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GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence: the AI Software that Will Wipe Out The Jobs of Copywriters in the Nearby Future

The GPT-3 artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace. Currently, the use of GPT-3 softwares is becoming more common in the content writing space as more new tools and softwares keep emerging.

Researchers at Animalz note that generating content with the latest version of Open AI GPT-3 allows bloggers to reduce the amount of time spent writing a blog article. Articles that take hours to write by a human are written within minutes by the GPT-3 AI.

The researchers are confident that in the nearby future, online companies will be able to deliver large volumes of content with little or no financial cost.

Ever since the launch of this technology in 2020, a bunch of softwares have been created to allow users to write short posts for social networks, generate SEO articles, and even create ready-made articles for affiliate marketing.

After learning about this futuristic technology, the team at Partnerkin decided to test two of the most popular GPT-3 content-generating softwares and in this article, we are sharing the results and our opinions on the softwares.

The softwares we have tested are:

  • Headlime
  • Jarvis AI

1. Headlime

Headlime is an AI copywriting tool that helps you quickly create content for a variety of different media types like blog posts, articles, and social media posts. It is designed to make the job of content creation more efficient and less time-consuming.

The programs AI can create:

  • Blog posts
  • Marketing Copy
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Emails
  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Ecommerce product descriptions
  • And other professional copy

The tool has a free version with limited functionality and 2 paid versions with full access to all the functionality. The paid versions have a 7 day trial period which goes for $7, then you can choose one of the two payment plans:

  • Personal — $59 per month.
  • Enterprise — $399 per month.

In this test, we decided to try to create an article on the future of making online on Web 3.0, and Facebook ad copy for the promotion of So we opened up an account, set it up, and we were presented with a dashboard with multiple functionalities of the tool.

Our initial intention was to start by creating a blog post, so we chose the Blog post option, and next up we had to create a project name and then set up the initial configurations to give the AI our idea of what our blog post should be talking about.

After providing the details, the AI tool asked whether we already had our title in mind or if we required an auto-generated title. We already had a title in mind, so we filled it in and continued to the next step.

After adding the headline, next up the tool created 3 versions of the blog article’s introduction, and it allowed us to choose one. All the introductions seemed to contain info that matches our article description but somehow we preferred to go with the first option on the list.

After selecting the introduction, it took us to the page whereby it composed the first bit of the article.

It then asked us to add more text ourselves so that it continues to write the article. So we supplemented that last sentence with more text and it finally made up the article. Below is the final result that we got:

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Our Verdict

The article we got was so brief and it had a few errors that Grammarly spotted out - most of which were missing punctuations marks.

The points were a bit shallow and did not seem to be well researched.

The pros were that the article came out with a good organization of heading, content, and conclusion. It tried to lay out the ways to make money in a bullet list format which was a good format.

Facebook Ad

As we saw before, the AI tool said it could make creative marketing copy, so we went forward to create a Facebook ad.

Our idea here was to try to create a Facebook ad for, so we clicked on the "Facebook Primary" option on the dashboard. We were then taken to a form that required some info on the kind of product we are promoting, its description, the language, voice tone, target audience, and the level of creativity that we needed our ads to be presented with.

We filled in all the info as above and here are the ad copies we received from the Headlime AI:

Our Verdict

The Facebook ads created by Headlime left a positive impression. They were brief and went directly to the point.

Final Verdict on Headlime

The Headlime AI is impressive especially the way it’s able to deliver content that matches the descriptions provided by the users. It’s good for generating SEO content, and short copies like ads, emails product descriptions but certainly not long articles.

Its ability to dig out and provide relevant points that fit the topics is a bit low but as we believe AIs tools are learners and they self improve as long as it feeds more data every now and then. The more it’s up, the better it becomes at generating content. So we believe that it can get better.

As of now, we believe that the content it puts out can act as a framework for writers to supplement the points manually by researching and adding more data to the articles.

2. Jarvis AI

Formerly known as Conversion AI, Jarvis AI is another sophisticated copywriting tool that uses AI to auto-generate written content for blogs, articles, sales pages, advertising copy, e-commerce product descriptions, and so much more.

Jarvis AI claims to have the ability to create the following forms of content:

  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Creative Stories
  • Facebook Ads copy
  • Google Ads copy
  • Instagram post captions
  • User Testimonials
  • Youtube video scripts
  • Youtube video descriptions
  • Emails
  • SEO blog posts with titles and meta descriptions
  • Company Bios
  • Quora answers, etc.

Jarvis AI is a premium tool with no free version. It has 2 main plans which are the Starter Plan, and Boss Mode Plan.

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The Boss Mode plan is the best because it provides access to the most sophisticated features of the AI. Understanding this, we decided to purchase and test the Boss Mode plan to see what it could compose for us.

So straight away we went to the "Templates" option on the dashboard menu so that we can start our test immediately.

The templates menu displays a grid with all functionalities that can enable you the user to create the text copy you want. For our case, we wanted to create a blog article, so we chose the first option which is "Long-form Assistant". It’s an option whereby the AI will compose for you an entire ready to go article- the only thing you have to provide is the initial sentence

Once we had chosen the "Long-form assistant", next we had to pick our starting point which was obviously Start from scratch.

After choosing to "start from scratch", we were presented with a word input form for creating the article and it had a lot more other functionalities on the left side of our screen.

Our idea was to have an article on how to make money on Web 3.0. So we filled in the title, in the title form and also wrote it in the main input form.

After creating the title, and making the first sentence, we then clicked chose a "Medium" output length and clicked on the "Compose" button at the bottom left of the screen.

By doing this, the AI-generated a medium-length paragraph that introduced the topic. According to the softwares tutorials, you need to click the "Compose" button until the whole article is created and an end sentence is displayed.

So we kept clicking on compose until the whole article was made, and this was the result:

Our Verdict

Jarvis AI’s Boss Mode created for us a superb article on the topic of how to make money on Web 3.0. The article had a strong introduction, a well-researched list of the possible ways to make money on Web 3.0, and a smooth transition to the conclusion.

The article had 598 words, which is perfect for a less than 5-minute read article. It also had no grammatical errors as we had Grammarly plugged in and all it highlighted was a few text redundancy issues which aren’t bad.

The only issue on our side was the length of the introduction. It went so far ahead to give us information that we didn’t need in the introduction, but generally, the article was good and we hope to share it with you here in the nearby future.


According to our test, Jarvis AI is better than Headlime at the moment. Its Boss Mode is a beast when it comes to writing articles and long-form content. Headlime is good for short content and to create a writing framework for long content.

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The GPT — 3 technology is becoming better every day and many discussions are going around it, including the question that will wipe away the jobs of freelance writers?

Our opinion on this is that at the moment it’s not yet at par because at the end of the day after using it, human writers are still required to edit the articles to eliminate errors, organize the content and add the visuals. However, the developers promise to make it better and more advanced in the future.

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