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How to Hack Google Ads and Good Content to Earn $60 960 per Month

There are many ways to run profitable affiliate programs, including using free or paid traffic, but the truth is that using free traffic can easily get you banned from social media networks. If you do not want to use a free traffic system, you must pay for ads, which are becoming increasingly expensive.

In this article, we are showing you how to hack winning Google paid ads to reduce your chances of losing. Why not just copy a winning system if you know how to hack it instead of starting from scratch with a series of trials and tweaking?

We're showing you how online entrepreneur Joey Babineau was able to "hack" winning Google ads. To show how serious he is about this method, he has spent over $3 million on Google ads since he began a few years ago.

Below is the proof that he has spent over $3 million on Google ads since he started affiliate marketing promotion a few years ago.

Estimated Monthly Revenue

The screenshot below shows his revenue from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. (half a day), when he converted 41 out of 730 visitors for a 5.62 percent success rate. 

  • Daily Google Search Ads Budget: $100
  • Average Visitors Every 12 hours: 730
  • Average Daily Visitor: 1 460 
  • Average Revenue Every 12 hours: $1 066
  • Average Daily Revenue: $2 132
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $63 960
  • Monthly Google Search Ads Budget: $3 000
  • Average Monthly Revenue: $60 960

Take a look below at the screenshot of the 12-hour trial which gave him $1 066 Revenue. 

This trial's outcome above is quite good, so you should copy and aim for the same so you don't waste money on Google ads. You can experiment with free traffic, but when you pay for ads, you want to get it right the first time.

Invest in a High-Quality Website

Rather than spamming social media and the internet, Joey advised anyone serious about making money through Google Search ads to invest in a high-quality website.

"A high-quality website is required for Google Ads. If you are just starting out and have a Google search ads account, you should not start setting up direct link campaigns to affiliate links, or running shady little offers or shady little strategies you get from internet self-proclaimed gurus. You will lose your Google Ads account."

Enrolling in an affiliate network such as ClickBank is the simplest way for anyone just starting out. You should concentrate on health, finance, and B2B software tools, and create an authority website based on your niche to promote your chosen products. 

The Most Important Issue to Avoid When Using Google Ads
Google frowns on landing pages with destinations that are solely intended to send users elsewhere, but this is your goal because you want visitors to your affiliate page. To avoid being banned, do not create a page that only sends users elsewhere, but rather, post good content on the website so that you can have one with authority.

Building an Authority Website

Although you will be using Google Search Ads to promote this program, you must be patient. It is not something you can do in a single day to start making money because you must first work on your website. According to Joey,

"Have a lot of content on your website so you can rank for some keywords.  Organically, your website pages should appear in search results for certain keywords. As soon as you complete this, your website will be Google Search Ads compliant. Then you should transition into paid search ads. Whatever happens, with paid search ads, you will begin to appear in search results better. So, try to rank your website organically first."

The best strategy is to build a niche website if you want to build an authority website. Focus on your niche and write quality articles on your websites tailored towards your niche. This will earn you an authority in the niche and will prevent Google from banning you. Having an authority website secures your business.

Set Up Your Campaign 

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As previously stated, select a niche in which you can generate traffic and convert affiliates. Joey, for example, chose investment and decided to promote a product on ClickBank.

Hack a Good Content to Build a Quality Email List

You need an excellent article for your landing page after writing many articles on your blog. Here's how Joey suggested we do it (using his niche of investment to explain). First, he searched the keyword "Investing guide" on Google and checked the paid ads contents to see which were the best he could use. The trick is to replicate the exact pattern of the winning Google ads.

He chose the article indicated by the red arrow in the image above. Check its screenshot below.

You should write a similar article and then replicate how the person you're attempting to copy collects emails from visitors. Do exactly what the person did so that you, too, can begin building your email list. This is also very important because you are paying for the traffic; therefore, you want to keep more people who you cannot convert right away.

Let us look at the image below for more explanation.

376 of the 730 visitors who were directed to his landing page by Google opted in for the email subscription, and he eventually converted 41. It means he has 335 more contacts to whom he can send additional offers later. These 335 contacts are potential clients who have expressed an interest in his programme. He would have lost these contacts if his landing page did not include an email opt-in. All he could have gotten were the 41 people who bought his product.

Google Ads Hacking

One effective method is to hack the paid ads for the content you use on your landing page. Here's a screenshot of Joey's selection.

You can use a variety of other tools, but Joey chose SemRush to investigate the types of ads used to promote the content. You should copy the entire ad pattern, but make minor changes to suit your needs.

Set Up Search Ads With Google Planner 

A common question asked by affiliate marketers is how many keywords should you use in your campaign? Joey says:

"It really depends on your budget, if you have a daily budget of $100, you should start with no more than 50 keywords. So, go to Google Ad Planner and look for keywords that you believe people will search for if they want to buy your products.”

Other Google Search Ads Settings 

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Arrange bids based on the highest or lowest to determine how to set your campaign. Other points to consider are: 

  • Google search partners include: Turn off Google search partners because it isn't direct Google traffic. You should focus on the Google algorithm itself, but if you want to run a Google search partner, you should create a separate campaign.
  • Location: Distribute your campaign and budget across multiple countries, or target predefined areas based on market research.
  • Budget: Spend $100 per day or according to your budget, and this will determine the number of keywords to select as recommended earlier in this article.
  • Bidding: At the beginning, you should bid manually. Instead of asking Google to choose a strategy automatically for you, choose a conservative "bid" strategy. 

Ad Extensions

Google cannot set bids at the start of your campaign because it lacks conversion data. If you set "target COA" at this point, the automated bid strategy will be unable to use any data. However, if you start it manually and let it run for a while, Google will tell you what to do as soon as it has enough data to do so. As a result, begin with the "manual cost of click".

Add "sitelink extensions" and "call extensions" because they boost your Google Ads click-through rates. For your call extension, use phrases like "Click here to get your free guide", "Download for free", "Get instant access", "learn from pros" etc. The red arrow in the diagram above indicates where to type these phrases.

When your ads start running, you will start seeing conversions in the conversion column as shown below. 

You can also use conversions from previous campaigns to set up conversions for this new campaign. In this case, Google can recommend clusters of keywords that are similar to those you're currently running based on previous successful runs.

Finding More Profitable Keywords

Aside from the keywords you hack, Google shows converting keywords that Google Ads users have successfully used to achieve high conversion rates. You should use this tool and these keywords as well.

Click on search term and audience on the left-hand side to see all of the keywords people are searching for (take note that you are not bidding for these keywords but they are hot cakes). You should have a "Broad Match" selection ad group, so Google can show your ads to people who have searched for keywords that are closely related to the ones you are bidding on. 

You can also look at the "search terms report" and check which keywords people are searching for but on which you are not bidding. If their conversion rate is high, add them to your keywords.

Tracking Your Success
Install your tracking code on your thank you page to keep track of your progress.


​​​​​​​While using free traffic sources to promote your affiliate programs is beneficial, here is a great way to promote your programs using Google Search Ads. Joey Babineau, an online entrepreneur, spent $3 000 per month on Google Search Ads and earned an average profit of $60 960 in return.  No one will use Google Search Ads if they do not generate profits anymore. Yes, it is difficult to do, and you can easily lose money, but Joey has demonstrated that there is a way out by hacking the content and Google Search Ads that are currently ranking high. This will give us peace of mind that we are not squandering money on trials, but rather on a system that works well. 

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Therefore, choose a niche to promote and look for successful Google ads in that niche. Hack its content, change everything to suit your needs, post the edited version on your website, and hack the Google Search Ads campaign. If you do it correctly, you will begin making money on the first day of the campaign. Of course, you'll need to tweak it well to get the system to work properly. Don't forget to create an authority site before you begin using Google Search Ads.

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