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Hot Friday at Partnerkin: Free Access and Incredibly High Discounts from 16 Services

Discounts are appreciated not only by customers but also by affiliate marketers themselves. And who wouldn't want to suddenly see a discount on their favorite service? We understand this perfectly, so we have negotiated with platforms and prepared many perks, bonuses, and pleasant discounts for you. In our selection, you'll find everything you need: monitoring services, spy tools, anti-detects, proxies, and much more.


Mobile Ad Monitoring and Analysis Service for Pop-up Ads and Advertising Campaigns on Social Networks and Google Adwords. The platform helps analyze competitors' advertising campaigns: identifying successful combinations, best sources of traffic, browsers, and devices for launching your own advertising campaigns.

Promo Code: AdmobispyBF2023

Discount: 30% off for an access to any section on the service or for a full access

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12


Spy Service for Monitoring and Analytics of Adult Advertising. The team operates with 150+ geos and 8 traffic sources. The platform will help you track competitors' advertising and discover which offers and landing pages they are promoting, where they place their ads, and which traffic sources they utilize. Among the pleasant bonuses: the service covers teaser, banner, and video advertising.

Promo Code: SpytegBF2023

Discount: 30% for Professional and Corporate Plans

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12


Teaser and Push Advertising Monitoring and Analytics Service. It helps if you're desperate to find successful combinations and in search of ideas to launch your own advertising campaign. The service collects and processes tons of advertising creatives, pre-landers, and landing pages across 150 geos.

Promo Code: SPYOVERBF2023

Discount: 30% for Professional and Corporate Plans

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12


Service for Advertising Analysis in CIS Countries. You will receive a comprehensive market and competitor analysis within minutes. The platform covers 15 networks and 10 countries, providing detailed statistics for each ad and landing page: where and how much it is being rotated, on which devices, platforms, and geos. With Espyge, you will discover the exact combination of creatives-pre-landers-landings, traffic sources, geos, devices, popularity by days and hours.

Promo Code: EspygeBF2023

Discount: 30% for Professional and Corporate Plans

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12

Smart push notifications for Android, iOS, PWA applications, and websites. The service enhances push effectiveness and identifies converting funnels. It features a convenient scheduler for managing a large number of applications. Push campaigns are set up once and then notifications are automatically sent to all existing and future applications.

Promo Code: PartnerkinBlackfriday2023

Discount: $100 credited to the balance for the first successfully added application to the system

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12

With this service, you can independently create mobile proxies using an Android phone. What's great about it: low cost, quick setup in a couple of minutes, support for UDP, OVPN, pOf, IP change in any way, for example, through rotation, by link, API. The service operates in all countries worldwide.

Promo Code: PartnerkinBlackfriday2023

Discount: 35% off on the next purchase for both new and existing users on any tariff

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12

Analyze competitors in SEO, contextual advertising on search engines in the Yandex Advertising Network, and Yandex Zen with You will have access to informative reports, tools for collecting and clustering semantics, as well as analytics on competitors' backlink profiles.


Discount: 20% 

Validity Period: 24.11-30.11

This is the perfect solution for traffic filtering and content protection based on Machine Learning. The service works with any traffic source: Facebook, Yandex, MT, TikTok, and other advertising platforms. You can configure highly flexible filtering based on parameters such as countries, devices, OS, browsers, VPN/Proxy, IPv6, ISP, Referrer. You can also create your own Black List. No technical knowledge is required to use this service. After registration, you automatically receive a 7-day trial access with no limitations. Additionally, the team is currently running a giveaway for 10 premium subscriptions in their Telegram chat.


Discount: 50% off on any tariff plan

Validity Period: 100 activations


Dolphin{anty} — the world's first anti-detect with an action synchronizer across all operating systems. Among their features are a script builder that automates processes, one-click IP proxy change, reliable fingerprint substitution, and adaptability for both solo and team work. You will appreciate the user-friendly interface, ease of working with anti-detection, and much more.

Promo Code: BF23

Discount: 20% on the first payment

Validity Period: 24.11-30.11

The service also offers a -83% discount on a lifetime subscription to Dolphin{anty} for new and existing users until the end of the month. For those who choose to pay for access without participating in the promotion, a 20% discount on the first payment with the promo code BF23 is available from 24.11 to 10.12

Octo Browser

A secure and efficient tool for mass account creation on any platforms and centralized management from a single device. With this service, you can handle any number of accounts without bans, routine, and unnecessary expenses.


Discount: 50 codes for free usage of the Base subscription for 7 days for new users

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12


A powerful spy tool for Facebook with a creative database of over 1 billion and an affordable price. Convenient filters for in-depth searches, the ability to create collections, blacklists, one-click translation of creatives, detailed statistics on creatives, and the option to download creatives in high quality. There is a demo version and a paid subscription available for specialists and teams.

Promo Code: BLACKHEART23

Discount: Up to -40%, depending on the subscription duration

Validity Period: 24.11-30.11


A trusted company with a decade of experience providing private proxy servers. What they have available: Datacenter IPv4 & IPv6, Mobile 4G/5G with rotation, ISP, and Residential proxies. Notable features include a high-speed 1 Gbit channel, 24/7 support, and over 220 proxy locations. Each proxy has both ports for the respective protocols: HTTP(S) & SOCKS5.


Discount: 20% on proxy orders of the following types: Datacenter - IPv4 & IPv6, ISP, Residential.

Validity Period: 24.11-10.12


A powerful tracker designed specifically for affiliate marketing. With it, you can easily customize traffic funnels, track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and protect your creatives and landing pages. Keitaro will help you effortlessly reduce expenses and turn your campaigns profitable. The platform provides all the necessary functionality for webmasters, including reports with 30+ built-in metrics updated every minute, local landings with an integrated editor, and integrations with Facebook, TikTok, Cloudflare, Namecheap, and other services. In Keitaro, you'll also find over 250 ready-to-use templates for CPA networks and over 200 templates for traffic sources, containing all the necessary metrics, Postback URL links, and conversion tracking, allowing you to start working with your favorite resources in just a few clicks.

Promo Code: BLCKPRT30 and BLCKPRT10

Discount: 30% off on the purchase and 10% off on renewals

Validity Period: 24.11-31.12


An analytics tool for mobile, desktop, and native advertising. The platform has a broad GEO coverage, spanning 75 countries, and includes campaign targeting analysis for devices such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. It also offers monitoring of in-app banners for Android, and the ability to download landing pages in zip format directly from the interface. The service provides access to hidden campaigns that exclusively target traffic from specific mobile operators.

Promo Code: partnerkin_bf23_p, partnerkin_bf23_md, partnerkin_bf23_n, partnerkin_bf23_a

Discount: Corresponding to the above promo codes - 30% off for push, 35% off for mobile and desktop, 40% off for native, and 35% off for adult.

Validity Period: 24.11-10.1

An intelligent cloaking service with JS fingerprinting and a traffic filtering system based on neural networks. An indispensable tool for those dealing with grey hat offers on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing, and other traffic sources. The service offers a free 7-day trial.


Discount: 20% off for the first month

Validity Period: 24.11-01.02


Aéza is a cloud hosting provider. Servers operate on the top-tier AMD Ryzen 7950X processor with a frequency of up to 5.7 GHz. The platform offers domain registration and protection against attacks, WAF/AntiDDoS.


Discount: The first code — €3 for existing clients, the second — €5 for new clients

Validity Period: 24.11-27.11

Let's remind you of the services participating in the giveaway:

  • — Free access to the Basic plan for 1 month
  • Dolphin{anty} — 1-month subscription to Base, 1-month subscription to Team, 1-month subscription to Enterprise
  • Octo Browser — 1-month subscription to BASE
  • Adheart — 3 free subscriptions for 1 month
  • AdPlexity — Free 1-month subscription to any service
  • — 20 free licenses for 1 month of using the service.

To participate, simply repost this message in our VK group and await the results. Making a smart purchase during Black Friday is a must for those looking to save money and allocate it towards effective testing. Our selection includes services from various domains, ensuring everyone can find something valuable for themselves.

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