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Industry Leaders in ClubHouse: Profit in the Gambling Niche Declined by $500 000, Profitable Gambling Programs and Creatives That Really Work

Clubhouse is a trend of 2021. Actually, we decided not to keep out of the trend, so on February 26, Partnerkin got aired on the new platform. Discussed nothing but business.

Several leaders of the online gambling niche participated in the discussion. Many people would be ready to pay for this information but the invited experts shared information free of charge:

  • How restrictions in the gambling niche influenced the work and profit of the industry leaders.
  • Beginners in the gambling niche: generate traffic directly to an offer or via an affiliate program.
  • Farming accounts vs. purchasing accounts.
  • Key approaches and trends in the creatives’ development.
  • The best GEOs and traffic instruments in 2021.

The program was very extensive, so we decided to share with you the conference highlights.

Why Should Newbies Begin with Affiliate Programs?

All experts agreed that the first steps in the gambling niche are easier with affiliate programs. The main benefits include:

  • No need to negotiate with an advertiser directly.
  • Affiliate programs purchase software from developers, and publishers use it at no cost.
  • Affiliate programs solve all the legal issues related to agreements, payments, and documentation.

On average, commission rates for affiliate programs vary between 10% and 25%. But at that point, you can and should discuss individual terms and conditions. Actually, some programs do you a favor and agree that you will pay only $5 instead of $10-$15 from the first deposit.

Farming Accounts vs. Purchasing Accounts

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Experts were divided in their opinions. The founder of the Money Kings affiliate team Luca Montana likes automatic account uploads and purchases accounts by bundles, while Vadim Wildo prefers farming accounts by his team forces.  

VVadim Wildo, the Head of

We do farm by ourselves. The team includes from 20 to 30 farmers. In case, there are not enough accounts, we purchase them. 

It takes around a week to get unblocked if you are banned. The farming procedure is quite standard: you need to open the account several times a day, add friends, and carry on a correspondence. 

We do not register accounts; in fact, we just take a bunch of recently registered accounts and work with them. 

Automatically registered accounts also represent a good starting option. At this point, the quality of an account is not as important as the number of accounts.

The cost of farming one account is around $12. On average, a single account might deliver $200-$250 in profit; sometimes you can get up to $400-$500 and in rare cases — up to $700-$800. Then, you’ll be banned. But don’t give hatred to Facebook authorities because strong emotions hamper logical thinking.  Pull together and continue farming.

What Creatives Perform the Best?

Experts highlighted the following trends in creative development:

  • Using events and news
  • In-house production and editing
  • Bringing in celebrities
  • Clipping from YouTube streams

The simplest method is to adjust a successful creative from one GEO to another one. However, experts still recommend paying close attention to creative development.

In Alexander Slobozhenko’s team (Traffic Devils), six people are involved in this process. Sometimes the work on a single video takes around two days. Luca Montana puts more emphasis on in-house shooting and mighty editing.

In such a way he created a video about Spiderman, where the voice cover was done by an unaware actor (unfortunately, Luca doesn’t reveal details of the trick).

As for the theft of creatives and the Adheart service particularly, experts noted that the key factor is the video upload speed. You may not succeed in using a stolen creative efficiently because someone has already designed and posted it.  

How to Make $2 Million a Year on Mobile Games for Children

 On the whole, experts said that around 10% of creatives are “out-of-run”. Generally, there is a consensus of opinion that a good creative ensures 80% of success, and the maximum result is obtained when creatives are designed and developed in cooperation with an advertising media buyer.

Questions & Answers

The audience was very active — listeners asked many questions. And even though love might fade away and friendship might come apart, attempts to increase CTR are evergreen and last forever. Artem Prokofiev, the Head of affiliate network suggested focusing attention on:

  • Page depth (or visit depth)
  • Cost-Per-Installation
  • CPC (cost-per-click)

When asked how to test bundles, Luca Montana offered the following approach:

  • Test at least 3 creatives for 2 offers;
  • Apply the “2.5 rates” approach. For instance, if the rate is $200, you make testing for $500.

Listeners were interested in plenty of topics. They asked about creatives’ performance evaluation based on the number of views, specifics of competition among team members, and the importance of up-to-date information for affiliates. If after 5 years in affiliate marketing you skipped a year, you can again consider yourself a beginner.


Based on the results of the discussion, experts came to the following conclusions:

  • As of today, the best GEOs are Latin America, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.
  • Without previous experience with other traffic sources, newbies are recommended to begin with Facebook.
  • TikTok is the most promising traffic source in 2021. Experts advise paying close attention to the platform.

Instead of the planned one hour, the conference lasted for two hours due to the high interest of attendees. A total of 460 people participated in the conference. Questions to Vadim Korepov, the host of the event, were sent till the last minute.

We plan to continue Clubhouse meetings. Not to skip any future meetings, subscribe to @koreps in the Clubhouse and follow website updates!

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