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Using Ebooks to Promote Health and Fitness Products, and Start Earning $5 000 Per Week

In this article, we will show you how to easily promote health and fitness affiliate products and earn $5 000 per week. Dre, the owner of wisdomspeaks and an affiliate marketer, implemented this strategy.

He also operates a youtube channel where he teaches his audience different techniques in affiliate marketing. His Wisdom Speaks YouTube Channel is dedicated to assisting his audience's financial growth. His videos are about making money online and working from home so that you have more time and freedom to do what you want.

Choosing a Product 

To find a product to promote, Dre decided to use Clickbank as his market affiliate network. To find a good product, go to ClickBank's MarketPlace and look in the Health and Fitness Section. You must choose your niche carefully so that you do not fall into the same trap that many new affiliate marketers do all the time. You will not make money if you promote the wrong niche and product.

Drey said that "health and fitness is the most popular niche on ClickBank. It is the niche that makes most of the money on the platform. If you want to make a lot of money, I advise you to stay in this niche". Apart from the health and fitness niches, you can also promote finance and spirituality. 

CB Snooper

CB Snooper is used by thousands of affiliate marketers to quickly discover hot ClickBank products. The website displays product performance data in clear, easy-to-understand graphs, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether or not to promote the product. In addition, the website analyses each product's daily and weekly performance and tells you which are moving the fastest. That means they're gaining traction and selling more effectively. You can easily bookmark your favorites and create a portfolio of the products you are promoting using CB Snooker, so you can quickly tell if you want to promote them or drop them as well.


  • CB Snooper is updated daily by Clickbank itself.
  • New products are easily visible.
  • You can determine which products are worth promoting and which are not.

A screenshot of increasing ClickBank products is provided below.

And also below are falling ClickBank products. 

Because CB Snooper is a web app, there is no software to install. You can use CB Snooper right away without registering, but registering gives you access to additional features such as bookmarking products and a larger history. As of the time of writing this article, the platform is still free to use, so you can sign up for a free account right now. If you register now, you will never have to pay to use CB Snooper.

ClickBank Searching Tool

You can also find a good product on ClickBank by using its search tool. Click on the magnifying search tool and ClickBank will show you the top products currently selling on the platform. 

ClickBank's Gravity 

The ClickBank Gravity Score is a performance metric that is used to determine the sales momentum of offers on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace. The ClickBank Gravity Score calculates how many unique affiliates are making commissions on a specific offer over a 12-week rolling period, with a higher emphasis on more recent product sales.
This figure is significant for both sellers and affiliates, but in different ways:

  • For sellers, the ClickBank Gravity Score serves as social proof to attract quality affiliates — it demonstrates that your products can and have recently sold.
  • For affiliates, the ClickBank Gravity Score serves as a way to uncover promising offers that are actively making commissions for affiliates!

Knowing that both sides depend on gravity in guiding their business decisions, you can be sure that it’s an important factor. The higher the gravity score, the more popular they are, and the more likely you will make a higher profit with the profit. 

According to Dre

"Don't choose a product that is right at the top because it is one of the most popular products and most marketers are probably spending a lot of money on ads, and using so many methods to promote this product online. The probability is high that it is flooding on the market." 

Your goal is to locate a popular product that is not at its peak. So, take a stroll down a bit and look for a good product. When you get to the health and fitness section, sort it by gravity. To give you an idea, gravity greater than 100 is still very good if found after strolling down a bit.

For the tutorial, Dre refused to release the product he is presently promoting, but he advised that the product BioFit with a gravity of 115.09 is very good and will yield very good profit. So, you can look for a similar product to promote and start earning big. 

Summary of BioFit

Case Study: the Rise and Fall of an Affiliate Marketing Campaign — from 100% to 9%
  • Niche: Health and Fitness
  • Category: Dietary Supplements 
  • Gravity: 115.09
  • Avg $ per conversion: $181.62
  • Recurring $ per rebill: $55.23

BioFit Affiliate Page

To get to the page, you should click on the affiliate link in ClickBank.

The additional information you will are: 

  • Commission: 75% plus 
  • CPA: $120 
  • EPC: $3 plus 

Check out all of the affiliate tools on the page, then go to the Free E-Books section because these are the free resources we will be using to promote our products. The goal here is to give something away for free. When marketing affiliate products, always try to provide value first before thinking about earning a commission. You can give away free ebooks, free consultations, or anything else you can think of to entice people to visit your affiliate page. People dislike it when you introduce payment at the outset, but when you take a different path and give something away for free, you distinguish yourself from your competitors.
According to Drey,

"We always want to give values first and get commissions later. So we are going to give away these books here for free. I always give free something free, especially when I am running out of certain products. I always give out free reading, free ebooks, free consultation, etc. Whatever I can give away for free to get people to release their emails, I go for it. People love free stuff online". 

After clicking on Free E-Book, it will take you to another page that shows all free ebooks you can use to promote the product. 

The free ebooks are: 

  • Favorite Worddrobe — Find out exactly what to wear to look your best. Instantly look like your lost 10 pounds  
  • Favorite Desserts — Delicious recipes that quickly burn fat. 
  • 7 Day Fat Flush — Quick start guide: Colon Detox Protocol. 
  • Fat For 8 Straight. Quick Start Guide: Intermittent fasting protocol.

With any of the four free ebooks above you can easily promote Biofit. In fact, you can use all of them at the same time to attract more buyers. You only need a good strategy to look for fashion (favorite wardrobe), cooking (favorite dessert), weightloss, stomach, and bowel, (7 days fat flush), and weightloss (eat for 8 straight) sub-niches to promote BioFit.

How to Use the Ebooks

There are two methods Dre uses to drive traffic to his affiliate pages which we are discussing in this article.

Step 1: Download the ebooks

In this article, we will only use the weightloss sub-niche. So, we are downloading "Eat For 8 Straight" ebook. 

Save it directly to your computer and give it away for free. 

The ebook's content is a free value you will provide to people to teach them how to live a healthy life. This ebook will build trust in your audience, allowing them to buy from you.

Step 2: Go to Fiverr 

Look for an expert on Fiverr who can convert your ebook to pdf format and then embed your affiliate link in many pages of the ebook. So, on Fiverr, search for "ebook creator" to get a list of ebook creators on the platform. 

Fiverr is a platform where you can get cheap services, and you should be able to outsource the job for $5. Insert your affiliate link anywhere there are bold texts with spaces underneath in the ebook.  You can also include a call to action, such as "Click here for the best diet for you".

Step 3: In the email swipes, paste your affiliate links

You will also need the email swipes provided by BioFit to promote it. Here's an example.

Earning a $600 Profit By Running Push Notifications Campaigns in India

Anywhere you see a LINK written in the email draft, paste your affiliate links there. At the end of the ebook, you will also paste the emails that you have already embedded your affiliate links inside. 

How to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Page

There are 2 methods of driving traffic to your affiliate page we are discussing in this article. 

Facebook Groups

Go to Facebook groups and search for weightloss groups. Below is a screenshot of the kind of groups you should join and give away your free ebooks. 

Please keep in mind that you are not going there to spam the groups; otherwise, you will be banned. You have an average of 70 000 people in some groups to whom you can distribute your free ebooks. Go ahead and assign values to the members of the groups.

Discuss the number of people in the group.

Do not try to sell anything; instead, add value to the group by distributing the free book. In the Facebook group chat, post a copy of the email swipes.

As the post content, you will use the email swipe that contains your affiliate links. This email is professionally written, and it will entice readers to visit your ebook link page and download the book.

If members are impressed with your ebook, they will click your affiliate link inside and be directed to the video page below.

According to Drey,

"You only need to convert about two to three people per day from Facebook Group to purchase this Biofit product to make good money."

Go to YouTube and search for weight loss videos

Change it to video Channels. 

Other weight loss video channels will be listed on your computer screen. 

Look for videos with between 2 000 and 5 000 views. If you want your video to go viral, look for channels that are very active on the platform and have just been recently updated with interesting videos. Go to the channel's about page and send an email to the channel's owner asking for the cost of creating a promotional video for the Biofit product you want to promote. So, bargain a low price with these YouTube influencers, and they will promote your ebook that includes your affiliate link page. You should try to reach an agreement on a price between $100 and $500. The fan base of the influencers already trusts them, and you will have a large number of people read your ebook. In addition, your ebook will remain on their channels for many years and you can make passive income through this method. 

Proof of Payment

The screenshot above shows a daily average revenue of $700, but it can be lower or higher on other days. This equates to approximately four sales per day from both the Facebook group and the YouTube promotion.

Income Summary

How to Earn Big With E-commerce While Selling to EU Countries
  • Facebook Group Promotion: $0
  • YouTube Promotion: $500 (one-time payment)
  • Ebook Creator Service on Fiverr: $5 (one-time payment)
  • Daily Revenue: $726.48 (4 buyers)
  • Total Weekly Revenue: $5 085.36
  • First Week Income: $4 580.36
  • Subsequent Weekly Income: $5 085.36


The health and fitness niche is extremely profitable if properly promoted, and it is possible to easily earn $5 000 per week. To find a highly profitable product in the niche, use CB Snopper or the ClickBank Gravity tool. A gravity score of 100 or higher is generally considered a good profit, but it must not be one of the most popular products on the platform to avoid encountering a highly competitive market. Use the free ebooks resources to create pdf files with your embedded affiliate links and use them to promote the product. Such a service can be found for $5 on Fiverr. On Facebook weight loss groups and YouTube, the ebooks are promoted as free value books.

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