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How to Make Money with MaxBounty in 2022 — $3,400 in 1 Month

Based upon our market research CPA marketing is one of the most effective ways to monetize your campaigns and marketing experts that are utilizing this technique represent a bit greater than 80%. Over 15% of the overall digital media earnings is due to a rise in this field. Moreover, it is anticipated to remain the growth rate. Thus, that is a perfect time for you to get engaged into while it won’t be too late. There are a lot of rooms to explore before to start. In order to ease the entering process we made a guide for you based on the experts’ tips.

There are a lot of affiliate networks you can work with, each of them provides different sweeteners which you can be attracted by. Hence, it can be difficult to select the one that would match you best. We would advise you to focus on MaxBounty first which considers to be  the most trust-based and effective in terms of monetization.

Why MaxBounty

MaxBounty is the most popular affiliate network. It was established back in 2004 in Canada. They were tested by time, becoming one of the popular and recognized names in the industry. Generally speaking, their payment process is what helps to make them renowned for. MaxBounty pays to the arbitrageurs in the middle of each month. You could earn money from as little as $0.15 to up to $100 depending upon the offer and action. The minimum withdrawal quantity is $100. If you do not reach this threshold, your earnings will be relocated to the next settlement time frame. They also offer to new partners a $1,000 benefit if they gain at the very least $1,000 per month during their initial 3 months on the network. The bonus offer can be obtained in the fourth month. You can also make money on the reference system: for each signed webmaster in the platform, the partner receives 5% of its revenue during the year.

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How Much Can You Make With MaxBounty

There are many inspiring examples of affiliate marketers who are making 5 to 6 figures per month promoting MaxBounty offers. One of those examples is the success story of

The CEO of @Tyton_Media Tyler Horvath who made almost $7,000 in one month with MaxBounty. You can enjoy the figures below.

There is another success story of Imogen Rose which details you can find here.  She made over $20,000 within 6 months after creating an account with MaxBounty. In other words, she earned around $3,400 per month.

We can provide you with the decent number of examples to prove that you can make money working with Maxbounty offers. Otherwise you can read this article till the end and actually start making decent amount of money working with Maxbounty. Best of luck!

Step 1: Creating an Account in MaxBounty

You will have options to work with MaxBounty by becoming an affiliate or an advertiser.

Once you choose an option to end up being an affiliate, there will be outlined explanation of all the advantages of collaborating with MaxBounty. The benefits include 2000+ active campaigns, feature-rich control panel, regular repayments, committed affiliate supervisors to aid you, efficiency bonus offers, and also international projects.

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During the application process, you have to fill up the sign-up questionnaire being composed of 7 components. The first six parts which are about your previous experiences are very important. You might find it hard to get approved to a network if you do not have an appropriate experience. The application procedure itself is uncomplicated, however, what makes it a bit complex is that you are required to have a web page or page in social media with thousands of followers. You should be ready to prove that the referred page is working actively and was not made just a few days ago.

Step 2: A Phone Interview 

A phone interview is a compulsory part of the application process. You will receive a call from the affiliate managers. Make sure that you are well prepared for the interview.

Below you can find some questions you can be asked:

  • How much time have you been working with affiliate marketing?
  • If you have an affiliate ID? If yes then what is your affiliate ID?
  • What techniques/approaches do you use to advertise offers?
  • Why did you decide on Maxbounty?
  • Which offers are of your interest to?

Throughout the interview, you will need to give detailed information about strategies you are going to use to advertise those campaigns. Only in case if you have a certain strategy for producing website traffic which is compulsory requirement, there is an opportunity you will be chosen. To prevent any chance of being rejected, make sure not to take down any false or misleading information while applying.

Step 3: Getting Started with Maxbounty

According to Ahmad Azam — an affiliate marketing expert, you actually have to keep marketing with MaxBounty very simple. All you need to do is to understand the psyche behind the game of affiliate marketing. Thus, he says that there are basically 2 types of products in MaxBounty. The first type is those products which you promote and will get paid only if someone buys those products. The second one is much easier as you will get paid for lead generation. So, your strategy will depend on the product type.  

Here he explains how to promote a link in order to generate leads. There is a tracking link that should be promoted, you should send traffic directly towards this link. Unless you have not chosen a certain niche and you do not have your own audience, you need to find traffic that is already interested in these products, already in this niche. When you start promoting focus on the allowed countries section, which is very important. That is where located your target audience. Usually, the traffics coming from the US, UK and Canada have the highest traffic rate.

Step 4: Selecting Web Traffic Sources

There are various ways to create affiliate web links. You can select banners and put them on your sources and also promote your offers with lots of marketing techniques like Facebook ads as well as e-mail marketing. You can sign up with forums as well as include your web links to your trademark. You can promote it on a Facebook page. You have a lot of options and all are up to your preferences. The only things you should keep in mind are do you need to sell or do you just need to attract leads, what is your product and target audience. That is of course very customized procedure up to each product you have selected. Even though, there are some patterns and tips on how to promote offers based on the niches and what the web traffic sources better to choose:

Display Traffic 

This website traffic option is the process of placing ads on sites to bring in clicks as well as leads. MaxBounty affiliate has a unique attribute to pre-made banners that are functional in promotions. Usually, this web traffic type is one of the most suitable for the offers that pay out on a completed sale, health and wellness, and also beauty campaigns.


Pay-per-view, cost-per-view, or contextual website traffic is basically pop-up (or pop-under) driven website traffic. A PPV networks present individuals with the alternative of downloading a toolbar to their browser in exchange for digital rewards (games, unique web content, browser features, and so on). It will be more suitable for the offers with short forms as traveling and also sweepstakes campaigns. As an exampple Booking.com and McAfee use PPV as a traffic source. According to the MaxBounty this is the most lucrative traffic source.

Search Traffic 

Whenever you Google something the search results page is usually split right into two parts- ad and natural. The initial websites in the outcomes with the 'Ad' label search web traffic.

Google's AdWords or BingAd platforms enable advertisers to pay for their sites to be listed at the top of search engine results for certain keywords. This is completed by bidding on search phrases with a PPC (pay-per-click) model, meaning you'll pay Google a particular amount whenever an individual clicks on your ad. When you make use of AdWords to promote an offer, you're guaranteeing you're putting the product and services you're advertising before individuals that are looking for it or something very closely related. We think this kind of source might be useful for any kind of specific niches.

To use search traffic you should choose the keywords you want to promote. There is a Keywords Explorer webpage Ahrefs, where you just need to enter only one related word while in return it will give you a list of words with statistics of its demand.  

The thing which we like about this webpage is that it also has a content explorer service through which you can find top-performing platforms for your niche. It is able to find any popular articles on any chosen topic, all the related web pages. Even it shows how many times this article was shared and where which is quite useful as knowledge about your targeted audience.

Native Ad Website Traffic

It's the online equivalent of using item placement in television programs as opposed to commercials. They're also extremely efficient at being a non-disruptive form of advertising.

This suggests that users are more likely to engage with native ads over conventional display ads since they're less most likely to really feel as if their online experience is being disrupted by actual advertising. If you're a MaxBounty affiliate, you can be awarded a 25% reward on a $1000 down payment and also a $100 benefit after investing $100.

Social Media Site Traffic

Social media site platforms have substantial user bases as well as therefore large target markets, making them a usual source of website traffic for numerous partners. Furthermore, social media platforms provide advertisers expansive targeting choices. You can monetize by incorporating links to your web pages on mentioned social platforms with MaxBounty deals.

Some of the most common social media sites that affiliates make use of to advertise offers are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest. Quora is also a good platform for lead generation. As you know quora is Q&A site, so you can place your question and as an answer to your question, you can lead to your webpage. It will bring you an additional audience.

Once you have chosen the method to promote your first offer and launched it we highly advise you start analyzing your outcomes. Information is the most appreciated treasury you will have. There is a real-time analytics platform called Vollum Ad Tracker. Through the platform, you can track all your advertising platforms in order to optimize ad performance and scale your business. The platform has a built-in ad template which you will be offered as the best strategy to use. While it is analyzing your inputs it does the same for hundreds of other experts. Thus it has a huge database based on what it can generate various strategies and pick the patterns that can be really successful. Although, you should not worry about data privacy as they secure your data and don't share it.

Throughout, MaxBounty is one of the main CPA affiliate models. It permits you to benefit from advertising projects to create income.


There are numerous things where Maxbounty is definitely useful contrasting to various other affiliate networks. One of them is that it is cost-free to use. So as soon as you remain in, you can begin promoting right now. An additional point that is nice regarding Maxbounty is that their affiliate support is outstanding. A designated affiliate supervisor addresses any kind of questions you have in addition to helps you to choose and enhance your campaigns.

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