Stars Affiliate Club (PokerStars) reviews

General information

Launch year: Unknown
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Stars Affiliate is a poker affiliate program affiliated with PokerStars.

Mainly thematic sites are allowed to monetize it.

The specific rates depend on the GEO and the number of brought players per month.

An important condition when working with affiliate program is a constant generation of new players. To stop the traffic means to reduce the RevShare rate.

Minimum payout:

  • There is no minimum for .com resources;
  • For FR and .IT resources - $100.



  • Accepted countries
    USA, France, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Denmark.
  • Type of payment
    CPA / RevShare (15-35%)
  • CPA rate
  • Tracking the source of leads
  • Minimum payout
  • RevShare
  • Payment methods
    bank transfer, electronic money (USA, Italy, France)
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Stars Affiliate Club (PokerStars) reviews

December 07, 2020
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Hi everyone, I want to bring up an issue that has come up while working with PokerStars Brand offers. In order to promote PokerStars Brand offers, we opened an affiliate account at Stars Affiliate $. Our account went through moderation and by default we already had a few RV and CPA model betting options set there for the European market. Based on that, we budgeted our campaigns and promotion. While we were tracking our progress, monitoring campaigns and statistics, everything was going well, we completed 9 qualified FTD's and earned an endless amount of commissions in September. But everything changed dramatically at the end of the month, when we generated our report for September on Stars $ Affiliate platform and realized that our commission is now $0.00. We contacted customer support hoping to resolve this miscommunication, but unfortunately this is the response we received. ''The CPA commission was calculated due to an error in the structure of the commission itself, as the CPA amount was attributed to our RevShare model. This explains the fact that you did not receive CPA commissions in September.'' However, that was not the case, we tried to prove our position by providing facts and screenshots. But we were asked to have some patience while they dealt with the matter. After their internal investigation, we received the following email, "We have completed our investigation, we have found and determined that the commission for September was incorrectly assessed as a result of an internal error." Again we tried to dispute this situation, but the last email clearly stated their position that we would not be paid and this was their final decision. It turns out that they had a CPA model in place on the Stars Affiliate $ platform. In emails, they admitted several times that it was an internal error on their part, and in an attempt to cover it up they started lying that the CPA commission was added to the RevShare campaign and was miscalculated. After that of course the CPA model campaign was removed from the commission, but luckily we managed to take a screenshot before that change. I think it's very dishonest and irresponsible of the PokerStars Affiliate $ to display information and give instructions for affiliates to follow when investing their money, just so they can then rip them off and roll everything up as the cause of what's going on. A weak excuse, just disgusting. This is the first time we've encountered something like this. Has anyone experienced a problem like this? If so, any advice on how to solve it?

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October 03, 2019
  • Support 1

Disgusting support! I registered almost 2 weeks ago. It took 1 week to confirm, manager answered in 2-3 days. I was happy of course, but I never got access to the platform. Couldn't get logged in during th registration. They do not have an automatic password reset. I've been communicating with them for a week now (with a 2-3 day delay in responses again) and trying to get links and promotional materials without success...

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This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

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18 April 2024
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