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A 15-Year Old Student Earned $17 Million in 1.5 Year on NFT

On Twitter, we discovered a story of a young moneymaker who, at the age of 15, was able to earn $17 million on NFTs. As of now, his account has been closed. But… the Internet retains everything. We got our hands on the saved copy of Tweets from the account Reshdeth to tell his story.

The Story of @reshadeth

Since 2020, Reshadeth has been looking for a job on the Internet. But all the options seemed too tiring for him. He filled out questionnaires, made T-shirt printing, joined affiliate marketing, and tried many other activities. Yet still, none of the activities would allow him to get rich quickly.

After a while, Reshadeth entered a graphic design niche: he collected orders from Discord servers, but his clients were teenagers who couldn’t pay for his work worthily. Reshadeth was earning from $3 to $8 for a project that took several hours to complete.

In a month, he earned $100, which seemed a fortune to him. Instead of spending money on entertainment, he decided to purchase an annual subscription to Skillshare, an online learning platform.

After buying the subscription, Reshadeth discarded the idea of becoming a designer and decided to become a programmer: he enrolled in Python and C# courses — he believed that this industry is lucrative with low competition.

In 2021, Reshadeth got interested in the Earth2 project. This is a digital land where the world is divided into a billion of tiny pieces (tiles), and each one can be bought and sold on the P2P market.

Initially, Dubai wasn’t available. When sales were announced, Reshadeth purchased several tiles for $10. Later he sold tiles for $800 and withdrew funds from the project.

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At that time, there was a Meme Stock for $APE (Apsenergy) and $GME (GameStop). So, Reshadeth invested in the stock but a couple of months later he realized that had lost around 90% of his investments.

It was decided to open an account on Binance because Reshadeth had heard a lot about cryptocurrencies. In March 2021, he purchased his first crypto.

At the same time, Reshadeth was following the Discord chat, where signals for trading futures and meme coins were published. For instance, there was a signal on SafeMoon, so many participants raised a lot of money on it but Reshadeth didn’t want to risk it.

Later he noted in his tweet that he regretted that decision. People he knew made their first millions on SafeMoon.

After a while, Reshadeth transferred all purchased crypto to MetaMask in BSC and during a month he was buying meme coins, which earned him about $300 in profit.

He realized that investors and bots earn much more on meme coins than ordinary buyers. Based on the knowledge that he had received in programming courses, Reshadeth created his own bot.

Within 2 months Reshadeth closed several deals that earned him 30-50 times his investments. However, in August he stopped buying meme coins that earned him $200k. At the same time, he sold two copies of his bot for $7 000 each.

At this time, Reshadeth got interested in NFTs. First, he purchased Pudgy Penguin for 0.5 ETH and sold it for 3 EHT, later — he won a mint for Mutant Ape and sold the NFT for 6.66 ETH.

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In November, Reshadeth launched a company that helps teams in creating NFTs and marketing. At the same time, he developed a bot for spamming in Discord. From November to February, his company raised $1.5 million in revenues, of which $250 000 is Reshadeth’s net income.

His interest in NFTs flattened until he heard about Murakami Flowers from Takashi Murakami. At that time, the price of NFT on OpenSea was 10 ETH. To participate in the draw of whitelist spots he needed only his email, wallet address, and captcha solution.

In a single day, Reshadeth wrote three scripts to automate account creation. Within 24 hours he sent 126 841 applications for a whitelist spot. Based on his calculations, he should have won about 170 spots, which would have earned him $4 million.

One month later, Takashi Murakami published the results. It turned out that Reshadeth won 891 spots in the whitelist. A few days later, the list with the next bunch of winners was published. Altogether, Reshadeth received 923 spots, which is 13.6% of the whitelist. A third part of the received NFTs has been already sold at a nice price.

Two weeks later, Yugalabs announced the OthersideLand mint. However, only verified wallets could participate. Reshadeth found a person who was selling KYC wallets for 1ETH each and negotiated to purchase 114 wallets at a 50% discount (0.5ETH per wallet).

Since the wallets were purchased shortly before the mint, Reshadeth called on SilkNFT to create a mint bot. The bot has managed to mint 114 NFTs with the gas fee of 6 000 gwei. On May 1, Reshadeth withdrew all ETH and NFTs from purchased wallets to his personal. He managed to get a rare Otherdeed card, which is now worth 20ETH. In a single month, Reshadeth increased his income 50-fold via NFTs.


The story confirms that the NFT market has a powerful lot of money. Anyone who has a mind and is ready to work hard can achieve the same results as Reshadeth. Actually, there is no need to create NFTs; the key to success is in following market trends and not being afraid of taking risks. To see firsthand that the story is true, you can check the activities and NFTs in Reshadeth's wallet.  

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