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How to Use Pinterest to Promote Affiliate Marketing Health Niche and Earn $2 500 and Above per Month

In this article, we are revealing an amazing shocking method that you can use to make $2 500 or more per week even if you are completely new. We are showing you how to find a great product to promote and a strategy that only takes 5 minutes per day to implement for free to drive a large number of people to the product's sales page. So that after you have read this article, you can go implement the strategies, and start making some real, legitimate money.

Garret Barry, an affiliate marketing expert, revealed this secret in one of his YouTube videos. Garrett has been doing full-time work from home with affiliate marketing for about 5 years. On his YouTube channel, he teaches his audience his best strategies and tutorials when it comes to affiliate marketing for beginners and more advanced affiliate marketers. Also, he operates TikTok and Instagram accounts. 

A Product to Promote 

You need a product to promote in affiliate marketing, and as usual, one of the best options is using a very good affiliate marketing network. ClickBank, JZoo, WarriorPlus, and Digistore24 are among the famous networks around, and Garrett decided to use DigiStore 24. 

Niche — Fitness and Health

The Fitness and Health niche is one of the areas you can find excellent and highly profitable products to promote. So, you may also consider this niche if you decide to try this strategy in this article. 

The Product(s)

A major factor to consider is the Earnings on Average. According to Garrett:

"A thing above $30 is pretty good for this method because it is more of an impulse buy meaning. We want people to buy right away, and not start following up with them. So, anything about a minimum of $30 to $100 maximum for this method is really good."

The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan (Make $37 AOV With A $1 Sale)

The plan is to promote this Ultimate Keto Meal Plan. 

  • Earnings On Average — $41
  • Commission — 85 % 

Traffic — Pinterest 

A screenshot of his Pinterest Account

You can get a lot of free traffic from Pinterest.

His Pinterest profile image is about making money online, but it is best to use a cover image of the niche you want to promote. In this case, it is preferable to use an image that represents health and fitness.

Create a Free Profile

If you don't already have one, you should. Garrett promoted the health and fitness niche in this case study, so he created a niche profile.

  • Profile Cover Image — Use Google Image to search for an image by typing in the niche you want to promote. 

You can pick a very good image from the result of a Google Image search. Download the image and store it on your computer, and upload it as your Pinterest profile cover image. 

  • Profile Picture — Also use Google Image to search for the profile picture you are going to use with the keywords "health and fitness logo". Take one of the photos of Google Image's result, download it, and use it as your profile picture. 
  • Add your affiliate link to the bio link in your profile. 
  • Set up a business profile — a business profile on Pinterest will give you a wide reach that is going to help you grow faster. Also, you can use the Pinterest analytics tool to analyze your performance so you can know what is working and what is not.


Earning $40 489 in Profit from Promoting a Health Product Offer in Chile With a 73% ROI

Canva is a drag-and-drop website for creating various designs, and it can be used also for social media designs and customized ones for Pinterest. So, if you are not a professional graphics designer, you can use Canva. 

  • Search for Pinterest Pin Templates. 

  • Click on Pinterest Pin from the suggested keywords shown. 

  • Create very compelling and clickable Pinterest pins.

These pins are what will get you massive free traffic to promote your affiliate offers. If you are good at designing, you may pick the blank Pinterest pin and create your pins from the scratch, or you may pick from available templates and modify them to your standard. Here is the pin Garrett made: 

  • Download your Pinterest Pin design from Canva to your computer.

You need to start creating Pins, but many people do not know the secrets of how to create very good pins which will have reasonable view numbers. You will use the downloaded Pinterest pin design you created with Canva to create a Pinterest pin on your Pinterest page. Here is how to do it excellently: 

  • Drag and drop or upload by clicking the pin created with on canva. 
  • Title — According to Garrett, 

    " Many people have realized that the way users find your pin is similar to how they find YouTube video or an article on Google. What happens is that pins are ranked by keywords, so we should use the title for our pins keywords that people will find if they are searching for answers that have to do with our niche and the product we are promoting". 

  • Search for health and fitness, and then suggested keywords will pop up on your screen. 

Choose the keywords that best describe your product. Because the chances of high completion are low, you may want to consider using long tail keywords. If you use a broad phrase, you may have to compete with a large number of Pinterest users. They must always use four or more words. Garrett used the six-word keyword "health and fitness tips for women" Use these keywords in the title, and add a caption in parentheses to create suspense, similar to bait, to make it more clickable. (A MUST-SEE.) Following that, write a brief description of the product you wish to promote so that everyone understands what your pin is about.


You should endeavor to shrink your links with Tinyurl and post your affiliate links there. Set up a schedule to post around 5 pins a day. 

Promoting Keto Diet Niche on ClickBank

Here is a ClickBank version of promoting the Keto Diet in the health niche. 

  • Product — Custom Keto Diet 
  • Avg $ per conversion — $50.96
  • Initial $ per conversion — $26.95
  • Recurring $ per rebill — $2, 1.19 
  • Gravity — 247 165  (make sure it is always more than 100)


Search a few words that have to do with the niche you are trying to promote. In this case, Garrett searched for "Keto Diet", and then you will see suggested keywords popped out. You can either pick any of the suggested keywords or use the main word. 

The screenshot picture below came up with different pins for the main keyword "Keto diet". 

Open one of the pins to research it. 

Earning $7 460 Net Profit Per Month on a Gambling Offer in Bangladesh with Facebook Ads — ROI 128.6%
  • Account Name — Keto Diet Yum
  • Program — 19-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for Beginners Weight Loss
  • Followers — 191 100 

How to Gain Followers 

Garrett opened the list of followers of the account Keto Diet Yum. These followers of Keto Diet Yum will most likely follow us and buy from us if you decide to go with the Keto Diet offers.

Begin following the followers, and the majority of them will follow you back once they receive notification of your request. Pinterest allows you to follow a couple of accounts per day, so go slow and add around 50 accounts per day.

Check all the Pins on their page, and start copying them. It is better to make a few changes in the design just to set yourself apart, but the concept of each pin must be the same as what the account has posted.

In this example, you may opt to create the pins on the same dish as listed in the screenshot above — Keto Chia Pudding, Keto Egg and Bacon Sliders, Keto Avocado Brownies, etc. These are interesting pins that contain ingredients for each of the recipes. 

Head over to Canva and follow the instruction we have written above to create these pins. 

Create a Pin For Your Affiliate Offer

  • For this offer, Garrette created a pin for 19-Day Keto Diet Meal Plan for Beginners Weight Loss which is shown below. 
  • Choose a good background color — in this case, it is red. 
  • Create a call to action — "Do you want to discover the BEST Keto Diet to lose weight? If so, click this pin! 

Here is a screenshot of Garrett's new account

  • Title — Best Keto Diet 
  • Account Name: Lose Weight With Keto
  • Description — If you want to discover the best Keto Diet to lose weight fast, be sure to the image now. 
  • Add destination link - You should not just put your affiliate link there. Follow the direction below. 

You can get free articles Create a new post there. 

  • Title — Keto Diet Revealed! 
  • Description — If you want to discover the best Keto Diet CLICK HERE NOW. Then, embed your affiliate link in "CLICK HERE NOW!". 

  • Publish the post on
  • Take note of the new post title old "Best Keto Diet Revealed!" on the top of the list of posts in the screenshot above.
  • Copy the URL link of the post, and paste it into the affiliate link on your Pinterest pin.

Take note of the new Pinterest pin we have just created on the page.

  • Always use suggested keywords as your title. 

Here Is One of Garrett's Proof for Sales in One of His Businesses

  • June 3rd, 2022 — $80.00
  • May 27th, 2022 — $32.00
  • May 13th, 2022 — $142.00
  • Estimated Average Daily Revenue — $84.60
  • Estimated Monthly Revenue — $2 540 

If you need to increase your income, you should find more affiliate products to promote. 


Pinterest is an excellent source of free traffic for promoting affiliate links. The best part is that it is completely free.

The first way to use Pinterest to drive massive traffic to our affiliate link is to create organic pins with Canva. The goal is to use relevant keywords to ensure that our pins appear in front of visitors who have searched for them.

Making  $1 400 000 in Revenue by Selling Canva Templates in Less than 3 Years

The second method takes things a step further. Finding a successful Pinterest account in our niche and hacking it by using all of the pins in the account as templates for our own is critical. Because we already know they are performing well on the account we are copying, the chances of these pins attracting more visitors are very high. Then we capitalize on the successful account's followers. Here's a rundown of the steps to take:

  1. Create a niche account on Pinterest 
  2. Follow about 50 accounts already interested in our niche per day. 
  3. Created targetted pins that li is to a Blogger article indeed with the affiliate link we want to promote.
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