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Earning More than $30 000 per Month by Posting Massage Videos on Youtube and Patreon

Who would have imagined that videos in the captivating styles of "ASMR" and "POV" would skyrocket in popularity in such a short period of time? It's all due to people's insatiable curiosity: for a truly immersive experience, viewers search for themed "POV" videos, and to indulge in unique and intriguing sounds, they seek out subjects tagged with "ASMR."

One fascinating example of the "POV" style is test drives or "motor rides," which give viewers a first-person perspective of the driver's surroundings. Similarly, "ASMR" videos aim to showcase the fascinating sounds of various objects that engage and captivate audiences. Despite their unusual nature, "ASMR" videos have become extremely popular on YouTube. We would like to introduce you to one particular channel, featuring a talented massage therapist who performs massages with complete audio accompaniment, all without uttering a word.

Every video on this channel garners a huge amount of views. The scene features two women, one performing the massage and the other listening to the sounds of the masseuse's hands at work. Technically speaking, everything is executed with simplicity and elegance: a massage table, a tasteful wall background, a statically positioned camera, and two microphones that capture the sound of the masseuse's hand movements, attached to her wrist.

We believe that the majority of the male audience will find this video particularly enthralling, and while opinions vary on the exact size of the audience, it's safe to say that it will predominantly be male. The time has come to move from theory to practice.

We bring to your attention a highly intriguing YouTube channel known as "ASMR MASSAGE COMPILATION," a compilation of massage videos in the captivating "ASMR" format.

As you may have noticed, the channel currently boasts over 103 000 subscribers and continues to grow. In the lower right corner, we find a variety of links included in the channel header for our convenience. The first link directs us to the Patreon donation platform, the second to the channel author's personal website, and additional links to their social media presence on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. We will delve deeper into these links later, but for now, we suggest taking a moment to explore the "About the Channel" section to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the author's work.

The channel was opened in 2013 but the owners of the channel say that they started creating and uploading "ASMR" videos in March 2020. With its base of operations located in Eastern Europe, the star of the show is the talented masseuse Anna, who has performed the majority of the massages featured on the channel. As the team proudly states, their primary platform for sharing their content is YouTube, and they also monetize their efforts on the Patreon platform. It's remarkable to consider that from March 2020 to November 2022, the channel has accrued nearly 18 million video views and 103 000 subscribers.

We can't help but wonder what's in store for the future. We propose delving further into the frequency of their publications and which top videos have garnered the most views for the channel.

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As I understand it, new videos are published about twice a week. So it's time to look at the top ones that generate views, subscribers, and potential profit.

As you can see, the top videos were published 5 months ago, but even during this time, the most popular one was able to collect more than 700 000 views. This indicates the interest and relevance of the content produced by the team of channel authors. 

So there are at least 3 people on the team: a masseuse, a person who receives the massage, and a camera operator, who might dabble as a video editor at the same time. Although there may be a lot more guys there, I still think they have optimized costs and are trying to do everything on their own as much as possible in order to earn more in the end. Okay, it's still too early to move on to the monetization review of this channel.

Content Monetization via Patreon

By following the link in the channel header, "NU Message Here," we will be taken to a page where we need to confirm that we are of adult age. From there, we will be directed to the Patreon platform page. This measure was put in place to ensure that only those 18 years of age and older have access to the content marked as "18+." We invite you to take a moment to explore the various subscription levels and the perks they offer.


The team offers 3 subscription packages for their viewers, each designed to provide an exceptional experience at a cost that is accessible to all. The "Bronze" package offers a range of benefits, including ad-free viewing, full access to all video content, and the ability to communicate with others for just $3.50 a month. The "Silver" package provides even more perks, including high-definition streaming, for just $6.50 a month.

For the ultimate viewing experience, we recommend the "Gold" package, which offers a range of advanced features and access to exclusive content for just $11 a month. This tariff is perfect for true connoisseurs of ASMR videos.

The team reports that approximately 50% of their subscribers choose the "Silver" plan, while 10-15% opt for the "Gold" plan. The rest choose the budget-friendly "Bronze" plan. They believe that this is because the "Silver" plan offers an unbeatable combination of affordability and value.

In a given month, the team earns approximately $39 537 from a total of 7 614 subscriptions.  The majority of this revenue comes from the "Silver" plan, followed by the "Gold" plan, and finally the "Bronze" plan.

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Their monetization plan is simple, they publish their videos on the YouTube platform because it allows them to reach a wider audience and redirect the viewers to their Patreon page, where they can enjoy even more content and benefits for a subscription.

Social Networks

As previously mentioned at the start of the article, the project boasts a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. We highly recommend taking a look at the TikTok account, which has garnered a following of over 132 000 subscribers.

Upon inspection, we noticed that the profile header on TikTok links to the Patreon platform, a trend that is similarly reflected on the project's other social networks. To avoid duplicating screenshots, we trust that you will take our word that every social network has a link to Patreon in its header.

This strategy aims to attract new users who will pay for monthly subscriptions, making it a lucrative monetization scheme. Whether monetization occurs on YouTube or not, the critical factor is that the videos drive traffic that can later be converted into subscriptions.

Monetization with Youtube Ads

The easiest way to find out information about any YouTube channel is to use the social blade service, which I actually did.

Discovering information about a YouTube channel is easy with the help of the Social Blade service, which we have utilized.

As you can see, the channel was established in 2013, however, according to the article, the team launched their project in the spring of 2020. Over the course of three years, they have published a total of 149 videos, earning a remarkable 17.8 million views and attracting 103 000 subscribers. The estimated monthly income for the channel ranges from $307 to $4 900 and, accordingly, the yearly income ranges from $3 700 to $59 000.

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Overall, the channel generates an average of $21 to $147 daily, all due to the natural organic traffic from YouTube. The monetization of this channel is likely used to pay for a team of tech-savvy individuals who create and publish the content on various platforms. The income primarily comes from Patreon and is estimated to range from $30 000 to $40 000 per month, or potentially even more. While you may draw your own conclusions, it's clear that this scheme is intriguing and quite lucrative.

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