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$2 500/Day on TikTok's Dating Vertical: the Topical Method To Get Free Traffic

The webmaster under the nickname 4040 in the private Telegram channel of the MonteTraf affiliate program told about his method of getting relatively free traffic using TikTok.

This is a screenshot of a webmaster with a $2 411 income from the dating vertical in one day:

Clicks | Approved leads | CR | Approved payment

Let’s take a look at how the author of the case recommends working with this popular traffic source. The whole story will continue on behalf of the author of the case.

About Smartphones and Consumables

To create a TikTok account, you need an Android phone. I recommend buying Samsung devices. It is not necessary to buy a new smartphone, a used one with a working screen and an Internet connection will be fine for TikTok. I use Galaxy a5, Galaxy s6 edge, and Galaxy s7 edge, purchased for 2 000-4 000 rubles ($30-$60).

Smartphones were flawed: broken screens, scratched cases, some did not connect to the network via a SIM card. However, the models had the features suitable for TikTok: smartphones did not hang and quickly started applications.

I purchased domains on the sites and It's better not to use anything special in domain names. The main thing is to write the username after the slash, for example,

To change the location, a variety of proxies were tested: from ipv4 to mobile ones. A VPN server, in my opinion, is the best solution for Tiktok.

I make content unique using Movavi Video Editor 21 and Video Spin Blaster. You will also need a Telegram bot to download watermark-free videos from TikTok, @ttsavebot or @tiktokLoadingbot are among the options.

Registering Your First Account

After a system reboot, you need to pull down the Notification Bar and turn off everything that did not turn off during setup. Then you need to switch to flight mode and connect to Wi-Fi. You will need to install the Apkpure application and download VPN, Telegram and TikTok from it. Temp-Mail is suitable for creating mail, you will only need to register and connect to VPN and Telegram.

A detailed algorithm for creating and warming up a TikTok account:

  1. Reset your phone to factory settings;
  2. Set up the time, location, and language on your smartphone corresponding to the country with which you intend to work;
  3. Set up Apkpure, Telegram, TikTok apps;
  4. Install Temp-Mail;
  5. Sign up for a TikTok account;
  6. Warm up your account by watching videos and giving likes for about 15 minutes;
  7. Set profile avatar;
  8. Upload up to six videos with a pause of 5 minutes;
  9. Switch to a business account in your TikTok profile settings;
  10. Fill in information about yourself in the profile and put a link to an affiliate program or another social network for a traffic flow;
  11. Check if the link is visible in the TikTok profile.

The Trickiest Part: the VPN Server

Your task is during the signing up of a TikTok account, get to the input of a nickname and not fall for an error or a confirmation code. TikTok accepts the code and skips to the nickname entering only in exceptional cases.

For example, you chose the first USA server you see in the VPN client, opened TikTok, proceeded to register, and entered your email and password. And here it all depends on luck: you will get to the confirmation code, or the social network will let you go further.

Did it let you enter a nickname? Congratulations. The server is good, and you can use it every time you sign up for a TikTok account.

If you failed to create an account, then close TikTok, clear the data and cache in the phone settings, change the server and try again. You will have to repeat several times until the precious server is found, which will skip without errors to enter a nickname.

When registering, you need to use Temp-Mail — indicate age 20-23 years old, and take a female name and surname as a nickname for the account. After registration, be sure to write down and remember the username and password from the account — you will need them in the future.

Video Uniqueization

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For the TikTok feed to show only adult-themed videos, that is, beautiful girls in my case, you need to watch the video of the content of interest to the end and like it. After 30-40 minutes, the feed will consist only of the videos you are interested in.

The videos that you liked and are suitable for work should be sent through the “share” button to the Telegram bot. Thus, you can always replenish the collection of videos for further use in your work.

Five videos are enough for one account. After you downloaded them, you need to uniqueize videos. To do so, I correct them in Movavi.

I turn the video and cut the edges:

You can use effects and filters, change the video speed by a few percent:

The video should not differ much from the original. Approximately 5-10% on effects changes will be enough.

After saving the video, you need to run it through the Video Spin Blaster. I use this program to make sure my creatives are unique:

To make the video unique, you can use the green screen video effect.

With this effect, you don’t need other programs to make video unique, because the function is available in the social network application itself. TikTok sees a video as unique when the green screen video effect is applied.

However, when using the green screen, I fail to achieve a large number of views — 30 000 at maximum. And yet the effect is viable: users gain millions of views by making videos unique with it.

Video Concept

It is not enough to duplicate a few videos to increase views. The user should be as interested as possible in your videos. I advise you to use in creating a video the following:

  • riddle;
  • unfinished state;
  • a call to visit the profile to see the link in the header of the account;
  • video length should not exceed 10 seconds, and preferably be 6-9 seconds.

I advise you to rename your sound to "nudes in profile, naked videos in profile/bio" and in a similar fashion. But, you have to be careful with this. You need to write nudes and naked using Cyrillic letters or with numbers, and signs, so as not to be blacklisted by TikTok.

To rename a sound, don't add music when uploading a video. After publishing, just click on the sound under the video and rename it.

I advise you to put the call at the end of the video for a couple of seconds, you can also turn on Text-to-Speech. Most of all, I like to bite and annoy people on messages, and users need to subscribe to me to send me a message. Accordingly, the number of subscriptions and views is growing.

Tips for Downloading Videos

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Music should fit the context of the video, and it is not a must to take the most popular one. It is up to you to use hashtags or not. I did not notice a significant difference if they were present or not. I do not put a description and a preview for the video, because there is a call in the video.

After downloading the first video, I recommend uploading the rest with a minimum interval of at least five minutes and no more than six videos.

After downloading all the videos, you need to put a link. You can do this by switching to a business account in the application settings.

You write some creative stuff in the description of the account, place a down arrow and a link under it — the account is ready.

The link may not always be visible. To make sure it is available, go to the created account from your personal phone. If there is no link, then switch the account type to a personal account, then back to a business account, and put a link.

What to Do if You Got Banned

TikTok accounts are constantly banned. There are several types of ban.

A shadowban can be both on an account and a specific video. If the account was shadowbanned, then all the videos will remain unviewed. And the only way here is to create a new account.

Also, one or more videos can get shadowbanned. Let's say you uploaded five videos and two hours later three of them got a few views, and the rest a few hundred. So, three videos got the shadowban. Most often this is due either to the content of the video or to uniquelization.

Most often, you can get the usual video ban for the reason "the image of the actions of a sexual nature and the nudity of adults." In this case, it’s too early to get upset: you can appeal. Often the video is restored if no violations are found.

If the videos start to gain 10 000 views and the account is suddenly banned, then you need to log into your account after resetting your phone or clean the data and cache of the TikTok application. Then you should file an appeal with something like this: "I ask you to unblock my account so there is exclusively entertainment content. I tried very hard and got subscribers!" and write any email.

Thanks to the account unlocking after the ban, I managed to earn $2 500 per day from one TikTok account. My student's account was blocked four times. As a result, the account collected 11 million views and brought in about $2 000 in a week.

From my own experience, I will say that after unlocking, the account views skyrocket. I recommend monitoring your account after filing an appeal, as the link may fail and you need to put it again.

You can also get banned for editing your profile. The account is then blocked for a day and the link is removed. You should only wait and then return to the battle with social network algorithms.

Statistics of my two students:

Day | Clicks (All/Unique/Mismatched) Approved (Amount, CR, Payout) | Calculaions (EPC, EPA)


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Even taking into account the fact that the case was written in December 2021, methods to drain traffic, handle accounts, and make creatives unique remain relevant at present. It is unlikely that you will get something good if you mindlessly repeat everything after the author of the case. However, if you change the approach and apply your knowledge, it will not take long to see the result.

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