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Making $398 in 24 Hours with YouTube Traffic Without Making Video

In terms of the volume of searches, YouTube is the second biggest platform after Google, and this justifies the reason why some affiliate marketers use YouTube to direct traffic to their affiliate links by posting video content. Unfortunately, there are so many downsides to this strategy, one of which is the stress of growing a YouTube channel, but thanks to the YouTube shorts these days. However, what if you don't know how to make or edit videos? 

Of course, you can still use YouTube to Promote your affiliate links if you do not know how to make or edit videos of your own, and in this post, we are exploring one of the ways. Erik promoted his affiliate link which earned him $398.40 in one day by scheduling a YouTube live stream, but he did not make any video for the event.

Erik Cagi is an online entrepreneur and an affiliate marketer who has developed several strategies for making money with affiliate marketing on various platforms. He has a YouTube Channel where he shares some of his strategies and other ways of making money online.


The above screenshot shows his one-day sales which are a total of $398.40, and we are going to learn his step-by-step method of promoting his affiliate products.

Step One: Getting the Product on Clickbank

He prefers using the Clickbank affiliate network. Therefore, go to, the most popular marketplace for affiliate offers, and pick a product to promote. 

After logging in, go to the Marketplace and look for "keto Creator". Erik chose a product in the health and fitness niche because it is one of the best niches in which to still make money. Unlike many affiliate marketers who promote high gravity score products, Erik believes that taking this approach will result in the market being oversaturated with the product which can be extremely competitive. As a result, his chosen product has a low gravity (meaning there are not too many people promoting this product) with a gravity score of 6.98.

According to Erik,

"If you are going to jump on this offer right now, then, you are most likely going to be making a lot of money because there isn't any competition for this affiliate offer."

Another reason this is a very good product is that its landing page is extremely well designed, and because few people are currently promoting it, this affiliate offer has little or no competition. Create a hoplink and copy your affiliate link for your affiliate page. You should select the preview default option for recurring commissions rather than the one-time commission, as shown in the screenshot below. You will earn 75% on your first sale and 50% on subsequent sales.

We will then shorten this link using Cutly or any other shortening URL shortener. Copy your shortened link and save it somewhere (preferably using a notepad) you can easily copy it when you need it. 

Step Two: Using the Affiliate Offer Resources

The next thing is to prepare resources for promoting our affiliate page, and the easiest way is to use the resources attached to this product on Clickbank.

Go to the keyword tab to find keywords for promoting your products. You can either use paid or organic keywords, but for this case study, we are focusing on how to use organic keywords to get free traffic and thus reduce our expenses.

Click on the organic keywords and you will be taken to a page with the organic keywords. All these keywords are what you can use to get free targeted traffic.

Let us look at how to apply this strategy to the first keyword, though the strategy can be applied to all of the keywords in the sheet. Copy and paste the first keyword, "cauliflower mac and cheese keto" into Google to search for "cauliflower mac and cheese keto recipe".  All we want here is to find the best recipe for creating good content for our recipe. Also, we are going to need an image for our recipe to make it look colorful.

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Step Three: Using Canva to Make a YouTube Thumbnail for Your Affiliate Offer

Download an image of keto mac and cheese-friendly recipes via Google search on the computer and use Canva tools to edit it. Since this design is for YouTube, we are going to use the YouTube thumbnail resolution on Canva. In Erik's words:

"If you observe the images, the reason we are searching for the YouTube thumbnail is that it is going to provide us with a couple of thumbnails that are compatible with YouTube that we can use as templates so we do not have to design them from scratch."

From the screenshot below of a recipe, there is an arrow directing the visitors' attention to where to take action. The visitors will get access to the full recipe after clicking on the "call to action" button. We should embed our affiliate link in this YouTube thumbnail template later, but for now, we need to write a summary of what the video is about in the space for the video description (the recipe).  But in reality, we are not going to create any video. 

Scheduling Live Streams on YouTube Without Making Videos

Go to, and then go over to create. 

In this section, you will schedule a live-stream video that we are not going to make. What we want to do is to trick the YouTube algorithm like we have a live video we want to schedule. Click on "Go live" as shown in the screenshot above, and it will present you with two options: right now or later. Select a later date and then press the start button. Then you simply activate the built-in webcam.

For the title, put in the keyword that we have copied "Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Keto Recipe", and you should also add "Keto Weight Loss 2022". 

You must include "Discover How To Lose Up to 30lbs Of Fat Using Keto Diet Free Keto Quiz" in the video description, followed by your Affiliate Link. You must now return to the recipe page where we obtained the keto cauliflower recipe and simply copy and paste the entire recipe from there.

The next step is to navigate to the affiliate offer website, not the landing page, and copy the site's description to paste into the YouTube video description. Also, make sure to repeat the call to action intermittently between paragraphs to make it easier to see.

Click on upload a thumbnail and this is where you are going to add the thumbnail that we created in canvas.

Step Four: Generating Tags For Your YouTube Video

For the tags, go to Rapidtags, which is the tool that Erik always uses for his YouTube video tags, and then click on the free tools. Copy and paste the Google keywords at the beginning of this article.

Copy the tags that have already been generated, and then simply paste them. According to Erik,

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"Copy these keywords, don't even think about them because they are the best performing on YouTube right now. That's how the tool works, I can't believe it's still free, that's what I use all the time."

You can also disable live chats and participant modes if you want to, but make sure you set the Livestream to the public so that anyone can watch.

In any case, you should choose a date that is at least a few days in advance before you go live since you are not required to go live immediately. The live stream option you have chosen is simply serving as a placeholder on YouTube. For instance, if today is September 20th, you might want to schedule it for September 26th. 

People who read the description will see the Affiliate link title — "Discover How To Lose Up To 30 Pounds Of Fat" as well as the entire recipe.

Interestingly, you can use this traffic loophole hack for any type of keyword and all of the keywords in the sheet, such as custom keto diet, buffalo cauliflower, keto hot dogs, keto grilled cheese, and all of the other keywords.

Step Five: Indexing URLs Into an Indexing Site for Backlinks

Let's look at how you can get more people to watch this upcoming live stream broadcast. Relying solely on YouTube indexing may take a long time, and keep in mind that the schedule is for a very short time, but with this hack, we will be able to index it faster.

As previously stated, this live stream broadcast is only a placeholder in YouTube search results, but it will rank for the next few days because there is an upcoming event. So people will click on it, but you can disable it and create a new Livestream later. What you want to do is copy the URL of this video live stream and paste it on the two websites so that search engines can index it.

The first indexing website is called IndexKings.

The second website is PinkFarm which you can use to receive a backlink. Click on "MASS PING!" and it will send you one backlink. There were many websites like this in the past but these two are the most relevant right now, and they perform flawlessly. 

As you can see from this strategy, you don't have to spend any money because you can get recipe for any dish free on Google, and you don't have to pay to get the thumbnail design because Canva makes it available for free. Finally, the live stream broadcast placeholder is free to use, and you do it all without creating any video. 

Erik said:

"You don't have to even go live using this live stream. It's just a placeholder in the YouTube search results because this live stream is going to be ranking pretty well for the next few days since it's an upcoming event. People are going to be clicking on it, but later, you will just disable it and just create a new live stream."

Income Analysis

  • Revenue: $398.40
  • Cost of Making Thumbnail on Canvas: $0
  • Cost of Registering for LiveStream: $0
  • Money spent on ads: $0
  • Total income: $398.40


We've looked at how you can use a traffic loophole on YouTube to promote your affiliate link by creating live-stream events without making any videos.

Erik chose a product called "Keto Creator" in the health and fitness niche on Clickbank to demonstrate this trick. He then used Canvas to create a YouTube thumbnail for the product before scheduling a live stream on YouTube. You won't be making any videos with this method because the thumbnail is a placeholder on YouTube pending the time you set aside for the live stream to start. You can promote the event on Pinkfarm or Indexkings before it goes live by indexing the YouTube Livestream URL on these two sites. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can use with this method, and the more you have, the more likely you will get more visitors to your affiliate page. 

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