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Where to Buy Cheap Traffic for CPA Offers and Affiliate Marketing — Best 10+ Paid Sources with High Conversion

When entrepreneurs launch their product distribution or advertise someone else's product, raises the question, where to get traffic for that product? Below we will discuss 10 the most appropriate and the most lucrative methods of getting cheap traffic.

Teaser Ads

This is the cheapest type of traffic, with maximum audience coverage. Suitable for products with a wide target audience. Advertisements that are placed in teaser networks are shown on the most popular and visited websites with a variety of target audiences. These sites may be news platforms, file sharing applications, online movie websites, torrents, etc.

Teaser networks are traffic exchanges, a kind of intermediaries between webmasters and customers. For the website owners teaser network is a monetization option, and advertisers are the source of traffic and a guarantee of the artist’s fulfillment of obligations.

Teasers are ads with an intriguing title. You have surely met them on different entertainment sites. They look like this.

Teaser is better perceived by the audience than a banner, which psychologically pressures the reader. Besides, the use of teaser networks is cheaper than banner and contextual advertising, especially in a highly competitive niche. But it is worth understanding that not all readers who click on the teaser, are potential clients. The majority of them won’t ever go to the end of the sales funnel. Therefore, teaser networks are not suitable to promote all the goods and services. This is not a multifunctional solution.

Teaser advertisements are the best way to promote the following things:

  • browser games;
  • news sites;
  • small products like souvenirs;
  • brand PR;
  • info-products.

Technically, the principle of operation in the teaser network is as follows. The advertiser creates an advertisement on the selected website and configures targeting to filter the audience. Then he sends money to the account, after which the sites suitable for the given parameters, begin to present his teaser advertisements. To do this, the webmaster must place on his website the code received from the teaser network. As a result, the advertiser receives the traffic, and the webmaster — pay per click (CPC) or action (CPA). There is also a payment model for a specific number of shows, usually for one thousand views.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teaser Ads

The main advantage of teaser networks for advertisers is the opportunity to get the right traffic at a reasonable price. In teasers it is much easier to advertise gray (semi-allowed) topics than in Directive as the list of banned topics there is much smaller. Besides, it is a convenient format of work, when the service acts as a guarantor and automatically selects sites under clear requirements.

Teaser ads give pluses for webmasters also: the flexibility of teasers settings and the variability of advertising. The level of income is limited only by the bandwidth of the resource.

The main disadvantages of teaser networks are the high risk of wasting the budget in case of incorrect adjustment of the teaser and the necessity of payment of the commission. As already mentioned, such advertising is not suitable for all products. The optimal option might be mass consumption products. Also, webmasters can be upset by the dumping of competitors and the cheap costs of this marketing tool.

Criteria for Teaser Net Selection

Teaser network is an effective system that provides traffic redirection and regulates the relationship between the advertiser and the owner of the promoted site. However, not all teasers are equally useful. Let's find out how to choose a service.

For webmaster

  • Minimal Attendance — The first thing to focus on is the minimum attendance threshold. For some teaser networks, ten visitors a day is enough, while others should deal with highly visited resources to bring real profit.
  • The Average Click Price — This price is formed based on the settings of targeting and market competition. Estimated figures can be clarified in the technical support, while the final will be clear only after working with the exchange.
  • Functionality — Pay attention to the tools that the teaser network offers. Well, if it is possible to make teasers adaptive, there are special codes for bypassing ad blockers and for protection against sanctions from search engines. Find out what advertising formats the platform offers. With testing and combinations of different formats, you can find your ideal variant of income increase.

Be sure to ask technical support representatives to show you examples of teasers. It’s important to assess the possible audience reaction. Shock content can instantly affect behavioral factors, besides, the website will likely fall under the filter of search engines. When choosing a teaser network webmasters should consider ads moderation rules, as well as the minimum amount for funds withdrawal and the frequency of payments.

For advertiser

  • Traffic type — is the primal criterion in a teaser network. I influence the features of materials advertising and the conditions of their moderation. Traffic can be of different sorts: entertainment, news, or adult.

Entertainment traffic includes forex, binary options, casinos, and games. The ad’s text can be as follows “The Gambler Who Blew $127 Million”.

News traffic consists of an audience that comes to the site with a preview. For example: “Prince William and Duchess Kate Might Not Send Princess Charlotte Back to School”.

Adult traffic usually has adult content. It is suitable for advertising video chats, dating for adults, specific medicines, and vaccines.

After learning what types of traffic the teaser network works with, entrepreneurs can choose an algorithm for creating ads that are ideal for their target audience.

  • Targeting capabilities. Another important criterion when choosing a teaser is the number of targeting settings. The more these settings you will have, the higher the chance to catch the potential clients.
  • Macros — work with macros allows one to get the most information on each visitor who clicked the teaser advertisement. Be sure to ask the technical support about the possibility of making white and black pages based on macros. Without them, you will be uncomfortable to work.
  • Minimum order — it is also important to get information about the minimum order: how much you need to top up your balance to run ads.

Among the top 5 best teaser networks are Hilltopads, Doubleclick Ad Exchange, TripleLift, AppNexus, Index Exchange.

As the brightest example of the successful implementation of a teaser advertisement for a business, you can take a look at the Naughty Dog company who strived to develop a viral teaser campaign aimed at introducing their new Playstation 4 game, called Uncharted. The video teaser used the regular Playstation 4 fans and used their interest to create the proper advertising. In that advertisement, the developer company for the first time used scenes fragments from the game itself to create the hook effect and attract the audience. The story narrated by the protagonist itself along with the epic background music attracted customers by making them feel already like part of the game. The customer’s imagination can generate a great deal of curiosity.

Contextual Advertising

Suitable for advertising goods and services that are in great demand. An effective source of traffic for goods or services that are not regularly needed, such as repair services. Displayed on search engine pages or websites participating in context networks. Not very suitable for advertising a brand new product. Payment for website visits and navigation actions.

Contextual advertising takes the form of a text link containing a brief description of its topic, close to the context of the site where it is placed. Being a part of the content of the page, such an ad is of greater interest to the user than other types of advertising. This is evidenced by the Click-Through Rate (CTR) figures. Entrepreneurs can order the placement of their ads in the advertising network Google AdWords.

However, the work of the webmaster is a bit more complicated. This professional must identify the target audience when choosing an offer, and correctly configuring the site, and master the intricacies of billing. However, some craftsmen can configure the purchase of traffic from contextual advertising so that the profit from the affiliate marketing advertising budget exceeds the advertising budget.

Contextual Advertising — CPA Principle

Earlier, the word combination “contextual advertising” was most often mentioned in combination with “CTR”. Now it has been replaced by the CPA approach. What is the reason for such changes?

Cost per lead (CPL) can be considered closely related to this meaningful abbreviation. The main purpose of this direction of leads generation is to collect demographic and contact data, while in classic CPA actions can be performed by anonymous users. The marketing model requiring payment for the purchase is called Cost Per Sale or (CPS).

How are the two concepts of context advertising and CPA related? It's very simple — when purchasing ads, the advertiser pays for the clicks (visitors). At Cost Per Action, the advertiser pays only for the actions performed by users on its resource (registration, click, purchase of goods, the order of service, subscription to the newsletter), not for abstract displays of ads.

CPA contextual advertising allows companies to optimize advertising costs and get the maximum benefit from it.

The main advertisers in this area are online stores, hosting providers, banks, travel agencies, etc. Among representatives of offline businesses are construction companies, car repair shops, law offices, and many others.

CPA Affiliate Marketing Traffic

The cost of CPA-advertising is slightly higher than when using other means of traffic attracting. This is successfully used by some online marketers.

To implement an affiliate marketing approach in the CPA strategy, the webmaster tries to attract cheap traffic from sources allowed by the cooperation terms. If in the future the attracted users start to perform target actions, the payments that the webmaster will receive will allow him not only to cover the costs of traffic attraction but also to earn good money on the difference between attracted and sold traffic.

From the experience of other entrepreneurs, it becomes obvious that any traffic can be monetized. Some webmasters even use the services of professional designers to prepare ads.

Pros & Cons of CPA

The advantages of the CPA model are transparency and high traffic quality. Thus the advertiser can involve the target audience, saving the budget. This gives CPA contextual advertising all chances to become an effective tool as Real-time bidding (RTB) advertising. However, it has its disadvantages.

First of all, it is the quality of the audience (even though this model attracts users who perform certain actions, they can bring conversion only once). For example, if the CPA is oriented at giveaways advertisements, etc

It should also be noted that the CPA does not function well in conditions of price flexibility, taking into account only the factor of taking the required actions. This leads to the fact that advertisers do not increase the advertising budget at times when it is worth doing it, as the quality of traffic is growing.

Targeted Advertising on Facebook

Suitable for B2B advertising, banking services, IT services. Many different formats of advertising are available on Facebook, including the promotion of posts. Payment for clicks, displays, or at a price set by Facebook.

How to Launch Ads on Facebook

If you are a beginner entrepreneur who works in Internet marketing, you should already know that Facebook is one of the most effective channels to attract traffic and lead. And there are three basic ways to create an advertising campaign on Facebook:

  • Right on your company's page — The easiest way to launch an ad with only a few clicks.
  • Through Ads Manager — The main advertising tool on Facebook, which allows launching many campaigns and monitoring their effectiveness.
  • Using Facebook Power Editor — The most complex and advanced.

When you have a business page, and are actively promoting it and want to try to run ads. Go to your page, select the desired publication, or create a new one, and in the bottom right corner, you will see a button Promote.

The first thing to pay attention to is the audience. By default, Facebook will set the audience for targeting the settings you have chosen when creating the page. It is recommended to use your specific settings, so click on Create a new audience.

Give your audience a clear name to avoid confusion in the future, specify gender, age, geographic location of users and their interests. When you create ads on the page of the company you have very limited targeting settings, so try to squeeze the maximum out of them. For example, you can configure the display of an ad not only within one city but also for those users who are within a certain radius from it. To do this, click on the arrow button to the right of the city you have chosen.

Choose your interests carefully. Facebook will give you hints, but remember to pay attention to their categories.

Click the Save button to finish creating your audience. The next step is to set the budget and expiry date of the ad. You can either choose a preset term of 1, 7, or 14 days, or you can manually set an ad's end date.

Facebook will also show you the expected coverage. Remember that this is an approximate value, not an exact prediction. If you're not satisfied with the coverage, try experimenting with the settings — for example, expand or narrow your audience.

The last thing you need to do is to choose the currency to pay for the campaign. Choose the currency you use for the account, which you will later bind to your advertising account. This setting is for your convenience only and will not affect anything else. You can pay for your campaign in any currency despite your geolocation.

After you have finished with all the settings, click on the Lift button in the bottom right corner. You will be prompted to choose your payment method. Select and configure the most convenient method for you. If all goes well, your publication will go to the moderation queue. Facebook maintains a pretty strict attitude to any content people promote, so it's best to check out the rules of advertising in advance. The slightest mistake from your side, and your publication can be rejected.

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There are numerous cases when small companies and large enterprises benefited from using Facebook advertising. One of the brightest examples of the success story that became possible thanks to Facebook is a video streaming company, Gaia inc. This company tested its usual manual campaign setup approach versus simplified account structure using the best automation methods. They managed to decrease the cost per incremental purchase by 20 percent. This helped to attract more subscribers. For this streaming company that serves to 515 000 subscribers in 185 countries around the world providing information on alternative healing, yoga, and body transformation this was a crucial step in business development. The company’s goal was to boost subscriber numbers and increase brand awareness while in the parallel, decrease spendings on advertising. With the Facebook budget optimization feature, Gaia managed with automatical budged distribution and created the best-performing ad sets.

Banner Ads

Banner advertising in simple words is a graphic picture, the main purpose of which is to promote a particular area of service or product. The banner can look like text or image, moving or static. Like other types of advertising, a banner sends the visitor of the resource to a particular website and thus increases the popularity of the advertised content.


How Banner Advertising Works

Banner advertising has long been a constant companion for every Internet user. Previously, advertising was presented in a fairly primitive annoying form. At the moment, the approach has changed, it entailed the dynamics of the effectiveness of this area of site promotion.

The main purpose of banner advertising is to increase traffic to the Internet resource. Web banners not only refer to the site but can also inform about the inflow of goods and new products. The predominant share of media advertisements has an interactive form, that functions through clicking on it. Direct employers place ads and choose to place sites with high traffic. Sites should have useful and interesting content. Besides, when selecting a website to publish a banner entrepreneurs should take into account that the content of the website and, accordingly, the interests of readers related.

The placement of banners on thematic sites is quite expensive. First of all, the cost of creating an original banner, then, the cost of placement is quite high. The main advantage of banner advertising — increasing brand awareness. You can place banners through banner networks or by agreement with the owners of the websites. If negotiated directly, the price is likely to be counted per month period, regardless of the number of transitions or clicks (incoming traffic and interactions).

Banner Advertising Stereotypes

  • Media advertising is a budget waste

Common misconceptions are often maintained by those who once launched banner advertising, didn't get the result, and decided not to touch it anymore. There is always a chance that you have taken something wrong into account and everything will go wrong. Sometimes it is not possible to get a result at the second or even third attempt.

  • Banner ads are everywhere

This stereotype is the echo of the previous decade. Many still remember advertising banners like this:

Since that time, banner advertising, although not completely rid of annoyance, but has become much smarter. Today in the hands of specialists a lot of tools that they use to show ads exactly to the audience that the client needs, and where he wants it.

Naturally, more complex tools increased the chance to make a mistake. For example, forgetting to set the display frequency in the settings of the Google Advertising Campaign's CRM settings may cause disturbance for the user, who is haunted by our banner everywhere.

  • Banner blindness

Many believe that users are so accustomed to banners on websites that do not pay attention to them. Accordingly, it makes no sense to launch a media campaign, as no one will be attracted. And certainly, users who come from media advertising, will not do anything on the site.

Potential customers practically do not pay attention to things that seem insignificant to their consciousness. Those entrepreneurs who get the right message to the target audience, for which at the moment the proposed problem and its solution are relevant, be sure that the interested in your proposal users will visit your website.

  • Random clicks

A misconception that is opposite to the previous one. People often believe that when they run a banner ad, the client pays a lot of money for those who accidentally clicked on the banner. And partially that is true. First of all, it is about traffic from mobile applications. But such traffic can be successfully prevented and reduced to a minimum. If your targeting settings allow getting to the target audience accurately enough, the volume of random traffic will be insignificant.

  • Media advertising — always a success

It is also a common misconception that can eventually lead to a pathological fear of media resources. Banner advertising is a great promotion tool. It can be used, to tell about your recent news: new services, prices, promotions, etc. But, as it has already been said, many factors need to be taken into account for everything to turn out as it was planned. Otherwise, beauty cosmetics discounts may be shown to men, and football updates may be shown to women.

Advantages of Banner Advertising

The great popularity of banner advertising can be explained by its several advantages. Among them:

  • Growing brand recognition — it is impossible not to notice a bright image on the page with the name of the brand so that readers unconsciously save in their memory picture of the ads banner;
  • A large audience — if you choose the right Internet platform for placement, the high traffic from the banner won’t make you wait long;
  • Quick results — visitors to the website are visible in the first minutes of banner ads publication;
  • Media advertising is easy to manage — in online mode, you can change the advertising content and monitor its traffic.

Disadvantages of Banner Advertising

As almost any advertising, banner ads have nuances that are quite often are undesirable.

  • The placement of banner ads is pretty expensive. For the media promotion entrepreneurs would have to invest considerable sums;
  • The quick loss of interest to the banner. Advertising quickly starts to annoy users and its update requires time and investment.

Ads Banner Placement Locations

The maximum effect of banner advertising is when it is placed in the most powerful search engines like Yandex and Google. Each of them is a media complex, which includes a large number of sites of different subjects.

Besides, to publish banners are used point sites and social networks, but Google undoubtedly can bring great benefits, as well as natural links in the search engine promotion of the site.

Monetization Aspects

The contract directly with the advertiser allows entrepreneurs to earn more on placing banner advertising. All income from sales goes directly to the owner of a resource, it is possible to sell advertising places more expensively.

For comparison, the sale of banners through advertising exchanges (and advertising networks) in exchange for the apparent ease of participation brings a lower income, sometimes several times lower than direct sales. For the automation of the process (just once place the code and get the money) without wasting time looking for advertisers and without worrying about the occupancy of advertising web locations — the owners of the sites pay the exchangers a commission, on average, 20% of total income.

Possible Revenues

The cost of 1000 displays of the banner = $20.

The cost of attracting one visitor, who followed by a link from the banner to the site, at click-through-rate (CTR) 0.5% is $4.

The number of visitors who came to the site by clicking on the link from the banner, for the month was 100 people. This means that the banner has to be shown 20,000 times. That is, the cost of displaying the banner is $400.

The number of transactions made by visitors who came to the site by clicking on the link from the banner was 4%. That's 4 deals.

The average profit from the deal is $200.

Gross profit from the banner advertising will be as follows: 4х$200 = 800$.

The cost of banner advertising amounted to $400.

Profit from banner advertising, excluding other overhead costs (the cost of creating a banner, staff salaries, etc.), will be the following: $800 - $400 = $400. In this case, banner advertising will bring a profit of $400.


The affiliate marketing using Instagram usually starts with the choice of an offer that will be in high demand among your audience, which will be targeted by the advertisement. To get a successful connection, entrepreneurs will require some experience and numerous tries.

To avoid excessive problems, beginner entrepreneurs can contact the manager of the affiliate program and ask for advice on the choice of an actual offer. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing and developing social networks, with millions of users registered in it. Instagram affiliate marketing traffic is a profitable business if you choose a reliable affiliate program and correctly set up your advertising campaign. To launch targeted advertising on Instagram, one should create a business profile, which must be linked to the Facebook account. Entrepreneurs can create a Facebook account when being logged on Instagram.


Setting up via Facebook

Create an Advertising Campaign — enter Ads Manager and get to the advertising cabinet. Choose an advertising account linked with the Instagram page. On the advertising account, the entrepreneur should create a new business campaign.

Then choose the goal of promotion. For promotion on Instagram are suitable Traffic and Involvement goals.

If the goal is to attract new subscribers to the Instagram account, the owner has to choose the Traffic option. it is also possible to test groups of ads and compare them with each other to see which strategies will give the best results.

The Involvement option is suitable for promoting posts, collecting likes and comments, and also for those who already have a significant audience and at least minimal account requests and need to active already existing subscribers. In some cases, the activity in the profile is more valuable than a large number of subscribers.

Name the newly-created group of ads, not to get confused with some other when their number increases. Pick a name that fits the campaign’s theme or goals. There is often a great mess in it, especially when there are many ad campaigns and they are called similar.

Choose where the traffic generated will be redirected. To redirect traffic to the Instagram page, select Traffic to the site.

Selection of Targeting Parameters

The settings depend on the audience that was defined when planning an advertising campaign. Adjust the geolocation depending on the region in which you plan to advertise. You can choose on the map by indicating the center and radius, for example, New York within a radius of 20 kilometers.

Keep in mind that the behavior of the residents of a specified area might be different from the residence of other areas more habitual for you to advertise. That is why exploring the marketing area before starting a marketing campaign is essential. The cost of the targeted action will differ for each region as well, so pay attention to it. To manage to advertise more effectively, create separate campaigns for large cities and regions.

It is also possible that the interests of the same type of target audience will be very different in some cities because each city has its specifics and mentality of residents. And of course in large cities competition is higher and rates per click or transition will also be much higher.

To try the effectiveness of Instagram, entrepreneurs can choose the small nearest cities to primarily save the budget. They can still choose to show their advertisements only to the local residents, which will also make a narrower audience.


Youtube offers various services, training events, sports, vehicles, games, news, brands, and other sorts of content presented in video format. When it comes to affiliate marketing traffic, YouTube videos are also effective sources of traffic. Roughly speaking, one video clip can bring one lead, consequently, 50 video clips can bring 50 leads.  An important point is video optimization. The video can bring traffic only in case of top positions in search engine output. Of course, this requires certain skills and time. To get traffic from YouTube use black SEO methods: click-through tricks, likes, comments, etc.

Did you know that solely on mobile devices YouTube reaches a broader adult audience than any other broadcast or cable TV network? The average audience age varies between 18 to 49 years old. It also has a premium subscription plan. Besides the overall watch time, that people spend on video content on YouTube doubles every year.

YouTube is considered one of the biggest social networks or video hosting sites that let everyone post their videos. Video hosting is the second most visited on the Internet. Many people use this video hosting to attract traffic to their sites, this increases traffic to the site.

Affiliate Program

The YouTube affiliate program allows authors to monetize content on YouTube in various ways, including advertising, paid subscriptions, and brand product distribution. Becoming a YouTube partner is not a must-do requirement. One of the biggest advantages of becoming a YouTube partner is from that moment Google starts to handle all advertisements, revenue collection, and your payments made by you.

Once you become a part of the program, Google compares your videos with advertisers, decides which ads will appear, and tracks all traffic as well as responses to ads. YouTube then pays you accordingly for your participation in the affiliate program. You do not need to search, attract, or manage advertisers. This becomes an automated process.

Google compares your videos with advertisers, decides which ads will appear, and monitors all traffic as well as responses to ads. YouTube then pays you accordingly for your participation in the affiliate program. Youtube authors do not need to search, attract, or manage advertisers. This becomes an automated process.

The first thing to do is to create your channel on YouTube and design it correctly. Then, an entrepreneur needs to constantly replenish it with fresh videos. But this is where you will take them, this is everyone's business. Of course, you can find the video on the network or you can create it yourself.

Attracting Traffic from YouTube — how to Increase Traffic

When uploading videos, one needs to create a literate description for it. Besides, to the correct announcement in the video, an entrepreneur may enter a link to the website or blog promoted. This is necessary so that any person who has watched the video could follow the link to the specified Internet resource. After this step, it is beneficial to put a watermark on the video that will point to the same website, there is a chance that someone will be interested in it and will type the address of the site in the browser command line.

To successfully redirect online traffic with the help of YouTube, an entrepreneur needs to name each video appropriately. By naming the video with a frequently-searched word combination the potential view rate can be significantly increased. If you manage to get to the top of YouTube on high-frequency requests thanks to a competent name, then you will every day get more views, so you will get more visits to the site.

The content should be not only of high quality but also clear and interesting to the target audience it should be frequently searched and desired by YouTube viewers.

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Benefits of the YouTube Affiliate Program

YouTube affiliate program helps to:

  • Expand earning potential — YouTube is the largest online video community in the world, enabling its customers to reach a global audience with monetized content.
  • Gain flexibility with a non-exclusive agreement — YouTube does not restrict locations where partners can upload and distribute their content so that they could monetize that content on YouTube and other platforms.
  • Keep track and manage effectiveness — use YouTube Analytics to get reports that help to track YouTube's performance and revenues, and get information that helps to improve performance.

        As an example of successful traffic attraction using YouTube, beginner entrepreneurs should take a look at the case of the channel of Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). He often uses his videos to attract traffic to other websites. He used to place Amazon affiliate links.

It makes a great sense to launch a YouTube channel and start an affiliate program when you need to attract additional traffic to your website or to other websites whose owners can pay for your advertising services well.

E-mail Campaigns

Earning on affiliate programs with the help of email marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn money in the 21st century.

Working with an already-existing customer base via e-mail marketing one can greatly increase online earnings. Mailing provides an opportunity to earn the maximum amount of money per user. All major online stores regularly send e-mails to their user bases and offer them current promotions and offer designed specifically for them.

How to Get a Subscriber Who will Trust you

Mass mailing campaigns should contain only positive information. Try to use the information that would surely interest your target audience so that to earn their trust. The main specifics is that the first purchase is the hardest to decide on. Customers need time to familiarize themselves with the product you offer. Therefore, avoid sending your users dozens of emails about everything possible. Do not focus on the number of advertising letters sent to the user, but on the quality of content and information relevance. Offer the user something that will interest or benefit him/her.

Mailing should be full of cognitive content but still small in size. Do not use a variety of pictures and too different text formatting. The more different elements are present in the mailing list, the more difficult it will be for the user to focus on the essence of the mailing, which may simply get lost in the visual effects.

Some Tips for E-mail Campaigns Effectiveness

  • Try to personalize your email. If you know your user's name, write his or her name in the subject. this way, the possibility that the user will open and read your email is increased by several times.
  • Make sure to let your users unsubscribe from your mailing list, so you avoid conflicts. For mailing campaigns, it is recommended to use the size of the banner no more than 700 by 500 pixels. The user should be able to see the full information on the first screen (if to fully read the Newsletter the user has to scroll the mouse wheel down and down the page  — such a mailing campaign is likely to fail).

Affiliate marketing is the first and most effective approach to monetize the database of subscribers in 2020. Affiliate marketing links in the email recommend to the reader some service that will share with you the income from the sale of the service or goods if the person involved will make a purchase.

You can send readers both directly to the affiliate site and to your project, where affiliate tools are already built in. For example, let’s suppose that you have published on your website a detailed article on choosing insurance for travel abroad, where you have placed the tools of one of the partners in travel insurance. Then you announce this material in your email database, additionally indicating in the letter that you always choose insurance, for example, through the American Insurance Services, and leave a partner link. To make the affiliate link, register in the Travelpayouts system.

As a result, you get links to useful material on your website, which has affiliate tools, as well as direct links to buy insurance.

An important fact to pay attention to: not all affiliate programs allow sending traffic directly from emails. Be sure to check the permitted types of traffic and, if necessary, coordinate the traffic with your email campaign.

The entrepreneur can add multiple affiliate links to the mailing campaign to make the offer suitable for more readers. For example, for Asia travelers recommend buying insurance through one service, while for the U.S. travelers recommend using other services.

An example of the brilliant implementation of email marketing campaigns for better traffic is the case with Dropbox company. The company sent clients re-engagement emails to their customers offering more cloud space for data storage to those who stopped using Dropbox services for a while. That campaign managed to bring a significant number of customers back to the regular audience. Besides, Dropbox offered a generous friend-invitation program that offers each customer some additional virtual cloud space for every friend who was brought in the community of Dropbox.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile CPA networks are designed to convert traffic and generate leads from mobile devices. They allow webmasters to make money on Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) traffic: users migrate to sites from smartphones or tablets. There are a lot of such affiliate programs for earning, especially those that allow entrepreneurs to earn on mobile games, applications, subscriptions on the CPA principle.

In this way, the desired traffic is brought by applications, games, services, browsers, antivirus programs for IOS, and Android platforms. As a rule, any traffic is accepted. Furthermore, the desired traffic can be achieved even when not having a suitable website, and using alternative channels for leads generating. These may be social and advertising networks, which allow having stable and high-quality mobile traffic.

For each user who downloaded the application, installed the game on the mobile phone, the entrepreneur marketer receives a certain reward, which depends on terms of the offer and the selected partner. Therefore, it is reasonable to compare the amount and regularity of payments when choosing a Buyer. For motivated providers, the payment for the installation is several times lower.


For more effective monetization of sites, it is recommended to attract traffic using mobile affiliate programs. Mobile CPA partners are the best way to make money on your traffic. The mobile audience requires a special format of advertising, it is mobile partners that are most focused on users of tablets and smartphones.

With 700 000 people using Facebook from their phones, one million likes generated, 50 000 shares per minute daily, and 79% of pure revenues from Facebook advertising the mobile advertising affiliate marketing traffic can easily take the top place in the list of the most desirable traffic sources. No business nowadays can do without a smart and accurately-built Facebook business profile.

Branded Traffic        

Brand search queries lead the user to your site. Increasing the amount of brand traffic to the site helps attract a valuable audience and makes it more resistant to changes in search engine algorithms.

Brand traffic is a transition in search queries, which includes mentioning a specific company as part of a key phrase (query + company name). Even in the era of digital technology domination, branding continues to play an important role. Moreover, given the changes in search algorithms, the value of working in this direction will grow in the nearest future.

The website of any well-known company almost certainly receives most of the transitions on branded queries. Although the focus on integrated traffic growth on general business requests plays an important role in the SEO strategy, the potential of branded traffic should not be underestimated. By integrating a vector to increase its share in an Internet promotion strategy, businesses can gain many important benefits.

Why Brand Traffic is Important and What Are Benefits for Business

Whether an entrepreneur owns a commercial or content project, the growing share of brand search queries provides several important bonuses. Here are the main advantages:

  • Higher position and higher CTR  — if the site had at least minimal SEO optimization work, it will always be at the top of the requests that include its name. If not in the first place, then at least in the top three. The CTR of such a website is also higher, compared to conventional search queries. And since CTR is highly dependent on the position in the output results, the return in terms of traffic is very good.
  • Higher conversion rate — on request buy Air Jordan Sneakers the competition will be much lower than just on request buy Sneakers. It is logical as users are looking for a specific brand, which they are already familiar with to some extent.

This fact also increases conversion rates. Such clients are already inclined to a positive decision and are very likely to order a service or make a purchase. It is not for nothing that large online stores focus on brand promotion.

  • The increase in the share of direct redirtections — some users are used to entering the name of the desired site/company in the search engine, but some immediately enter the actual URL in the address bar of the browser. And if the brand is well-promoted, this channel in terms of volume may take second place after the organic traffic.


With Linkedin, entrepreneurs can create campaign business pages. The only nuance is that the social network thoroughly checks all pages created, so make an appointment with your advertiser in advance.

A person creates a campaign page for some business. Then it is important to promote the page and regularly fill it with content. Practice shows that the best time to publish on Linkedin is from Tuesday to Thursday at 10-11 am. One can build content and break it into 4 parts (for example, “4 Ways to Overcome the Language Barrier”. Put 1 article on a general topic (in this case, it may be a story about the teaching methods that are used in the school you promote) and 1 video to attract users (if you have the time and energy to create a small video presentation). Every time you publish, users will be notified, so your content on Linkedin will meet its target audience. Linkedin can run paid advertising so it won’t take long to gain a proper audience.

The entrepreneur can choose the option of Redirect users to the content page. Linkedin allows exporting contacts, which gives access to the email address database. The lists of businesses and companies allow finding their employees who might be interested in some content you might share on LinkedIn. After finding the target audience using LinkedIn and sending invitations to watch the materials you can generate and redirect the desired affiliate marketing traffic to your business partners.  


Qualitative traffic can be generated from anything interesting to the target audience and redirected where an entrepreneur wants. All the paid sources that were named can provide the proper conversion and fulfill the requirements of affiliate marketing strategies. Some of them offer different prices for that traffic and some of them are more complicated to use. Still, these 10 mentioned paid sources with high conversion offer quite easy and lucrative traffic that can be used for affiliate marketing goals.

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