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How to Promote Affiliate Products with Google Ads and Earn $1 000 Plus Daily

In this affiliate marketing article, we are showing you a guaranteed way that you can make as much as a couple of hundred dollars a day, all the way up to a few thousand dollars every single week on a complete autopilot system. 

Smart Money Tactics is a Youtube channel that teaches many ideas as possible to be able to make money from other means other than a 9 to 5 job and become financially free. 


Sales made the previous day to when this case study was published is $283.51.

The total sales for a week are $4 738.67, so the average daily sales are $676.95.

  • Sales in a week: $4 738.67
  • Average daily Sales $676.95

3 Different Types of Affiliate Marketing Traffic 

  • Cold Traffic. This is the type of traffic whereby people we are targeting are not yet aware of our products. According to Smart Money Tactics:

"We are not going to be scamming a link or putting it out there and hoping someone gets this product". 

Therefore, this type of traffic is not suitable for Google ads campaigns. 

  • Warm Traffic. This is when you are promoting a product in a niche, let us say a fitness product, and people in the health niche that come across this product may want it or may not want it. There is also a big chance you may not make a sale. We are not going to use this option also. 
  • Hot Traffic. This is when you put a product in front of people that are looking for it so that you can have an extremely high conversion rate. This is the type of traffic we should use to convert very high and make money. 

Finding an Affiliate Marketing Product to Promote

There are unique ways of finding good products to promote. 


Capterra is one of the web's leading free resources for business software help. The website provides users with insights to choose the best software for their needs.  There are more than eight hundred software categories, more than 1.5 million validated reviews, and more than 50 000 products on the platform. It is 100% free to use because they get paid by software vendors that help connect to people. 

You should browse through the software categories on the platform and take a look at the different niches.  You can easily read the summary of the products. when you see a product you like, you should use a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to research the software if it has an affiliate program. You should also research the affiliate program very well because you need high ticket value commissions with recurring commissions.

Another caution is that you should not run products that many people had already started running ads for. 

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From the screenshot above, there are paid ads, so you should try to not promote products that have many ads. According to Smart Money Tactics, 

"When you search for products, you. are looking for products that no one else is running ads on; however, some of these products get searched so many times that even if there are two or three ads, it doesn't matter, and you will still get a lot of traffic." 

For example, the screenshot above is that of software for video making called Invideo that has got ads promoters that are already running, but let us look at it in detail.  

  • Global Volume Search — 135 000
  • India Volume Search — 34 000, 25% 
  • United States Volume Search — 9 500, 7%
  • Indonesia Volume Search — 7 100, 5% 
  • Pakistan Volume Search — 7 000, 5% 
  • Brazil Volume Search — 6 900, 5% 

With this information, we can easily decide which region to target and make a high conversation rate. Targetting India and the United States seems to be the wise option, but we can allocate a few of our ads budget to Indonesia, Pakistan, and Brazil.  The greater part should be allocated to target the United States and potential users.

Here is the summary of the 3 attributes of the products you should promote: 

  • High Ticket Value Commission
  • Recurring Commission. 
  • Product with no ads running or with extremely good ads search. 

Google Ads

Our traffic source will be Google ads so we need to be smart about how and who about it, we need an effective marketing and ads display method to get value from the Google Ads expenses we are making. 

Create a new campaign and use the search campaign type in your Google ads. Your setting should only be Search Network, remove Google Display Network. 

Google Ads Daily Budget 

Your daily budget should be $15 to $20. With this range, you will get a good start with your campaign, and you can increase or decrease your daily budget as you make progress in your campaign. 


According to Smart Money Tactics, 

"You have the option of selecting all or any country of your choice, but when I checked, I saw a lot of countries were getting a lot of traffic, so I am going to leave it as "all countries and territories", or I can modify it." 

Other Settings 

  • Language — English 
  • Audience Segments — do not set it
  • Dynamic Search Ads Setting — do not set it

Ad Group

We need to specify where and how each ad should be displayed on Google. To do this, we need to specify keywords for each Ad Group we create. 

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Suggested keywords for InVideo are: Video, Video Editing Software, Invideo Review, Invideo Scam, and Invideo.io. 

Final URL

You will need to put everything together and tell your visitors the landing page they should be taken to; therefore, you need to specify the address you want them transferred to. 

The final URL is your link to the product you are promoting; therefore, you should paste your affiliate link in the place. This link will be displayed on your ads and visitors can click on it. 


Here are suggested titles for the product: 

  • In Video — Online Maker 
  • Free Video — Creation Software 
  • AI Video — Creation Software 
  • You should also try to create very catchy titles for your Google Ads. 


The best way to go about it is to use Google Search and get ideas about the product you want to promote and use the result in your ads campaigns. Read through the website of the product you want to promote, and also the comments and reviews from different sources to get more ideas of what to write about the product. 

What Your Google Ads Look Like 

Above is a copy of the Google Ads for the selected product Smart Money Tactics promoted in this article. 


  • Side links Extension — do not set
  • Call Out Extension — do not set 
  • Call Extensions — do not set

Because you are focusing on products with less competition, you should not be concerned about implementing any of the extensions listed above. The only thing you need to be concerned about is getting clicks and increasing your ad daily budget once you start making sales.

Copy your affiliate link and post it as your landing page link in your Google campaign, and the next is to publish your ads. 

Income Analysis on InVideo — Invideo Affiliate Program

  • Referral Window — 120 days 
  • Payout Scheduling: Approved transactions are paid 15 days(s) after the end of the month they lock. 
  • Commission: 25% to 50% 
  • Recurring Commission Available. 
  • Google Ads Daily Expense: $20
  • Google Ads Expenses for 7 days: $140
  • Sales for 7 days: $4 378.67 
  • Income: $4 238.67


If you do not have followers on any social media platform, Google Ads is one of the ways you can start earning money from affiliate marketing right away. Building good social media marketing accounts takes time to set up and grow to the point where they can drive traffic to your affiliate landing pages. So, instead of wasting time, you can start earning money by promoting your landing pages with Google ads.

You can find high-converting digital products like Invideo using Capterra. This is required to avoid wasting money on Google Ads. 

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