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Generating an 837% ROI by Sending Email Newsletters Promoting a Weight Loss Offer

Email marketing is an old-school source of traffic, which is becoming more and more popular and in demand these days. Especially when working with info business offers.

In this article, we are sharing a case study from a media buyer from the Lead Magnet team who was able to generate over $3 000 profit in 2 months by just sending email newsletters to an email list.

  • Period: 04/01/2022 - 06/24/2022
  • GEO: Russia
  • Affiliate: Lead-Magnet
  • Source: Email newsletters
  • Offer: "Eat to lose weight" — registration for a free master class
  • Payment model: CPL (payment for a lead that has passed the registration website)
  • Spent: $369
  • Profit: $3 500
  • ROI: 837%


The essence of the offer is simple: An invitation to take part in a free master class, where the target audience will be told how to lose weight while eating delicious food at the same time.

Eat to lose weight


In a letter, a tempting offer is made to the user to register for a weight loss master class, he is promised a bonus for this action. In our case, this is the checklist, "10 mistakes in losing weight."

By clicking on the button from the email, the user is taken to a landing page that encourages them to quickly complete the registration, as the master class is about to begin.

After registration is completed, the user enters the Telegram bot or Viber, where the warm-up continues through content marketing, so that the user reaches the master class and, as a result, makes a purchase of a weight loss course.


The result with an ROI of 837% on the “Eat to lose weight” offer was obtained using the link: “Elastic Email” mailer → purchased email database → an offer suitable for the target audience.

It is important not to send regular emails to the database so as not to lose subscribers. Database segmentation is everything. You need to understand which segment the offer you have chosen falls under.

The Lead-Magnet affiliate network provides affiliates with ready-made creatives and email texts for mailings from professional copywriters. Therefore, there will be no smuts at all.

An Example of a Creative Used when Uploading (Letters)

Get rid of the guilt of overeating!

How to Make $200 A Day Promoting The GetResponse Affiliate Program


You can lose weight easily and permanently, eating tasty food and safely losing 5 extra pounds per month.

And there is no need to starve or kill yourself in the hall.

I invite you to a free master class "Eat to lose weight" and you will learn:

🔶 How to start the mechanism of natural weight loss in the body and safely lose 5 kg/month;

🔶 Why "proper nutrition" makes you fuller;

🔶 How to get off the "sugar needle";

Why is it important to always feel full?

🔶 What is the usual "evening" product that nullifies all your attempts to lose weight;

🔶 Why calorie counting is the last thing you should pay attention to when losing weight;

🔶 Why fat cells lead to chronic inflammation and how it affects health and weight.

We are not saying that after watching the master class, your body will automatically begin to change. You will learn how to get a beautifully toned body with the help of delicious food without rigid diets and exercise equipment.

Register for a free master class by clicking the button below.


April 2022:
One of the buyers started working with this offer in April 2022. To test the offer, a suitable database with 15 000 users was purchased.


How Linktree Grew to 20 000 000 Users Through Organic Online Marketing
  • Payment for the mailing tool: $32
  • Buying an email list database from a seller: $56
  • Profit: $633
  • ROI: 617%.

For starters, the results are excellent, with this you can go further and scale.

The first mailing was made to a small part of the database to test the email funnel. Next, we look at how the first letter went, and whether there are registrations and leads. If everything is good, then you can scale to the rest of the base.

Analytics, as elsewhere, is a prerequisite. It is important to monitor the clickability and open rates of emails to determine if the emails you are sending are reaching the inboxes. The quality of mailings can be improved by testing different headings in the letter and trying different formats: with creative, without creative, and the number of words in the email.

May 2022


How Linktree Grew to 20 000 000 Users Through Organic Online Marketing
  • Payment for the mailing tool: $32
  • Buying an email list database from a seller: $168 (Decided to buy another database for scaling)
  • Profit: $1 834
  • ROI: 814%.

June 2022


  • Payment for the mailing tool: $32
  • Buying an email list database from a seller: $56
  • Profit: $1 068
  • ROI: 1 109%.

In total, for 3 months of work with just one weight loss offer, the buyer reached the following figures:

  • Spent in 3 months: $377
  • Profit for 3 months: $3 536
  • ROI: 837%.

There was one mailing per email database per day. On average, it takes 2-3 hours. For all the time of work on this offer, about 5.2 million letters were sent.

The link works great. It makes sense to build up the database and continue to promote ads. You may perfect the package and increase your earnings beyond what you would have in these 3 months by performing a more thorough investigation of the distribution indicators.

In addition to the “Eat to lose weight” offer, the buyer simultaneously added to other offers of our affiliate program, and we have more than 120 of them — there is plenty to choose from.


It is very easy to repeat this case, especially when you know how. The team at Lead Magnet offers free lessons through their Telegram channel. You can get Lessons and insights on how to use email newsletters to promote info business offers and make profits like the way it has been demonstrated in this case study.

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