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Case Study: Earning $2 907 per Month with a 440% ROI by Promoting a VPN Affiliate Offer Using InPage Traffic

Eugene, the owner of the Telegram channel "Eugene TrafficSourcer" shares with us a case study from his team whereby one of the media buyers made almost $2 400 profit in one month at an ROI of 440%!

This profit was earned by promoting a VPN offer in the USA using the MyBid traffic source and in this article, we are sharing the details behind this campaign and the secrets to why it worked out this way as Eugene narrated to us.

Campaign Summary

Period: 1/09/2022 - 30/09/2022
Affiliate Network: Direct advertiser
Traffic source: MyBid
Offer: DingoVPN
Expenses: $539
Income: $2 907
Profit: $2 368
ROI: 439.59%

Offer and Traffic Source

Eugene and his team have been utilizing MyBid.io for an extended period. He states that the platform has a vast amount of new visitors from various regions around the globe. The campaigns are also managed by experts who have an in-depth understanding of the source. Typically, you simply provide them with your campaign elements and targeting criteria, and they will handle the entire setup for you by accessing the most appropriate traffic that aligns with your offer.

Eugene was informed by the MyBid team that they had access to a direct advertiser with a compelling offer and suggested he should try it out. So Eugene decided to take the opportunity.

The offer was for DingoVPN and was available to all geographic locations worldwide. Eugene and his team decided to run the campaign in the US as the payout was higher in that country.

Media Buying Method and Targeting

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Effectively, Eugene and his team only had to handle a few tasks when working with MyBid, such as adding funds, selecting creatives, and setting up links for the landers and offer page. The majority of the media buying work was handled by MyBid's managers. The targeting strategy they employed was straightforward, specifically targeting in-page traffic on iOS devices with versions 14, 15, and 16.

Creatives and Pre-landers

With the creatives, they took the standard approach for VPN advertising. The created imitation of alerts about browsing security.

Here is an example of rendered icons and texts:

After clicking the ad, the user is sent to a pre-lander with an alarm that hackers have access to information on the device and that measures must be taken to protect the device. Here is an example of one of the used pre-landers:

After clicking, the user immediately enters the AppStore to the download page of the DingoVPN app:

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As a result, the funnel looked like the iPhone itself warns of danger and offers to download the VPN.

Statistics and Results

Eugene attributes the success of the campaign to either a new private offer or the high traffic on MyBid.io. However, he also notes that the team's workload was reduced as the ad network managers handled most of the tasks. MyBid's fully managed format and account managers were instrumental in setting up and managing the campaign.

On a daily basis, the team saw a consistent number of conversions ranging from 5 to 8 per day, resulting in a profit of $2,368. Additionally, the return on investment was impressive, with an ROI of 440%, which Eugene claims he hasn't seen in InPage traffic in several years.

Screenshot from the tracker:

Q: Is the campaign still active?

When asked if the campaign is still active, Eugene had the following to say:

I am aware that advertising opportunities on MyBid are now accessible to all. Additionally, it appears that the platform is open to all geographical locations. The campaign is ongoing and has expanded to include over 10 new geographical areas, with more being added gradually. The creatives and landing pages are frequently updated to keep the campaign fresh.

To the best of my understanding, this offer is exclusive to MyBid, so I anticipate a high return on investment for an extended period of time.


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Affiliate marketing is all about finding ways to make money, similar to finding cheat codes. Being able to have a fully managed network, where managers understand the source and can suggest ways to increase profits, is like having a cheat code. DingoVPN is currently growing steadily and has no plans to stop. We hope the information provided is useful for you to make money.  

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