers daily and another hundred bucks with almost no effort.

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The last year skyrocketed the OnlyFans to the situation with pandemia. Due to the lockdown, this platform turned out to be a place to express individuality and make some extra money for many people, both experienced in the sex and porn industry, social media influencers, and also regular girls with zero internet presence. The platform was discovered by celebrities, which made it even more popular. However, it keeps holding its reputation as a place for nude and sexual content, and it restrains many good creators from promoting their accounts. Despite the fact that social media remains the easiest and fastest way to attract subscribers, there are plenty of ways to bring the OnlyFans account to a new level and establish a decent income without using them and revealing your identity.

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