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Is it Illegal to Sell Facebook Accounts? Where to Buy & Sell Facebook Accounts for Advertising?

If you have a business, one of the best places to advertise your business is social media, and since we all know, Facebook is amongst the most popular social media. The problem that there is with Facebook is that it can be hard to gather people around you and build an audience base for advertising. One thing that can solve the problem of having audiences is to buy accounts that are already guaranteed to have audiences or to sell accounts to people who need them, but is it legal to do so? If it is, then where can you find these accounts?

Is it Legal to Buy or Sell Facebook Accounts

In terms of United States law, it is illegal to buy or sell Facebook accounts, or any other social media accounts. The matter is that you should respect TOS (Terms of Services).

Facebook has a policy that all the information you put into your account must be honest and true information, and one person cannot have two accounts on Facebook. So if you want to sell or buy accounts, the information would most likely be fake and against the policy.

So it is legal to buy or sell Facebook accounts, but it's against the TOS (Terms of Services), so if you get caught, your account might get suspended or banned.

Of course, because Facebook is famous for not respecting the privacy of their users and forcing them into putting all their personal information in their accounts and selling them, it might not be so immoral to use fake information.

Where to Buy or Sell Facebook Accounts for Advertising

There are a lot of places that sell social media accounts, and Facebook accounts are among them. Here are some famous places that you can find accounts suited for advertising to buy, or to sell the accounts that you have gathered audiences for advertising.

One place that has been popping off lately for buying and selling different types of social media accounts is PlayerUp. Facebook accounts are also on the list of accounts that you can trade on this website. In fact, this website has a very long list of different accounts for different purposes.

Right now, this website has over five thousand Facebook ready to sell with different types of audiences, different amounts of followers, different prices, and different regions and countries. You can find any Facebook account that you want for advertising on this website.

Now let's not make any mistakes between these websites because they both have the same names, but one is AccsMarket, and the other one is Accs-Market with a dash between the words.

You can already guess from their names that both of these websites are a place for marketing for different social media accounts including Facebook accounts. The AccsMarket without a dash has a direct category for accounts that are for advertising, so it would be easy to find what you are looking for on this website.

The other Accs-market with a dash does not have a category for accounts for advertising, so if you want that, you have to search by the niche.

Both of these places are good for finding Facebook accounts, but they are not as popular as PlayerUp, but still, you may find what you are looking for in these two websites as well.

AccFarm is another website where you can find social media accounts for buying or selling, and it has an excellent base for selling Facebook accounts.

Just like PlayerUp, there are a lot of Facebook accounts that you can find in this place, and the prices vary from one dollar all the way to even three hundred dollars. You can find accounts with many categories and even for advertising for different regions.

In the examples that we mentioned above, you can always see the description of the accounts that you are buying so you can make sure what you are buying.

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What the Community Think About Selling or Buying Accounts

Because this whole buying and selling accounts thing is against Facebook’s terms of services, you might think that there are a lot of people against buying or selling Facebook accounts as well. The reality is that no, there are not a lot of people against buying or selling Facebook accounts, and actually, most people do not even care that you can buy or sell accounts.

Facebook has a special type of signing in that will make you enter a lot of personal information about yourself such as your phone number, where you live, emails, your full name, and a lot of other things that are not even necessary for having a social media account. Many people believe that because of this, Facebook is selling this private information to other countries, and there have been a lot of rumors about it that might or might not be true, Facebook itself claims that this is not true.

Because of this matter, many people have lost their trust in Facebook and they do not even care about these terms and services. So even though buying or selling Facebook accounts is against the terms of services, from the perspective of the community, it is not an immoral thing to do.

There are two main questions that we need to ask in this section.

Is it legal to buy or sell Facebook accounts? The answer to this question is Yes. Yes, it is legal to buy or sell social media accounts including Facebook, and no law in the United States will restrict you from doing this. The other question is that, is it against Facebook's terms of services to sell or buy your accounts? Yes, it is.


Although it is against the Facebook TOS to buy and sell accounts or to have more than one account, there is no law against it, and you can go ahead and do so. We mentioned some places that you can buy accounts for Facebook advertising and many other categories. One thing to note is that if you get caught while selling or buying these accounts, the accounts might get banned or suspended so be careful about that. And if you are trying to use an account from another region, you can use a VPN to change your IP address to that region and have a much safer login.

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