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Push.House Review: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

Push traffic is a traffic format that you have heard a million times already as an affiliate. And for the majority, they have already tried this traffic form and made tons of money from it a couple of years back and then diverted to other traffic sources. A lot of people are always wondering if it still works and if it's worth exploring in 2022 and beyond.

We’re introducing you to Push.House, a push traffic source that’s bringing a difference to the affiliate marketing industry through its unique value points that help affiliates make the most out of push traffic.

By the end of this article, you’ll get to know everything about Push.House, what it offers, and plan your way to creating your first push traffic campaign.

Spoiler: They are also giving an amazing offer to affiliates who join their platform. Read till the end to discover the offer.

Push House Overview

Push House was founded in 2018 by a team from Ukraine. The same team that later on came up with the CPA House affiliate network and Partners House push subscription service as extensions of their services in the affiliate marketing industry.

This is one of those awesome companies that all affiliate marketers from Russia instantly recognize and has gained popularity in the Russian affiliate marketing realm.

Push House has a lot to offer and one of its biggest perks is that it offers affordable prices for traffic. They have their own affiliate program to monetize traffic with push subscriptions — Due to this, the quality of traffic is controlled and maintained at a high level.

On the traffic side, the ad network has a push subscriber user base of over 50 million people that generate over 300 000 000 impressions per month. They have got lots of volumes for affiliates to play with both push and in-page push traffic options.

They also have an anti-fraud system that gets you only the targeted traffic and real users, and thus you do not get any bot or fake traffic.

Push House also has some innovative targeting features that allow you to apply precise targeting to your campaigns and identify top-performing feeds for your offers.

Niches Allowed

Push House accepts a wide range of niches including:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Nutra
  • Gambling
  • Crypto
  • Health & Beauty
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Adult, etc

Note: The ad network accepts campaigns in the adult niche, but with a condition that advertisers must not display nudity in the ad creatives. They can display that in the landing pages and offer pages but not in the ads.

Campaign Types/ Formats

Push House allows you to go for two different types of campaigns which are:

  • Push Notifications
  • In-Page Push Notifications

This gives you a great targeting basis, depending on what you’ve planned as a strategy for your promotion.

Traffic Volumes and CPC Rates

The ad network runs ads in all countries in the world. It reaches audiences in over 162 countries with the most volume coming from India, Indonesia, and Russia. The screenshot below shows the GEOs with the highest number of daily impressions for both mobile and desktop with their CPC rates.

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Minimum Deposit

The ad platform accepts an amount of $50 as the minimum deposit for advertisers. On top of that, they have an exclusive coupon for new advertisers that offers a 10% bonus on top of the first amount that is deposited.

How to Register on Push House

Push House has a seamless registration process as everything has been carefully thought out. The website has a clean and fresh look and is super easy to navigate – just click the Signup button on the homepage to create your account.

After filling in your details, a verification link will be sent to your email. All you will have to do is to click it so you can access the platform.

Personal Account Overview

When you log in, the dashboard will be the first thing you see. This is the primary panel for your account.

From this page, you can view your impressions, clicks, CTR, and ad spend as well as an overview of your two most successful campaigns. This page also displays the Top 10 Active and Top 10 Free GEOs.

From the top navigation bar, you can see your name, the amount of money in your account, your account manager, and your moderator.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each tab and what it does:

  • Main Panel: This will take you to the website's home page when you click it.
  • News: Here you can find the most recent news and updates from the ad network.
  • Network Volume: Here, you can view the precise traffic volume data for all ad types over the last 24 hours.
  • Push: This displays a drop-down menu with everything that you'll need to work with Push advertising on the ad network.
  • In-Page: This displays a drop-down menu for everything you’ll need to work with In-Page Push advertising on the ad network.
  • Finance: This is the tab whereby you can top up or fund your account.
  • Support: This is where you may contact the team by simply submitting a ticket, and the support team will respond to your query.
  • Rules: This depicts the guidelines for working with the ad network.
  • F.A.Q: This is where you can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Fund or Top Up the Account

Before you can run ads on Push House you’ll need to add funds to your account.

To top up your account, you will need to:

  1. Click on the "Finance" option on the sidebar menu
  2. Choose your payment method
  3. Fill in the amount you'd like to deposit (Keep in mind that the minimum deposit is $50)
  4. Add a promo code if you have any
  5. Then finally click the "Top Up" button

Note: In order for the promo code to work, you first have to make a deposit. The top-up process is so seamless and pretty much self-explanatory, so let’s move on to creating your first ad. Sign up with Push House and get 10% extra on the value of your deposit by clicking on this link.

How to Create a Campaign on Push House

Push House suggests that you evaluate the network traffic and CPC for all possible GEOs before creating your campaign. To do so, go to the "Network Volume" page and look at the amount of traffic tracked for all GEOs during the previous 24 hours.

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You may view statistics for push or in-page notifications by using the tabs above the statistics table.

You must also choose the type of ad you wish to run — either push or in-page alerts. (For the purposes of this guide, we'll choose push).

After you've decided on the GEO(s) and ad type to target, you can begin the campaign creation process.

Steps to create a campaign with Push House

To create the push campaign on Push House, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Push" option on the side navigation bar and select “Create Campaign” on the drop-down menu that shows up.
  2. A campaign setup page will be displayed and you will have to fill in the details of your campaign like:
  • The campaign title
  • The link to your offer page, landing page, or tracking link. This field uses tracking macros which include:
  • {site} — This macro displays the website from which the user received the push notification. It is useful when you want to know which sites are profitable and which are draining your bank account with no return. Once you've identified these sites, you may add them to a blacklist to exclude non-profitable traffic sources.
  • {camp} — This macro displays which ad campaign the user selected.
  • {pdpid} — This macro keeps track of the user's subscription age. Push House divides all traffic into categories based on subscription age.
  • {price} — This macro tracks the cost of a user's click on your ad.
  • {feed} — In addition to the traffic that Push House has, there is also a large amount of traffic driven from the feeds. This macro gives you more insight into the feeds and their traffic quality.
  • {country} — This macro shows you the country where your ad is displayed.
  • {city} — This macro shows you the city where your ad is displayed.
  • {os} — This shows you the OS of your traffic.
  • {lang} — This macro is used to track the browser language of your traffic.
  • {browser} — This macro can track the browser used by your traffic.
  • {format} — This macro is used to track the campaign format that your ads are configured in.
  1. Next, you will have to fill in the campaign targeting details which include the following:
  • Country (Your CPC will immediately default to the minimum CPC allowed in the country you have selected. You can change that if you want to increase your bid.)
  • City
  • Device (Either mobile/ desktop)
  • Age
  • OS
  • OS version
  • Browser Language
  1. After setting up your campaign targeting, next you have to create your ad. And to do this, you'll have to follow the following steps:
  • Fill in your ad title
  • Fill in your ad text/ copy
  • Attach your push notification icon
  • Attach the image that will be displayed with your push notification

Hot Tip: Before setting up your ad, you can click on "Ready Sets". This will redirect you to Spy.House, Push.House’s free spy tool that gives you access to spy on thousands of new ads every day

  1. Next, you have to set up your campaign schedule. If your offer requires it, this tool allows you to run your ad on specific days of the week or at specific times of the day.

  1. Next, you have to specify your ad budget and click limits. You can specify the overall budget, daily budget, total clicks limit, and daily click limit. The minimum daily budget limit is $10, and the minimum overall budget limit is also $10.

  1. Next, you will set your audience targeting. It includes the sites they come from, their subscriptions, and if you wish to exclude or increase traffic from certain sites/subscriptions. Here you have 3 options which are:
  • "Type IP" — Where you can choose whether you want to create a black or white list, is related to its counter field on the right, which is where you will be inserting IP ranges you want to include or exclude.
  • Type ID — Here you will be inserting IP ranges you want to include or exclude.
  • Subscription IDs — This is responsible for the subscription IDs.

Note: You can also decide not to set these at the start in order not to limit your traffic.

  1. Next, you have to set up the uniqueness of your campaign for the users. Here you can select to send your ads to viewers who have never seen your ad, link, or domain. The goal of this is to prevent users who have seen your campaign to be get targeted over and over with the same ad.

  1. The final part of the setup is to:
  • Choose if your campaign should run or not run after moderation/ review is completed. If you don’t want your ad to run right after moderation, check "Stop after moderation".
  •  Choose whether your landing pages have any adult content on them or not, as this will help the platform find the best target audience for you.
  • Choose to allow feeds or not. Feeds refer to traffic from third-party databases. In order to use this, you need to have $70+ on your balance.

  1. And that’s it! At this point, you’ve now completed all the steps necessary to get your ad up and running and get unique visitors to your offer. All you have to do is to submit the campaign for review, which takes less than an hour and your campaign will be up and running.

After starting your campaign, you may view a list of all of your campaigns by clicking the "Campaign List" button, and you can get detailed information on your campaign's performance by clicking the "Statistics" tab.

Final Verdict

Push House is a reliable and well-designed Push advertising network with a worldwide reach and a significant amount of high-quality traffic. The network has been focusing on push traffic since 2018 and it has always been optimizing and improving its ad tech system by creating the best targeting options and a simple user interface that appeals to all affiliates and produces great campaign results.

The inclusion of the Ready sets is a wonderful touch as it offers affiliates a free spy tool to see what kind of ads are already working well for others in their niche. This always puts you a step ahead in terms of testing what is already proven to work.

Sign up with Push House today and get 10% extra on the value of your deposit.


  • High-quality traffic
  • Excellent targeting options
  • Little/ no bot traffic
  • Global reach
  • Creatives Ready Sets
  • 24/7 support


  • No carrier targeting

Offers & Verticals

How To Come Up With Profitable SaaS Ideas
  • Ad Types: Push, In-Page Push
  • Cost Model: CPC
  • Verticals: All

Payment & Investment

  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Payment Methods: Card, Webmoney, Crypto, CoinPayments, and Capitalist.


  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Support: Great
  • Contact Channels: Telegram and Email
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