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Launch date: 22 Feb 2019
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DateProfits is the combination of three established programs, the addition of several new GF-targeted dating sites, and an all new high-powered affiliate backend with advanced tracking and reporting functionality.


  • Commission Type CPA, CPL, RevShare
  • Payment Frequency Bi-Weekly


  • Withdrawal methods
    Wire, Check, Paxum, Payoneer
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DateProfits reviews

October 19, 2022
  • Support 3
  • Technology 3
  • Quality of offers 3
  • Reliability 3

If you're currently pushing any of these offers, I'd recommend you stop. They pay $4.00 on most networks. It really doesn't matter if you push high volume of leads or very low. The results are the same.. Meaning, within 2-3 days they will tell you to stop and pause you. And their reasoning is because "Your traffic blows, worst they ever seen" Me and a few guys have tested there offers on multiple networks, with different traffic as well and they come back saying the same shit, Some even being paid traffic. We know our traffic converts on the back end because we've used this same traffic on other dating offers and webcams that require cc to join. At the end of all this, they tell the network they are converting your payout from $4.00 to $1.00 for web generated leads and $.50 cents for mobile ones. They pretty much turned the 20k they owed me into pennies, and STILL did not PAY ME. Between me and a few guys they owe over 45k and have yet to pay any of us. Some even being as low as $300 bucks and still aren't paying. Te only way you're gonna get paid, is if the network pays you upfront which most don't anymore.

You've been warned! Push at your own risk.
Most CPA Networks are dropping them, Now I see why..

This company is also known as lustdollars. They keep changing their name to avoid bad reviews following them.


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

August 29, 2022
  • Support 1
  • Technology 5
  • Quality of offers 6
  • Reliability 2

this network is scammer, they encourage me to increase traffic and when i reached a lots of money, they started drama not to pay, world best scammer. I am not just giving a review just the thread or just go to google and search dateprofits scammed $4700 and you will see his scam face.


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

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05 December 2023
Quality of offers

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