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In a Week I Gained 19 000 Subscribers to My Telegram Channel That Earns $500 a Day

How to promote a Telegram channel on the wave of hype with minimal investments? Our guest succeeded in gaining 19 000 subscribers to his Telegram channel in a week, spending less than $70 on promotion. The hype around cryptocurrencies played a key role, but it’s important to know how to ride a wave.

Initially, Vasily had a channel, created around 2 years ago, with only 40 subscribers. He began working with the Telegram channel on April 18, 2021, so after a single week, on April 25, 2021, his channel had 18 400 new subscribers.


The key reason behind the explosive growth of the channel is the rise of popularity of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which became the dedicated topic for the channel. The Dogecoin rate has grown 4 300% over the year, and in mid-April 2021, right before launching the channel, the Dogecoin’s value increased 2.5 times.

Actually, Elon Musk had his hand in the recognition and public credibility of the cryptocurrency. On April 1, Mr. Musk announced that “a literal Dogecoin will be put on a literal Moon.”

Throughout April, interest in the Dogecoin cryptocurrency steadily increased and people searched for information about the cryptocurrency not only via search engines but Telegram as well. At this particular time appeared a channel that collected all the relevant information from various sources and delivered to users via a single Telegram channel.

As of now, the channel gains income only from ad sales; according to Vasily, the channel brings in over $500 per day. How did he succeed in creating such a channel and take it to the top of the Telegram search? Let Vasily speak for himself.

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How the Idea Leaped in the Mind

In fact, I have always known that the audience interested in cryptocurrency is quite expensive, so I have kept an eye on it. The idea of launching a channel came spontaneously – I noticed that Telegram channels have impressive coverage for top keywords. Keyword-based posts in porn, casino, and betting niches gain more than 300 000 views. I realized that getting to the search top is a fantastic tool for the channel and product promotion.

Somewhere in mid-April, I noticed all the hype around the Dogecoin cryptocurrency and decided to launch a channel and take it to the top.

Launching the Channel

The channel was created in 2018: only 40 subscribers and zero posts. I updated it — changed the title and avatar, and uploaded the first three posts. I named the channel “Dogecoin news | догикойн новости” so that for the search “dogecoin” to be in the top for all GEOs.

To promote the channel, I had to fill it with basic content and then post regularly. I decided to take the easiest path — I began collecting content with the #dogecoin on Twitter and Instagram.

Then, I agreed about the ads on the Instagram page named Investor Assistant that is focused on crypto and investments. I paid less than $70 for ads in Stories; as a result, the channel got 300 new subscribers. This was the first and the only investment into the new channel’s promotion.

Jumping into the TOP of the Telegram Search

Actually, I was very disappointed that paid ads resulted in only 300 new subscribers, as I expected to get at least 1 000. I gave up on working with the channel… but only for one day. The next day, I opened the channel and was really surprised — more than 2 000 people subscribed to the channel; some posts received 3 000 views. As it turned out, the channel was ranked at the top for keyword search in this niche in Russia.

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Although the Instagram ads generated a relatively small number of subscribers, I still believe that they gave rise to the top list.

Boost in Subscription

After a sudden leap to 2 000 subscribers, the channel began growing rapidly. At its peak, 8 000 people subscribed to the channel in one day, 90% of them were from Russia and 10% were users from English-speaking countries. Generally, in a single week — from April 18 to April 25— the channel received almost 19 000 subscriptions. I count myself lucky because the typical cost per subscriber in the crypto niche is around $0,95.


Soon after the sudden surge in the number of subscribers, I received many offers from advertisers, including 1хBet and some other well-known companies. As of now, we sell one post for channels at a price of at least $150, and for the topic-specific projects, the price starts at 250$.

On average, we sell 3-4 ad slots per day, so our daily income exceeds $500. I believe the channel can bring in a revenue of $1 000 per day since I haven’t boosted numbers and my channel has a real audience. I will appreciate any recommendations on further channel monetization. I am also ready to consider any ad offers and offers to purchase the channel.  


Vasily has succeeded in utilizing a traffic hike due to the hype around the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. At the very beginning, he spent less than $70 on promotion. As he claims, a week later, his daily income exceeded this amount several-fold.

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There is a chance that this method can be applied to other niches, given that you follow hot news hooks.

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