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How to Find a Job in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

When people search for ways to make money online, the major recommendation that they come across is to do affiliate marketing. Now many online resources teach people how to make money by doing affiliate marketing but very few clearly explain how to earn money by taking up a job in the affiliate marketing industry which can be high-paying as well.

In this article, we are taking you through the various high-paying jobs in the affiliate marketing industry, the skills required, and of course how to get the jobs.

As you might have seen in many testimonials from online entrepreneurs, being an affiliate marketer is one of the businesses that can take an individual from $0 to 6, 7, or 8 — figures revenue but to reach there, it takes consistent work, patience and having a combination of many skills which one gets to learn over time.

The Main Skills Are:

  • Media buying (Running online ads)
  • Copywriting
  • Basic graphics designing
  • Website/ Landing page building and designing

So what if you need to start making money right away in the affiliate marketing space without going through the long learning curve?

The best option is to find a high-paying job in the affiliate marketing industry which requires a certain skill set that you already possess or one that can take you a few days to learn and master.

There are already very many online resources where you can learn any of the skills listed above but the main place we’d recommend is Youtube. A lot of entrepreneurs are sharing and teaching these skills for free on the platform.

You should align your skills to suit the requirements of the jobs you are interested in. The best jobs that you should be aiming for are:

  • Media buyer
  • Copywriter
  • Graphics designer
  • Website/ Landing page developer
  • Affiliate manager

All these jobs come with specific roles and responsibilities. Their salaries depend on the company you are working with, the country it’s located in, and whether it’s full-time, part-time, in-office, or remote.

Now that we've identified the most ideal positions in the affiliate marketing industry, let's look at the places where you can find them:

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  1. Online Affiliate Marketing Communities

Affiliate marketing is an online business, and this means that most affiliates spend the majority of their time hanging around on the internet while not working. There are many common networks where affiliates hang around online and they fall under 3 major groups which are; forums, telegram groups, and Facebook groups.

People involved in the affiliate industry usually use these platforms to network, share new ideas, request assistance, share their journeys, case studies and promote their services.

On top of that, they also share and announce job positions and their intentions to hire people to help them with some tasks.

You can even make a post to ask if anyone is interested in hiring or is actually hiring, then you can speak to them directly. So here are the most popular online communities for affiliate marketers under the categories mentioned above:


Facebook Groups

Telegram Groups

2. Affiliate Marketing Conferences

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Attending affiliate marketing conferences is the best way to meet and network with people and different parties that take part in the affiliate marketing industry. Many Advertisers, affiliate networks, brands, service providers, affiliate marketers, and industry stakeholders usually attend these events which provide a good platform to network. You can easily land yourself a job, join a team, or partner up with an affiliate.

Conferences are held in different countries so it’s not unusual to fly out to foreign countries to attend events: The best affiliate marketing events include:

3. Online Job Boards and Freelance Websites

Online job boards are the most common places to find jobs online. These online job boards have listings of available jobs from different companies in the affiliate marketing industry, and your only work is to send over your CV and wait for feedback from the HR officials from the companies you've applied to.

The best online job boards and freelance websites that can help you find jobs in the affiliate marketing space include:


The best way for any newbie to get into the industry without taking the trial and error approach is by taking a job or by joining a team of experienced affiliate marketers.

This point was clarified by Jason Akatiff, in the interview we published on our site. He said:

"If you're young, I highly recommend you talk to an entrepreneur that runs a real business and ask them what skills are important for you to be successful. Then you go take jobs and roles in those things over the next few years of your life and start building your tool chest of things you know how to do, rather than starting a business while not knowing where you want it to be, what it should look like, and then making tons and tons of mistakes along the way. This will reduce some of the mistakes and it will accelerate your growth much faster once you start that business."

By doing this, you’ll be able to learn directly from experienced members of the team or company for free and get paid while doing so only in exchange for a couple of hours of your time and skill. Once you feel like you are equipped enough with funds, knowledge, connections, and resources — you can then go ahead to start your own path as an entrepreneur with a clear game plan to make profits in the industry.

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