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How to Make Money with Clickbank in 2022 $10,000 in 3 months

Decent earnings on Clickbank — myth or reality? Have you ever wondered how successful Clickbank partners promote Clickbank products and get huge profit? Here is a beginner's guide on how to make money with Clickbank.

Probably, Clickbank is not the easiest place to earn money on affiliate programs. But, this does not mean that you cannot make good money on this platform. Now we will tell you about the most popular and effective methods of promoting Clickbank goods.

Introducing Clickbank

ClickBank is a large online store for digital goods. Clickbank has dozens of quality digital products. For over 20 years, the service has been supplying information products to the market. The courses provide useful and practical information. Beginners earn on ClickBank about $1,000 effortlessly. Experienced webmasters can earn more than $10,000 per month.

Here is a huge selection of e-books, software, courses, and videos that you can download. The site has several languages for work: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

According to statistics, ClickBank sells goods worldwide every 3 seconds. ClickBank works in more than 200 countries.

Who choose to work on Clickbank

  • Authors who would like to sell their products. With the help of ClickBank, there is an opportunity to reach an international level to increase the audience.
  • Owners of sites and blogs. On the pages of their websites, they can advertise and sell books by authors.
  • Entrepreneurial people who do not have a website or blog yet.

You can earn money on these products by promoting them on the Internet and receiving a percentage of profit from sales. You can work as a partner (Affiliate) or seller (Vendor) of electronic products.

In the second case, you need to create a useful product and make a profit from its sales. To do this, you must register and pay a membership fee of $50. Then you can place the conditions of your affiliate program in the system. Clickbank is trusted by most Internet users. Despite this, getting great success here is not so easy because of the great competition.

If you register as a partner, then no fees will be required.

Depending on the offer, you can get up to 75% for the goods sold. This equates to about 10–100 dollars a day. Payments are stable, without cancellations and delays. The registration procedure is simple and will be described below.

How to Register and Get Started

Clickbank Standard Registration Example:

  1. Open the official Clickbank website in a browser.
  2. Click the "Create Account" button. A free account is for those who want to earn money by selling affiliate materials.
  3. In the form that opens, fill in two fields: email and password. The password cannot exceed 32 characters and must not have spaces. Then, click on the “Continue to fulfill the terms and conditions” button. Confirm email and log in to your account.
  4. Fill out an application for participation. If you don’t intend to sell your product, you can leave the field with the name of your site blank.
  5. Add your nickname and password. Nickname will be visible in your referral link. Therefore, it should be simple and memorable.

After registering and entering a nickname and password, you will log in to your account. Here, at each visit, you will monitor your earnings and read ClickBank news.

You will be able to receive payments after reaching the minimum threshold of your income of $100. You will receive the first three payments only by check via mail. After you receive the status of a permanent partner (three payments of $100 each), payments can be transferred directly to your bank account.

How to Make Money on Clickbank Using an Affiliate Program

After registration, you select products on Clickbank that will be sold. You need to choose a product that people supposedly need. That is, the goods must be checked for demand.

When choosing a product, you should pay attention to all these little things:

  • design of the page containing the proposal;
  • the presence of bonus programs;
  • return guarantee;
  • affiliate program conditions and commission value;
  • the ability to adjust the page, which is often useful;
  • product growth dynamics.

Next, you need to become a partner in the product – to get a referral link to the product. Then, you can advertise it on the Internet so that people click on it and buy it.

There are two types of affiliate product promotion:

  1. free ways – social networks, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, forums;
  2. paid methods – ads and advertising on social networks, in search engines.

Selling the products through your individual link, you receive a part of the income from the sale.

How to Choose the Right Products

Let's talk a little more about choosing products to sell. Choosing the right product is half the success of making money. Low-quality goods will lead to a refund, which means you will lose your commission. Choosing the right good product without work experience is quite difficult.

In the Marketplace section, you can see all the products in order of popularity. In the description of each product, there is a green text that gives basic information. In the left corner – the amount that you will receive for the sale.

How to choose the best deal from this variety? Consider the main points:

  1. It is important to choose a product that is very popular, but not too much. The too-popular products will be difficult to promote due to high competition. Low popularity indicates the unsuitability and inefficiency of the product. You should not waste time on such a product.
  2. More important than rating is an indicator such as gravity – it’s the number of affiliates that sold this product in the last 12 weeks. This indicator must be higher than 10. If you are promoting products with a limited budget for advertising, it is easier to choose such products, since they did not have time to be properly promoted, and it will be simpler to make money.
  3. The most popular and profitable categories are E-business and E-marketing and Health and Fitness.
  4. Better to start with narrow-profile products. For example, not “how to make a lot of money”, but “how to sell books on Amazon.” Buyers are very fond of narrow niches.
  5. Percentage of sales. The higher the rate, the better.
  6. Quality of the selling page. Look at it from the point of view of the buyer. People trust pages that contain videos, webinars, and useful materials.
  7. You can search for reviews from the marketing forums about the author of the product. Yes, the forums also have fake reviews, but overall there is more truthful information.
  8. Positive feedback directly from customers, and not from partners who are trying to promote it (see Marketing Forums).
  9. The support and responsiveness of the owner are also important.

To make the process easier, you can use Affiliate Funnel Bots. Affiliate Funnel Bots is cloud-based software, which creates complete affiliate marketing AND resells rights campaigns. The software allows you to make profits as well as build a list as a product owner AND an affiliate.

Mind The ClickBank Metrics:

Initial $/sale: The average amount of money affiliates make per sale.

Avg %/sale: The % of the sales price affiliates take as a commission on average.

Grav: Gravity, the number of affiliates that sold this product in the last 12 weeks.

Avg Rebill Total: Average $ affiliates take as a commission as a result of rebills.

Avg %/Rebill: % of rebills paid to the affiliate, on average.

Recurring Products

The advantage of ClickBank is the availability of the unique Recurring Products service.

Recurring Products are private clubs with recurring monthly fees for customers (once a week, month, year, etc.). When you sell one copy of a regular digital product, you get a reward once. When selling Recurring Products, you will receive affiliate payments for each subscription period automatically.

For Recurring Products, the seller sets the starting and recurring price, the commission rate for the initial and periodic charges, the frequency with which the re-charging takes place.

Merchants can also create trial periods that allow customers to try out the product for free or at a reduced price until a recurring payment begins.

Types of Recurring Products:

  • Membership and subscription. For example, online marketing courses or access to a site with healthy food recipes.
  • Software updates. For example, antivirus programs.
  • Newsletters and news websites on the Internet.
  • Exclusive Content. It provides access to official documents, special reports, or any other type of valuable information that is difficult to get from other sources.
  • Web hosting, domain services.
  • Online communities, forums. Allow people with similar interests, such as small business owners or traders, to gather and share ideas in the online community.

How Much Can You Earn

The fee is determined by the owner of the offer in the amount of 30% to 75%. Revenue ranges from $4 to $40. When reselling a product, you get bonuses: 5% of the profit. Payments are made at each repeat purchase.

The target audience. The range of products is quite wide: from dietary supplements to books in a foreign language on various topics (sports, medicine, work, cars and so on). Consequently, the target audience is also vast, which helps to better promote the product.

Please note that for the lack of actions on the site, a penalty will be charged. If the account has a positive balance and has not received new earnings for a long time, then after 90 days 1$ is withdrawn daily, and after a year this amount reaches 50$.

Pros and Cons

Like every system, Clickbank has its advantages and disadvantages.

Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • No investment required. This means that there are no costs in the production of products, both digitally and in another form.
  • Convenient product promotion. You can have your own page or website and redirect your customers from there to the ClickBank page.
  • ClickBank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The service covers a wide range of digital products from various niches.
  • It is enough to make just a few sales – and you get a good income.

There are certain difficulties in working with Clickbank. This is a huge amount of completely useless and low-value goods, among which we must try to choose something worthy. Finding what you believe in is an important success factor.

Where to Promote Affiliate Products

To achieve high earnings through ClickBank affiliate programs, you need to know where it is most profitable to advertise a product. There are many ways to get traffic:

  • using your own website or blog;
  • advertising articles on forums;
  • sending daily promotional e-mails to tens of thousands of people;
  • social networks;
  • YouTube presentations.

To get the result, you have to spend time on the promotion. But this can provide an impressive passive income in the future.

We have prepared for you several working strategies for making money on ClickBank that will be effective in 2022.

Product Promotion with YouTube

To do this, you need to create a YouTube channel related to the theme of the product you are promoting. Next, you do the design: profile, tags, name, and more.

Then, you need to create your videos and upload them to YouTube. It’s better to spend time on your own unique videos so that your channel is not blocked for the use of other people's materials.

Upload the finished video to YouTube and give it a name that can not only arouse interest but also attract the attention of the audience. In the field with tags, write the necessary keywords.

Next, when downloading a video, you need to insert an affiliate link with ClickBank. It’s better to shorten the affiliate link and, if possible, mask it. Consumers do not like to purchase goods from partners, believing that in this case, they will pay a higher price.

If the video is viewed on YouTube, people will follow the link in the video description, and you will receive customers and earnings from sales.

Promotion with Reviews

Because of banner blindness, people stop paying attention to advertising. However, many listen to personal recommendations – the advice of friends and colleagues, the experience of other buyers of goods, user reviews of services. This tactic always works great. Reviews are already viewed by interested people who are ready to buy goods.

The review should not look biased. Then there is a high probability that the reader will trust you and follow your affiliate link. To get high traffic, you need to promote your account on the site reviews. This is the main difficulty when working with reviews.

Choosing pages to post reviews is a difficult task. Posting your reviews also requires constant work, so that the profile activity looks natural, and questions or comments do not remain unanswered. Keyword competition is high and traffic is low. We advise you to do as many reviews as possible. Then your account will become popular and will attract more and more people.

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Promotion of Products on Your ite

Most Clickbank affiliates have their own website to promote their products. This is the most effective way to get traffic. The site should be on a paid hosting and have a purchased domain name. This is necessary, first of all, to create the image of a successful person.

The domain name and site name should match the products of the niche in which you intend to work. This name should be the main keyword for your site in search engines. Therefore, a niche is selected before the creation of the site.

The site should be simple and clear to the buyer. Links and banners should be easily accessible to readers.

It is important to understand the products of the chosen niche. This will allow you to correctly explain the features and advantages of the advertised product. It is better if you buy and test the selected product yourself.

When choosing a product, pay attention that it has sufficient demand and does not have high competition.

After creation, the site must be filled with quality content about the beneficial properties of the products that you will be advertising. Track trends in your chosen niche. Constantly update the site content. 5 important steps:

  1. Write at least 15–20 articles for each product.
  2. Create a landing page where people interested in products of your subject will register on your site, becoming your subscribers. These pages can be connected to autoresponders. This will allow subscribers to send e-mails with promotions, congratulations.
  3. Create a bonus system. This will increase the number of registered buyers on your site. A bonus can be a free e-book that matches the theme of the site.
  4. Conduct SEO optimization activities for your website, buy ads from search engines. This will help increase traffic.
  5. Advertise your site in the forums by participating in discussions; in blogs, social networks.

Getting Traffic Through a Personal Blog

Another method is to use your personal English-language blog. In this case, you will be able to give personal recommendations on the purchase of products. The right blog should have a detailed description of the products, comparison and analysis of their pros and cons, and recommendations on the purchase of the product.

It is necessary to constantly maintain contact with users, answer their questions, and comments. Add to your blog some other useful articles. Create a page where customers can post their product reviews. Do not forget to optimize your blog for search engines. This is the most reliable way to attract traffic.

Use your blog for preselling – its a huge part of promoting. Here are some methods:

  1. Direct Linking, or Banners. This method is the most common and quite simple. Choose a somehow related article on your site and put a banner on the sidebar or in the middle of the article, without any form of pre-selling the offer specifically. The article will do the preselling part, so some people will convert. But probably, your EPC (earnings per click) will be low because the product does not come recommended by the author.
  2. Site links. Most often, links are used as recommendations from the author of the article. This kind of preselling increases the conversion rates, but only attracts the attention of the most interested users.
  3. Reviews. Here is the most working tactic. Traffic from reviews brings the most interested people to your landing page. Put a short product summary at the very top of the page, use friendly voice + sharing your problem + pressuring the pain. Don’t write reviews for everyone: show who the product is for. Introduce the solution by giving your readers a brief overview of the product. The good way to introduce the product is to show off your results using screenshots, and videos.

The problem with reviews is that it’s hard to get enough traffic. The competition in this field is really huge

TIP: Use the additional way to monetize your site. Everyone heard about Google AdSense, and many probably wanted to make money on this service, but unfortunately, Google AdSense has very strict rules, and not every site will pass the test. Even if you are lucky and your site is allowed then most likely after some time it will be blocked without explanation.

There is an alternative to this service, and this is Media.net service. It works in much the same way as AdSense, but with the rules, it’s milder. So be sure to register, add your site and earn extra money from your site

Making a Value-Oriented Media Funnel

Here's another complication – people don't like linking or sharing stuff that sells something to its readers. It is a fact. And if nobody wants to share your page, you will have to pay or produce all of your traffic, and if you ever want to show up in Google, you should do all this link building. It is tedious, expensive, and difficult to scale.

So how do you get people to share your page? Just give free stuff and add value. People adore gifts.

For making money with Clickbank you will sell to the people that wanted more free stuff and gave you their email for it. Offer lead magnets through content upgrades, opt-in pop-ups, and retargeting. Build an email list of your prospects, and sell more things to them.

There are 3 main ways to get traffic:

  1. Optimize your content for search engines.
  2. Look for your audiences on Facebook; you can get very cheap traffic there.
  3. Content distribution networks: try such networks as Taboola and Outbrain.

What kind of free stuff can bring you people’s emails?

Make a complementary piece of content to the post. For example, create a list of tips that can be downloaded. Or it can be some kind of recipe – whatever that may become a useful addition to the article.

To distribute this lead magnet you can use:

  • Opt-in pop-ups. Pop-ups generally have decent click-through rates—often around 2%, higher than other kinds of ads.  
  • Content upgrades – They’re a good call to action at the end of your article. It’s also very inexpensive to set up.
  • Retargeting + Opt-in page – Add people to a retargeting list and send an opt-in page to download the bonuses.

To create all of these, you can use some tools, Thrive Leads, for example.

Don’t forget about Thank You Page where you can (finally) promote your offer. Of course, there must be some kind of connection between the offer and the magnet. There should also be an explanation of why we propose moving to the offer, and why the lead magnet is not enough. For example, people download a recipe book, and we offer as an addition to buy a 30-day cooking plan.

Promotion with Front-End Product

There is one weak point in the plan that we described above: people who want to get free stuff often do not intend to buy anything. And our goal is to make sales, not just giving away some gifts.

Let's talk about a business using good cafes as an example. A restaurant or cafe will never stop its work If it has decent food and makes decent advertising. Because people who buy food usually come back to eat at their favorite restaurant. Studies say that about 70% of the money a good restaurant makes is paid by regular customers.

This is how successful partners make money on Clickbank. They work with regular customers again and again.

So, here is one of the options for earning:

1. Create a small but interesting product that you can sell for $5–10.

2. Start collecting a subscriber base from your customers.

3. Send emails to your customers, keep in touch with them.

4. Promote Clickbank affiliate products and earn good commissions.

What is a front-end product?

If you break sales into 2 steps, selling any product becomes much easier. First, you offer a free or cheap (front-end product). And then you already sell these basic goods to these people, on which you will earn money.

Creating a front-end product for your business has many advantages that will help your business grow much faster. This method always helps to sell basic products with high profitability.

A cheap and useful product increases trust (if it’s convenient for the client to spend money). This product also acts as a filter. It weeds out those who do not want to spend money and are looking for free stuff only.

The easiest way to build a database of potential customers is to create a page on which you will give something free in exchange for a subscription. This will help you put together a list of people who are looking for free stuff. But it will not bring you any benefit and will not help to earn much on Clickbank.

To earn money at Clickbank you need a list of people who have already spent money with you. They trust you and are ready to buy your next product if it helps them. That is why you need to create your own customer list.

And guess how you can create a customer list as quickly as possible? Cheap front-end product!

So, here is a list of steps to start selling products from Clickbank.

  1. Choose a product for your target audience.
  2. Create letters specifically for this audience.
  3. Before offering to buy goods, organize a 7-day e-mail campaign.
  4. In these e-mails tell about the value and attractiveness of the product that you are going to offer.

And so, when you offer to buy something, people from your list are already interested in this product and are not at all surprised.

Email Marketing

So, you have compiled a database of clients with whom you have anyway communicated. Here is what is interesting. Unlike those options when people came to the site and never returned, in this case, you have their contacts!

People are tired of advertising. Now it’s better to sell in a soft way. One of the mildest and most effective ways to sell is to work with your customer through emails.

Mind the audience. It is impossible to sell goods in the same way to twenty-year-old men and fifty-year-old women. No, you can, but it will not be too effective. Divide your customers into small groups and each of them using an individual approach. This will help increase the visibility of newsletters and increase sales.

You can find out personal data by sending them a survey. Not everyone will answer you, but those for whom the data is collected should be divided into groups and make suitable content for them. And the rest send the general version of the newsletters.

Think about how you will get your customers hooked. This can be regular videos, how to use the product unusually, advice from invited experts, a leader’s column. Such things can make your letters unique.

Use various types of content – informational, entertaining, educational. Keep track of which of the options receives the maximum response, and increase the number of such emails. Planning is important: consider the number of letters, the duration of the campaign, timing.

Advertising on Safe List Sites

You can do a mass mailing with advertising on your product. By registering on the SL site, you can send tens of thousands of promotional e-mails to the mailing addresses of members of this site.

Please note that you will also receive hundreds and thousands of e-mails. Therefore, it is more convenient to have two more mailboxes on Gmail.

One box is needed for important information from the SL site. The second box is needed to receive mass advertising emails.

You will need to choose sites where you can send e-mail for free (there are sites that offer to send e-mail to 400 thousand people, but it costs about $150).

The most popular and easy to use sites: Active Safelist, Elite Safelist, Guaranteedresults4u, List Joe.com, AdTactics, Free SafeList Mailer, EUROPEANSAFELIST, GOT Safelist, DownlineBuilderDirect, State of the Art Mailer, ADSOLUTIONLINE, GlobalSafelist, Reactive Adz, List Building Maximiser.

Another important aspect of successful work is a good email header. The headline should encourage a person to read your mail, and not just click on the link for loans. All the time you need to change the headers on the advertising mail. Sometimes the text taken from the e-mail is better for the title than the one offered to you by the seller.

Promotion Through Pinterest

And best of all, use both blog and Pinterest at the same time.

Today Pinterest is one of the best social sites for receiving traffic. 300 million users buy there every day. Over 80% of Pinterest visitors shop all day.

You can attach a link to any site on every image on Pinterest. With Pinterest, you can very quickly promote a completely new site to 2000+ new visitors. One successful picture can gain tens of thousands of clicks.

Using Pinterest allows you to quickly and free to attract a large number of people to your blog:

  • Pin gets a lot more views than a regular post on another social network;
  • Each picture can bring at least 2 visits or 6 views;
  • For many bloggers, Pinterest is the №1 source of social traffic.

First, you need to register a business account. When you sign up and verify your site on Pinterest, you will have access to analytics. In the analytics section, you will see a lot of useful information on subscribers, views, clicks, site clicks, etc.

Under each picture, there is a description telling the reader what this pin is about. Take time for a quality description for each pin.

For a high rating, your pin should be:

  1. Useful – Simplify your pin search with an accurate description.
  2. Detailed – in a sentence or two explain what your pin is about. Provide enough information to seduce a person to go to your blog.
  3. Interesting – get the user’s attention.

Include a call to action in the description. Add text and hashtags. Remember to include keywords in your description. Be as brief as possible. To succeed on Pinterest, you need to be active and constantly fill the boards with new attractive pins.

Each time someone saves your Pin, his followers also see him, opening up access to him to even more people with similar interests. This means that not only your subscribers will see your pins. This makes Pinterest a great place to find new customers and grow.

To automatically receive free traffic, you can use other people's popular Pins. They must be with tags, descriptions, and hashtags for the search. This method is suitable for advanced users:

  1. Buy a domain and hosting. This is necessary to quickly fix the site in case of problems.
  2. Install a WordPress Blog.
  3. Make an overview of the selected product in your blog with your affiliate link.
  4. On Pinterest, create a free business account and confirm your domain.
  5. In any picture, always insert the address on your blog post.
  6. Use a bot to search for products – for example, Pinflux. With this program, you can find 250 new top products on ClickBank.
  7. Using Pinflux we make pins for popular keywords. To do this, take any pin of other people on request. We attach a link from our blog to the product overview with ClickBank in the selected pin. Next, attach a picture with our link to your boards.

To get even more traffic:

  • Choose 250 best products on ClickBank.
  • Copy their text from ClickBank and make 250 posts on your blog.
  • In a week, new products will be added to this program. This means that you can add another 300 posts.
  • Thus, you can create 800, 3000, 10,000 posts on your blog – and then make boards for them on Pinterest.
  • Next, open Pinflux and select keywords.
  • Take the pins of other people and insert them into your site.
  • Attach pins to your boards.

As a result, your channel will bring hundreds of thousands of views.

Influencer Marketing

Recently it has become a popular tool for both large brands and small companies. It is believed that people trust the opinions of the people whose blogs they read more than standard ad formats.

How to start working with bloggers? Here are the simple steps:

  1. Choose a blogger.
  2. Negotiate and plan ad placement.
  3. Prepare an advertising post.
  4. Prepare your account to receive traffic.
  5. Rate the effectiveness.

You can find a representative for any product, but not so simple. It is important not just to invite a blogger, but to find someone who can correctly present the products to the right target audience.

Before you offer collaboration, look at the blogger’s subscribers. This is the audience of your promotion. Check if there are a lot of bots among subscribers – empty, fake accounts. Carefully discuss all the details of cooperation: how long the post should be on the page, whether it should be indicated that this is an advertisement, whether unwanted comments should be removed.

The most important thing when choosing a blogger is not the size of his audience, but if these people are right for you.

A target audience is a group of people united by common features (age, gender, income, interests, marital status, values, needs, lifestyle, etc.). The main thing is that it is these people who are most likely to buy your product. It is important to understand what sources of information they have, how and where they buy, how much they spend, how they make decisions, and what objections may sound during the purchase process.

Some tips:

  • Optimize your landing page before starting your campaign.
  • Make a catchy offer for an audience of bloggers.
  • Evaluate the portrait of the audience of bloggers, not their content.
  • Buy ads from at least a few bloggers, use audience crossing.
  • Collect statistics on clicks and conversions, optimize further placements only on its basis.

Promotion on Forums

Few people use forums, which is a pity. The biggest benefit of the forums, in our opinion, is targeted traffic. This is a slightly non-standard method. Best of all, it works with products that are not related to the topic of earnings. These may be products related to personal growth, self-care, gender relations.

First, you need to register on some popular forums. Find a topic, then a product that fits this topic. Then you need to create a profile and add a link to the product in the description or in your subscription. Next, you just need to actively communicate in this thread. You can register in several forums at the same time.

With competent (non-spam) posting on forums, sales often grow. People come to the forum with specific tasks, in search of solutions to their problems, often in search of products and services.

There are forums on a variety of topics, you can find a specialized thread. That is, you can find exactly your audience, whatever it may be, find exactly the audience that is looking for your product.

On the forums, you can not only promote your product or service but also test something (idea, text, proposal, action), or make a survey to find out the opinion of the target audience.

It is important to get to the goal: to choose a product that can solve the problem of people. This scheme is not new but stably brings income. Its disadvantage is that this method takes a lot of time. You need to be an active participant in the discussion for you to be seen. It’s not so important that you answer in the subject, anyway, a certain number of people will be interested in your link in the signature and follow it. If you have some time, then you can devote at least an hour a day to this activity.

Earnings on Clickbank as an Author

As mentioned above, it’s more difficult to succeed as a seller on the ClickBank platform. But this is possible if you have a strong desire and a quality product.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. First, you need to create the product itself. The niches of E-business and E-marketing and Health and Fitness are popular. It is desirable that the product is narrow-profile. So, it will have less competition.
  2. Then you need to purchase legal documents.
  3. Your product must comply with ClickBank guidelines. If this is a physical product – it must have all the necessary certificates.
  4. When adding a product, it is very important to make a competent description. In the description, indicate the benefits for partners. Define the product category correctly. The average price is from 30 to 50 dollars. Commission from 50 to 75%.
  5. Create high-quality advertising text and video presentations with voice acting.
  6. Register a domain on a paid hosting and create 3 pages: a selling, a thank-you page, and a page with promotional materials for partners (Pitch Page, Thank You, Page, and Affiliate Page). It is important to have a partner page with banners, advertising texts, and materials. This creates convenience for partners who will advertise your product.
  7. The next step is to post a link to the payment page on the site. After that, you can send the product for moderation. It usually is for 5 days.
  8. After successfully passing the moderation, you must pay a fee to activate the product. Payment is made using PayPal, card (Visa or MasterCard), or Money Order.

Products of new sellers who have no reputation, which no one knows, after adding to the catalog, automatically fall to the end of the list as the most unpopular. To attract the attention of partners, these products need to start advertising.


Clickbank is a powerful source of income. Advertise not only the product but also the affiliate program itself. ClickBank's product rating is based on the number of sales made exclusively by partners, and not by you personally. Therefore, it is important to advertise the affiliate program.

These are the key steps to becoming a ClickBank merchant. This path is difficult, so it is important to organize the business correctly and put it on the stream.

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