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Facebook Ads Case Study for Brazil in the Gambling Niche: €55 470 Profit and 113% ROI

Sometimes, it takes testing a dozen offers to find one that consistently generates stable income. Testing consumes a significant portion of your budget and, more importantly, your time. The process can sometimes be lengthy, and the expenses can be nerve-wracking. We've prepared this case study, to save your nerves and time in the search for a converting offer, we'll explain how we conducted split-testing on three different offers, selected the most converting one, and achieved a 113% ROI.

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The Syndicate affiliate team has a special eye for spotting profitable offers and trends before they catch the attention of others. In this article, we are sharing a case study that they submitted to us. They chose 3 promising online casino offers and launched each of them on Facebook in the LATAM GEO of Brazil.

Key Features of Brazil GEO

Population: In 2023, Brazil is considered one of the most promising GEOs in the gambling industry, with a population of 214 million people, making it a high-traffic region. However, this isn't the only advantage of this GEO.

Sports Enthusiasts: Brazilians are passionate about soccer. During major championships, the entire country is adorned in the national flag's colors — yellow and green. Incorporating these colors into creatives is almost a prerequisite for success because it significantly influences conversion.

Use of Soccer Stars: Brazilian creatives often feature football stars like Neymar, Ronaldinho, and Hulk. This can not only boost the national team's attack but also attract more clicks to the offer's advertising. To better understand the Brazilian mentality and the place football holds in their lives, watch the movie "Pelé: Birth of a Legend."

Innate Love for Gambling: The world's most football-crazed nation stands out for its hot temperament and a special fondness for gambling, including sports betting, online casinos, and poker.

Language and Currency: Unlike most Latin American countries, Brazil's primary language is Portuguese, and its main currency is the Brazilian Real (BRL), with 1 BRL being approximately 0.19 €.

Million-Population Cities: 87% of Brazil's population resides in major million-population cities. If you're seeking quality traffic, it's worthwhile to target Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Most Popular Social Network: In Brazil, the most popular social network is Facebook. By the end of 2022, the platform had over 116 million registered users, with 53.6% being female and 46.4% male.

Here's some statistics for other social networks in BR:

The percentage of active internet users aged 16 to 64 who have used social media in the last month

Brazil is considered a relatively small GEO in affiliate marketing, but many top teams are already successfully promoting offers in various verticals within it. Consider the region's specifics to maximize your profit. During our time working with this GEO, we've compiled a hot list of life hacks that help us at all stages of the campaign.

How to Choose an Offer for BR: 5 Tips

Popular Slots: Before selecting an offer, we always familiarize ourselves with the assortment of slot games available in the online casino. Brazilians spend more time on:

  • Aviator
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Crazy Time
  • Crazy Coin Flip
  • Plinko
  • Mines
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Spaceman
  • Auto-Roulette

Therefore, their availability is one of the key parameters when choosing a product.

Support: It's especially important that a potential online casino has Portuguese-language support and local VIP managers to assist particularly large players.

National Colors: As mentioned earlier, Brazil is a highly patriotic country. Brazilians adore their flag and love bright colors. Therefore, using these colors in creatives is essential. It's also desirable for the national colors to be present on the online casino's website.

Sports Betting Availability: The ability to place sports bets will be a significant plus when selecting an offer because Brazilians are big sports enthusiasts in general, especially football.

Social Media Accounts: Brazilians particularly value online casinos with active profiles on popular social networks. The presence of a trustworthy Instagram*/Telegram account can significantly influence player interaction.

Case Study

Background Information:

  • Traffic Source: Facebook
  • Campaign Period: March 1-24, 2023
  • Offer: NineCasino
  • Affiliate Program: ChillePartners
  • Spent: €48 900
  • Earned: €104 370
  • Profit: €55 470
  • ROI: 113%

In spy services, you can find thousands of gambling creatives tailored to the Brazil GEO parameters. The most popular approach is to showcase gameplay and reactions to winning. That's precisely what we used.

In Brazil, 99% of online payments go through the Pix payment system, similar to the domestic Qiwi. Therefore, including the payment system's icon in your creative can increase the conversion rate (CR). In our video creatives, we added banners featuring the name of a popular Brazilian bank.

Here's what we used for testing and running on Facebook:

  • Cloaking — Keitaro filters, all standard;
  • New Facebook page
  • Auto-registered accounts
  • Payment systems
  • Proxies.

All the advertising campaigns we created were launched with identical targeting settings:

  • GEO: Brazil
  • Age: 23-50
  • Gender: Men — 75%; Women — 25%
  • OS: iOS

After 1 day of split-testing, the statistics for three advertising campaigns looked like this:

NineCasino Brazil: 1 194 clicks, 802 conversions, 145 sales, CR 12,14%

Brand 2: 1 157 clicks, 504 conversions, 75 sales, CR 6,48%

Brand 3: 1 105 clicks, 438 conversions, 68 sales, CR 6,1%

We can see that the NineCasino offer showed a conversion rate almost twice as high as that of the competitors.

Why NineCasino is a Top Offer:

  • NineCasino is a direct advertiser offer from Chille Partners. The affiliate network is known for its high-quality player support, attractive loyalty programs for new customers, and the resulting high level of user trust.
  • One of the platform's most popular games is Aviator. As mentioned earlier, Brazilians have a strong affinity for this game, ranking it in the top 5.
  • NineCasino not only offers online casino games but also sports betting, which is particularly important given the locals' love for sports and football.
  • The platform frequently hosts in-game tournaments and accepts payments in the national currency, the Brazilian Real (BRL).
  • Its vibrant interface and use of the national flag's colors positively influence players' impressions.
  • The offer supports payments through the Pix system and deposits from cryptocurrency wallets.
  • The brand has a localized logo in the colors of the national flag.
  • Of course, it offers support in Portuguese and localized VIP support, precisely what Brazilians appreciate.

The statistical indicators have shown us that the NineCasino brand attracts substantial volumes of high-quality traffic. After optimizing the advertising campaign following the split-test, here are our results over 24 days:

Successful deposit bonus: €30. Total revenue from the advertising campaign: €104 370. Costs: €48 900. Net profit: €55 470. ROI: 113%. Statistics:

This offer was provided directly by the advertiser, which is why it had a high conversion rate. All lead processing takes place within the platform, significantly reducing the overall funnel.

This offer is not publicly available, but you can obtain access to it by contacting the manager at Chilli Partners affiliate network directly.


With six years of experience in the affiliate marketing market, the Syndicate Group team has established itself as an expert in the gambling industry. Their accumulated experience and knowledge allow them to access private offers at the most attractive rates before they become widely available.

They also say that they only collaborate with legal online casinos and direct advertisers. Their concept is to unite the strongest teams and solo affiliate marketers in the market and provide them with the necessary infrastructure to maximize profits.

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