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Earning over $3 600 Selling MAZES on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP

In this article, we will look at a case study of how to make over $3 600 selling mazes on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Alen Sehovic and Greg Kononenko, owners of smartmoneytactics, have been teaching how to use "organic" optimization strategies to push content to the top of YouTube search results. They also teach various strategies for making money online.

According to Alen, the maze below took him a few minutes to create and it can generate a good revenue every week. 

Take a look at the screenshot below, the maze has a review of 2 400 at $10.70 per copy and might have probably generated around $26 000 revenue.

Also, the one below with 2 314 reviews at $15.95 per copy might have generated around $36 000 revenue. 

How to Create Mazes 


Hand Drawn Mazes combines the talents of a high-quality software development team with the exquisite artwork of its creative team. Hand Drawn Mazes software gives you access to 150 premium hand-drawn maze elements that you can customize based on the needs of your book.
When you use the Hand Drawn Mazes app to create content for your maze or activity books, the result will appear to be the work of a high-end creative studio rather than an individual publisher. It's like having your technology and creative team that produces high-quality maze book content at scale and with the precision of a proper production system for you.

Amazon KDP Competition Is Becoming Increasingly Fierce Daily

Gone are the days when you could throw together a book, upload it to KDP, and watch the money roll in. Nowadays, you must contend with competition, particularly Amazon, which is always on the lookout for serious publishers who can provide an exceptional shopping experience to their millions of users. It is more important than ever to create very high-quality books to stay ahead of the competition, provide an experience to buyers, and entice them to return for more of your products.

Benefits of Using Hand Drawn Mazes

All the hard work is done for you

  • Access to 150 premium hand-drawn maze templates
  • Create hand-drawn mazes fast, no more wasting time
  • Build your passive income empire
  • Don't need to be an artist to create premium quality hand-drawn maze books
  • No BIG Outsourcing budget required
  • A low one-time launch price gets you access to this premium software
  • No recurring costs ever! Once you get this today, it's yours to use.

3 Simple Steps to Create Premium Activity Books With Hand Drawn Mazes

The 3 steps you need to take to create professional activity books are: 

  1. Select a Hand-Drawn Maze Template. Login to your cloud-based account from anywhere in the world and in the canvas select a maze template that you want to work with.


  1. Upload Your Graphics and Create Your Story. Upload the graphics of your choice to the canvas and put in your creativity to create the perfect story for your maze.


  1. Download Your Maze. Download your brand spanking new maze story in the format of your choice.

150 Unique Hand Drawn Maze Templates Categorized Into 5 Different Types

Type 1 Maze: Each maze in this category has one entry point and one exit point, but there are multiple paths in between. This set will teach children how to succeed on any path they choose and will help them develop confidence. They will also learn patience while restricting the paths you do not want them to take. 

Type 2 Maze: This maze style is ideal for story creation. There is a single point of entry from which three different routes begin. However, each of the routes has three distinct endpoints. You can use one of the endpoints as the correct path and the other two as incorrect destinations.

Type 3  Maze: It is a one-of-a-kind collection with various entry and exit points. This maze style includes one-entry-one-exit, two-entry-two-exits, three-entry-three-exits, and four-entry-four-exits mazes.

Type 4 Maze: This maze style has a single entry, exit, and path to follow. It is, however, complex enough to teach younger children how to be patient and keep moving forward.

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Type 5 Maze: With this four-entry, four-exit maze, kids can learn while having fun. You can make two sets of related items and place one on each side of the maze. Then, for some serious engagement and learning fun, instruct the kids to connect the correct items.


The price is $67. 

Also, you can use Puzzles Generator to create your mazes. 

To begin using their platform, create an account with them, enter your email and password, and sign in. It will bring you to the screen shown below, and you should click "Hand Drawn Mazes" 

How to Create Your Inside Book

You should choose HDM and click "Access Now" to start creating the inside pages. 

Enter a name in the "Create Collection" box, and click create. 

It will take you to a new page where you will start creating your design. 

Feel free to choose different designs on the left side, and you can stroll down for more options. 

You can also add different kinds of coloring images and graphics to make the whole process exciting for users. 

You will need to select the book size. Choose an option from "Select Page Trim". Also, choose the page numbering format you desire, and we suggest you choose the following "Page Magin Format":  left 0.5, right 0.5, bottom 0.5, top 0.5 

Quick Book Creator

The is an easy option to quickly create the pages without going through the process above if you do not want to have customized designs inside (just only mazes). Click on "Quick Book Creator" and it will give you the option to select your pages from the available designs. 

Choose all the designs you want to include in your book. 

You should download your book, and we suggest you download it in PDF format. 

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Wait patiently as your document downloads onto your computer. 

How to Create Your Book Cover

It is time to create a beautiful book cover, and we advise you to use Canvas to create it.  Choose "Book Cover" from the available options. 

It will take you to a blank page where you can start designing. There are several designs to choose from, and you should stroll down to see them all. We recommend that you choose a design for children because you are designing for them.

You should also import a maze and include it in your book cover design. Then, as shown in the screenshot below, you can add the following text: "MAZES FOR KIDS"

Direct Publishing with Amazon KDP

You need to register with Amazon KDP, sign in, and upload your Mazes books. You can increase your earnings with Amazon KDP because you will earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and other countries. Enroll in KDP Select to increase your earnings from Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

With Amazon KDP, you will get to market quickly. Publishing takes less than 5 minutes, and your book will be available in Kindle stores around the world within 24-48 hours.
In addition, you will maintain ownership of your rights and set your list prices. You can make changes to your books whenever you want. You will publish in both digital and print formats, and KDP allows you to publish free Kindle eBooks and paperbacks.

Uploading on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Inside Pages — You will upload the inside pages of your mazes activity books created with Puzzles Generator under the "Manuscript" section below.
  • Book Cover — You will upload the book cover of your mazes activity books created with Canvas under the "Book Cover" section below.


Pick any mazes book you like on Amazon KDP and look under "Products related to this item" to see the prices of many other mazes books. Your mission is to obtain low and high prices before calculating the average price. In this case, we believe that $15 is a very reasonable price for our book. However, if you are just getting started, you might want to start with a low price of around $10.

How to Market Mazes Activity Books

There are two ways we recommend you should market your Mazes activities books. 

  1. Amazon KDP Organic Search Ranking — You will compete with other Amazon KDP sellers for first-page search results. Your goal is to rank in the top five positions on the first page to begin selling well. As a result, in the "Keyword" field, as shown below, you must select very good keywords. In this article, we will use the words "Maze," "Maze books," and "Make kids books" to promote this book.

Furthermore, you should fill in as many details about the book as possible.

  • Author — Enter your name. 
  • Contributors — Include the names of any other people you want to credit as co-authors here.
  • Description — In this field, you must provide a description of your book. 

To get an idea of what to write in the description field, look for related products like the one below and look at the part where the red arrow points. You should write something similar.

  1. Amazon KDP Ads — If you want Amazon KDP to advertise your books which we think is a very good strategy, you should participate in their ads program. We suggest you start with a budget of $15 daily, and gradually increase it as your sales. 

Estimated Revenue

The estimated royalty for our book is $2.27 per copy, according to the Amazon KDP Printing Cost and Royalty Calculator. For more information, please see the screenshot above.
We believe that if you market your books well, you can make a lot of money selling mazes activity books on Amazon KDP. We suggest that you have maze books for different types of people to increase revenue. You can find maze activity books for children, teenagers, and adults. Your success is determined by the level of competition for your chosen keywords; thus, you will need to tweak your keywords for an extended time until you achieve a minimum conversion rate of 3%. A daily budget of $15 should provide you with 1 000 daily impressions.

  • Minimum Daily Ads Impression — 2 000
  • Number of Visitors Converted — 60 (3 percent conversion rate)
  • Estimated Royalty — $2.27
  • Estimated Daily Revenue — $136.20
  • Estimated Monthly Revenue — $4 086
  • Estimated Daily Amazon KDP Ads Budget — $15 
  • Estimated Monthly Amazon KDP Ads Budget — $450 
  • Estimated Monthly Income — $ 3 636 

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Maze activity books are simple to create with Canvas and Puzzle Generators, and they can be sold on Amazon KDP for a reasonable price, giving us a $2.27 royalty per book. If we can keep the cost of advertising to $450 per month and sell 60 books per day, we will be able to earn more than $3 600 per month.

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