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Where to Buy Facebook Ad Coupons in 2022

If you haven’t heard about Facebook Ad coupons yet, do not worry — you still have a chance to learn what these coupons are and grab several to facilitate your ad campaigns on Facebook. Recently, marketers were hunting Facebook coupons and you might notice the hype around Facebook ad credits. Indeed, this new form of payment for Facebook ads seems a cool thing that lightens a bit of the financial burden related to paid ad campaigns.

As a marketer, you want to promote products at a site where your ads will be visible to potential customers. With its huge audience (just think: 2.75 billion users) and advanced targeting for advertising campaigns, Facebook is one of the leading ad platforms. Just think, an average user spends around one hour on Facebook every single day. Definitely, businesses don’t want to miss a chance and strive to show off their products on Facebook. And the platform decided to reward and support advertisers by issuing ad coupons.

Facebook Ad Coupon: What It Is and How to Use

Facebook Ad Coupon is actually a code that can be used for payment for advertising on Facebook. If you use Facebook Ads for marketing various products and services, definitely, you might consider Facebook coupons as a payment option.

Naturally, when you use the platform to advertise your products, you have to pay. Fair and square, particularly if to keep in mind the extensive targeting that Facebook offers. But with ad coupons, you get a chance to use the advanced Facebook ad mechanism almost for free. Because when you use ad coupons for ad credit, actually, Facebook covers your ad costs.

Now, the process is pretty simple:

  1. You get a Facebook coupon (we will discuss how and where to get coupons below).
  2. Then, you activate your Facebook coupon code on the Facebook Ads platform.
  3. The amount specified in your coupon turns into advertising credit that you can use to pay for your advertising campaigns.

How to Redeem a Facebook Ad Coupon

Before we will discuss where you can get coupons, let’s see how to redeem them to pay for Facebook ads. First of all, you need to know that ad credit from your coupon code will be valid for 30 days only. Thus, you will need to create a new ad. To check when your ad credit expires, go to Payment Settings to see how much you still have and when it will expire.

Important: Before you begin, you have to select a payment method anyway. If you run out of ad credit, Facebook will charge you for still running ads based on the chosen method.

So, you have a coupon and need to redeem it. The process is as follows:

  • You click on the offer you’ve received.
  • Next, you fill in all the details for your new ad.
  • Finally, you click to confirm your purchase.

That’s it. In any case, your ad credit will be charged before the indicated payment method for all ad costs related to your ad account, including all running ads (besides the new ad created to redeem the ad credit). Note that the ad credit cannot be used to cover advertising costs for your previous ad campaigns.

However, you can “assign the ad credit to one or multiple advertising campaigns.” In this case, the credit will be used only for the selected campaigns, and all other ads will be charged from your primary payment method.

Facebook added the possibility to switch the assigned campaigns. To do so, go to the Account Ad Credits section, then — to the Assigned to Campaigns subsection. Select ‘More Options’ ­➡ ‘Edit Campaign’. Then, save changes.

Where to Get Facebook Ad Coupons

The platform offers ad credits as an option for payment for ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. According to the recent statement, "you can't purchase or request ad credits directly from Facebook", but you can get it through:

  • In-product promotions that take place from time to time;
  • Other websites and businesses that partnered with Facebook.

Sometimes Facebook gives away free ad coupons to some businesses as a special promotion. Some companies do not need coupons, so they sell them at lower prices than the amount specified on coupons. That is why you can find sites selling a $50 Facebook ad coupon for $20 or $10.

One of the ways to get a free Facebook ad coupon is by signing up on one of the online e-commerce or retail websites that have partnered with Facebook. Many of them offer online advertising instruments and solutions. Some software vendors have affiliate programs and provide $50 Facebook ad coupons for every referral. You can apply to become a reseller and get your free ad credit.

Yet, another option is to participate in some projects that Facebook runs to improve the quality of service. When the platform offers to participate in polls, do not discard them at once because the marketing team might reward you with free Facebook ad coupons.

One of the proven ways to get a free coupon is to refresh your Facebook Business Page: make new posts, reply to comments, make live videos, etc. Finally, the platform can reward you with a free coupon.

There are several ways you can get a Facebook ad coupon, but they are not easy to come across. However, for individual marketers and small businesses coupons might significantly reduce advertising costs. Let’s organize all potential coupon sources into several categories.

  • Promotions. From time to time Facebook holds various promotions and you can grab a chance to get your free ad coupon if you have a Facebook Ad account. You can find a coupon displayed directly within your Ads Manager Dashboard or sent to your email linked to the Ads account.
  • Facebook Live Events. Yes, it happens. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that for every live event Facebook will distribute a specific number of free ad coupons, but still, there is a chance to grab a coupon. In fact, Facebook hosts multiple events all over the world, and attendees are often granted free ad coupons of various values.
  • Partner Websites. As mentioned above, Facebook provides its partners with some ad coupons, which are usually distributed between new sign-ups or through seasonal promotions. The social media platform has official partners that provide free Facebook ad credits to their customers. Among Facebook partners that give away free ad coupons, there are some well-known and recognizable names, including Shopify, Hootsuite, MailChimp, GoDaddy, WooCommerce, and Shutterstock. For instance, Wix gave away free $50 Facebook ad coupons to customers who subscribed to the company's premium plans.
  • Referrals. You can get an advertising credit by referring other businesses to advertise on the platform. Make sure you have the Facebook Ads Manager account to invite other businesses to run ads on the platform. Facebook offered a $10 ad coupon for referring a new advertiser to the platform.
  • Email. The Facebook for Business site announced that you can get ad coupons through
  • Surveys. The platform is thankful to those marketers who help them improve their services via joining surveys and polls. After you complete a survey, Facebook can provide you with a free coupon to cover some ad costs.
  • Other methods. Obviously, marketers discuss the topic on various industry-specialized forums. Some webmasters insist that spending money on Facebook ads regularly might be awarded an ad credit. Others comment that if you create a new ad account and do not use it at once, Facebook might support you by sending an ad credit. There is also an opinion that there is a chance to grab an ad coupon by following the Facebook Marketing page where ad coupons can be advertised.  

As for the value of available ad credits, you might find $10, $30, $50, $125, and $200 coupons. In fact, a $50 ad credit is seen more often; however, many marketers noted that for referring business to the Facebook Ads platform they received a $10 ad credit.

Well, you can also buy Facebook ad coupons from third parties, such as businesses or individual marketers who received free coupons but do not plan to use them. Most of them offer ad coupons at discounted rates: a $50 Facebook ad coupon you can get at $30, $20, or even $9.99. But before making deals with any third-party platforms, read reviews thoroughly.

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Warning: In your searches for Facebook ad coupons you have to beware of scams that offer coupons for sale. With so much hype around Facebook ad coupons, scammers and impostors activated offering fake codes for Facebook coupons. Hence, if the source seems dubious, do not transfer money as you won’t get anything in return and a scammer will just disappear. Given that Facebook coupons are scarce, unwary new marketers are often tricked by offers coming from frauds.

It can also happen that your coupon doesn’t work. If you cannot redeem your Facebook coupon, it can be:

  • Fraud (you got it from a scammer)
  • Expired coupon or invalid coupon
  • Valid only for advertisers with new accounts

For any issues with Facebook ad coupons, contact customer support for Facebook Business.

If you are still at the very beginning of your Facebook Ads journey and you don’t want to spend more than the ad credit value, you can set up an ad spending limit. However, for some GEOs, including the US, there is the minimum daily budget for running advertising campaigns — $5 per day.


Now that you know what Facebook ad coupons are and where to look for them, you will keep an eye on various events held by Facebook and the platform’s partners. While coupons aren’t easy to find, you have a chance to cover your advertising costs with ad credits provided by the platform itself. Give a try to the referral program, visit Facebook partner websites, and follow updates on Facebook promotions, live events, and conferences.

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