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Making Money from Play-To-Earn Games Without Investments: $134 in 7 Days on Youtube Traffic

In this post affiliate marketing specialist Arbihelper shares his experience. The post is taken from Arbilhelper’s blog so the further narration will be in the first person.

A week ago, I published a post where I described my failure in mining coins in a promising blockchain game called "Nine Chronicles". The game idea is simple: play and earn in-game currency, then you can sell it on the stock exchange and get real money. Well, "a go-around for another attempted landing" was successful. Therefore, I propose to look at this scheme and, if you wish, you can repeat it, but this takes time and some resources. So, let's move from words to deeds.

During my second attempt, I started everything from scratch. New account means new opportunities, combined with the benefit of already tested methods of mining coins. These coins are not simple — they are gold ones, at least Play 2 Earn gamers call them so. Therefore, for each game currency unit, people are willing to pay $1.14 on the market, which sounds rather strange. I agree, we live in a period of very turbulent technology development, therefore you need to accept and study innovations and not let grass grow under your feet. I think it goes without saying that new technologies always bring new opportunities. Of course, this does not always look positive, but to some extent, the new does more good than harm, although one can argue. As the people say, "talk is cheap," so I propose to get right to the point.

If the scheme fails, you need to try again, but add some logic. In general, in a week, I managed to build a completely new account and bring it to the result. It was not easy, but "the game is worth the candle." Here's a screenshot of gameplay and gear that I've been able to get by going up to game level 50.

Maybe for you, this means nothing and I will agree with you, but for a person who plays this game, the picture is more than clear. For the second time, I immediately switched to implementing a profitable scheme to extract these coins, and in a few days, the first results appeared.

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As you already understood, I did not immediately start playing this game, as players do in 99% of cases, but I went along the path of attracting referrals. By the way, the terms on the screenshot above are slightly different, because this game has a dynamic referral program, so it is quite challenging tracking the exact number of coins for a referral. Immediately after registering in the game, there was a payout for a referral of 0.64 coin, and when he reached level 20 in the game, you got 1.27 coins. But as you can see, the number of referrals has increased and the terms and conditions of the affiliate program have changed. Now you get 0.58 coins for each referral and 2.88 coins for level 50+ in the game.

In this way, thanks to the affiliate program complex coefficient, I managed to earn 117.07 coins, although I received only 15-17 coins for passing the game, from level 1 to 54. Obviously, you already have a question: where did all these 38 referrals come from? The answer is very simple, I got traffic on YouTube and converted . So everything makes sense, no electronics, everything is done by hand.

How Did I Get YouTube Traffic?

I went down the path of creating videos on a query, so I created only 3 videos that get views and generate traffic for me 24/7 without my managing. As you can imagine, when there is traffic, just put the necessary links and wait for the result. To dispel all your doubts, I am attaching a screen, but I take the liberty to "blur over" the part of it for obvious reasons.

As you can see, 3 videos got about 1 100 views but managed to generate a sufficient number of referrals on the first account, which I wrote about in the first part, referrals are also coming, I just changed the ref to a new one in the description under the video. That's what this entire scheme is about, I did it without a hitch once and the traffic itself goes to the link I need. Well, you can ask where the result is? Coming right up.

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Here is the token withdrawal application from the platform to the exchange, where I successfully hold them. As you can see, in a week of passive play, I managed to earn 117 coins on referrals, which, at the rate at the moment of this writing, is approximately $136. But I believe in this game and will keep these tokens at least until the summer. And if someone says that this is a fake, and I made it all up, welcome to the blockchain to look at my game wallet transactions.

So NCG tokens are successfully stored on the exchange and are waiting for a 10x price, and wish it for you too. By the way, the price of the token is now at $1.14, but I think that this is only the beginning and rapid growth is yet to come.

Summing Up

Any action that is difficult is impossible for the lazy one, and the man of action will only say one thing, "I will try and see what will come of it." So, a walking foot is aye getting, and now, more than ever, crypto provides good opportunities to make money in this direction. And let someone tell me now that there is no money in the Play 2 Earn area, and these are all fairy tales. Here is a real example of a scheme for you to get a good result from minimal investment. Although earning $134 per week in crypto now is very little, as for me, a sparrow in the hand is better than a stork in the ass. But anyway, it's better than nothing. Therefore, I continue to believe in this project, keep the coins and I think closer to the summer, we will see the price of this coin within $10. Because $134 now can easily bring $1,340 in the next couple of months, the title of this post is not clickbait, just the future profit calculation.

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