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A New Facebook Funnel that Will Save You From Losing Money in 2022: a 1 Million Dollar Case Study

If you have been struggling to advertise profitably on Facebook ads, since the iOS 14 update in 2021, it’s time to stop worrying. Today we are sharing with you a case study from Lloyd Jennings, a Facebook ads expert from London who was able to discover a super winning funnel that outperformed every setup he tried ever since the iOS update. With this funnel, he was able to generate $1 100 000 in sales for his client’s digital course while having spent only $368 000 on ads.

In this article, Lloyd shares with us the funnel that his team came up with and explains how anyone can apply it in their Facebook campaigns and see a huge difference in ad performance and profitability.

"We strongly recommend this funnel strategy to anyone who has been unable to advertise on Facebook profitably since the IOS changes.", Lloyd says.


Lloyd says that he has been running profitable ads to a digital course funnel for nearly 3 years. That was until the IOS updates hit, and his campaigns tanked.

No matter what he tried, he just couldn’t get the offer to convert as it once had done.

After a couple of months of experimenting, designing, and planning, Lloyd, together with his team came up with the "30-Day Challenge Framework" that allowed them to drive profitable, high-quality customers to our offer at scale.

Lloyd says that the most amazing thing is that they were able to do this in a very short period. The funnel design process and implementation took just 14 days from start to finish.

Here are the numbers they generated with the funnel:

  • Ad Spend: $368 000
  • Gross Sales: $1 140 000 (+$58 000 Monthly Recurring)
  • Channel: Facebook Ads

How the Challenge Funnel Works

Lloyd says that they run VSL ads to a $47 challenge sales page which is designed to generate a small profit/breakeven. All the profit is made at the end of the challenge so if hit break even at this stage then they just scale as hard as they can to generate the numbers.

Lloyd explains the funnel below:

We have a very specific formula for the customer journey which ensures the prospect is red-hot when it's time to upsell them to the higher ticket product at the end of the challenge.

In this case, the customer starts a 30-day challenge and works through scheduled content in a live format which is all delivered inside of a Facebook group.

A few days before the challenge is due to end we create an event and run an RSVP campaign for everyone in the group. This event is designed to sell them a higher ticket product + recurring subscription. Using messenger, ads, and email we manage to get a high number of people to attend the live event which was delivered using Facebook live.

Our conversion rate on the upsell was 28% using a script that we have perfected.

We then take the 40-minute Facebook live and use it as a retargeting ad for anyone that didn’t purchase on the day. This produced another 50% of the overall sales resulting in a whopping 53x ROAS. It’s insane to see results like this but it proves what is possible with the right strategy.

What this has taught us the most is that Facebook ads still work with the right strategy.

Before we were doing what I'm sure lots of others were doing for years and that was running ads directly to an offer or webinar and trying to scale profitably which became extremely hard towards the end of last year.

Our approach now is to utilize Facebook almost as a lead gen tool to take the prospect through a journey that will get them a result and eventually become a higher paying customer at profit. Challenge funnels have enabled us to do this successfully and we will be rolling this strategy out across all our clients and partners' funnels going forward.

Below is the attached image of what the process looks like so you can try it too.

Our Verdict

Lloyd published this Facebook campaign framework in the Facebook Ad Buyers Group and it left people "wowed" — even some of the top Facebook media buyers in the world. Being able to put a customer in a 30-day selling cycle and upsell them with a high-ticket product requires lots of work but Lloyd makes it simple with this strategy.

Lloyd recommends everyone to try out this funnel and you will witness a great customer engagement with a high chance of returning sales — a capability that was wiped out by the Facebook Ads after the introduction of the iOS 14 update.

We hope that this helps some of you achieve greater success with your campaigns.

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