July 15, 2022
  • Profitability 7
  • Support 8
  • Reliability 7
  • Promotional materials 7

For years Posh Friend was the one of most honest and reputable affiliate program. But this year something go wrong.

1.) First alarm is information about one private brand for excisting high rollers. And about cross-marketing offers to high rollers to play on this private casino. Ofcourse this "offers" don't contain any affiliate links.

I don't know is this true or not, but this news come from "the world of mouth" from public and private gamblin webmasters telegram chats.
Anyway this is very warning sign.

2.) Second is my own expirience. PoshFriends hold my affiliate comission within 4 months, since August 2020. I work with PoshFriends via RevenueLab, and RevenueLab managers tell me, that
PoshFriend don't pay affiliate comission within several last months.

RevenueLab is very trusty and reputable super-affiliate, and i trust them. I know that sometimes affiliate programs and super-affiliates have some disputes about CPA - traffic. But in my case this is RevenueShare for old players. And as i say before - no any payments from PoshFriends since August 2020.

Sorry for my poor English.

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