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How to Fix "This Page Isn't Allowed to Advertise in Facebook"

You may receive this error message meaning that Facebook has banned your Ad Account. Basically, this is a new feature that has been rampant this year in Facebook Ad policy. The bad thing about this issue is that it can affect all your Facebook pages at once whether you use them to run ads or not. When this warning displays, Facebook gives you a link to Request a review of Advertising access.

Check What You Did Wrong

The first step to solve the issue "This Page Isn’t Allowed to Show Ads on Facebook" is to define underlying reasons what might cause an error. 

A large number of potential reasons can make the issue more complicated. Below we tried to list the top potential reasons that can cause the problem. You should go through the list and check what you did wrong. 

Potential causes: 

  • Facebook payment issue;
  • Long debt on your Facebook Ads account;
  • Not following Facebook ads Policies;
  • Your ad account got disabled wrongfully;
  • Using someone's copyrighted work;
  • Using more than 20% of the text in an image;
  • Not writing Facebook with capital F or using Facebook in the caption;
  • Facebook can ban inactive ad accounts;
  • Ad is not matching with the landing page;
  • Promoting prohibited or restricted products on Facebook (check the list of the prohibited and restricted content on Facebook).
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Contact a Support Center

The only way to resolve the issue after reviewing all the potential causes of the problem is to get in touch with Facebook Support Team. 

Live Chat
If your country is in the list of the eligible countries where the live chat is supported then maybe is the easiest and the fastest way to get your page Ad restored. However, only a few countries are supported. You might also try to use VPN if it works. 

You can find the list of supported countries following the link here. On Facebook official guideline page you can find instructions far beyond that can help you to resolve various facing issues. 

Review Request 
The button to "Request a Review" is usually added to the notice placed on the top of your Facebook Page. You will need to fill the box with the title "Please tell us why you should be allowed to advertise".  It is very important to explain the reason with all the details. Keep in mind that even with all the Facebook algorithms afterward your appeal will be confirmed by a person. Thus, make sure that it is not copied and pasted and was written in a personal and polite manner. 

There is high evidence that you might receive emails that your account has been permanently banned even after an appeal. Don’t get frustrated. Keep appealing every three to seven days until you are able to recover your ad account. Also, make sure that you respond to their messages. Do not forget to ask what steps you should take in order to resolve a problem. You can also try to message the Facebook support team on an hourly basis until they will get back to you. 

There are few more things you will have to face and you need to keep in mind: 

  • You can’t delete a banned Facebook account;
  • You can get a banned Facebook account back;
  • It may take time to recover your Facebook Ad account.


By following the above tips, you will protect your ad campaigns from being banned. Do not be afraid to contact the Сontact Сenter, they will explain to you in detail the reasons for the ban, as well as help you avoid this in the future.

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