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How to Make Money by Creating Discord Bots

Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers designed to help players communicate with each other. Discord bots allow you to automate simple tasks so that your users don't have to do them, thus saving a lot of time and energy!

The first thing you need to know about Discord bots is that they are essentially custom commands for performing specific actions. Users can interact with these commands by typing messages in the chat input field or from the user interface menus. In fact, there are quite a few nifty things that you can do with Discord bots as an admin or as a moderator:

  • Give your users access to automated tools (for example selling virtual currency) without having it on your server's main chat; this is possible since there's an option to disable the main server chat for certain channels.
  • Enable your users to post images and screenshots by uploading them directly to Discord through a bot; this allows you to reduce the load on your own computer as well as conserve bandwidth.
  • Use moderation bots that allow you to moderate messages.

Creating a Discord Bot

If you want to build and host a bot on discord, you'll probably need to buy a VPS server first. VPS server prices start from about $5. Building a bot also requires programming skills, however, it is possible to get started from scratch by following tutorials on Youtube and guides that can be found all over the internet.  

In terms of creating actual bots there are 2 paths you can take:

  1. A custom bot
  2. A public bot

A Custom Bot

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A custom bot will be provided to a specific server and it will only work within that one designated server. It is way easier to build and maintain compared to a public bot as you're able to work with a single customer that will pay you for your work. You can simply start by advertising your services on sites such as Fiverr to get clients.

A Public Bot

When making a public bot it's recommended you create a free version and then work on a premium version with extra features for the servers that are willing to pay for it.

If your public bot becomes popular you can even get a verified bot developer badge on your profile which is pretty cool. Public bots developers tend to earn the most money for example Melmsie and Team who create the Dank Memer bots. They earn around $30 000 per month from their public bots according to their Patreon page.

Once your public bot grows to serve a larger audience, you may need to pay for a more expensive VPS to handle all of those servers. Alongside this, you'll need to upkeep it by patching bugs and creating updates which may require even more developers which will lead to having more costs. In contrast to this, a custom bot will most likely just be a single payment or maybe monthly depending on if your customers want maintenance or updates for that bot. This can get you upwards of $100 per customer depending on the complexity of that bot.

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Making Money by Developing Bots for Discord

There are 3 main ways that you can use to make money from Discord bots which are:

  1. Creating custom bots for users
  2. Developing online tools and applications that work in conjunction with bots
  3. Enabling advertisements
  • Creating Custom Bots for Users

One of the most popular methods is through creating custom bots for users. This involves working with clients to develop bots that will meet their specific needs and wants. You can also offer your services as a consultant to help developers create better bots or to help them troubleshoot any issues that they may be having.

  • Developing Online Tools and Applications that Work in Conjunction with Bot

Another way to make money from Discord bots is by developing tools and applications that work in conjunction with bots. This can include anything from virtual currency generators to screenshot-taking tools. Generally speaking, if there's something that you can do with a bot then there's a market for it!

  • Enabling Advertisements

Last but not least, you can also monetize your Discord bot by enabling advertisements to be displayed on your bot. This can be done by enabling paid messages. If you're willing to get creative then this method is definitely worth trying out!

There are many ways of making money with bots for Discord, but the most important thing is getting started. Once you have some clients and tools under your belt then it will be easier for you to seek out more opportunities in the future.

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