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WeltBet Affiliates is the official sports betting & casino affiliate program for They incorporates the services of Online Casino, Live Casino, Sports Betting, Virtual Games, etc. 

30% - 0 - 5 deposits;
35% - 5 - 10 deposits;
40% - 10 - 15 deposits;
45% - 15 - 20 deposits;
50% - 20 - 25 deposits.

Commission Type: RevShare, CPA, Hybrid
Payment Methods: Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill.


  • Frequency of payments
    Monthly, by the 15th
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  • Referral percentage
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August 29, 2022
  • Profitability 2
  • Support 3
  • Reliability 3
  • Lockouts 6

My withdrawal has been rejected for over a month now, firstly it was because of rollover after I met up with the rollover, they reject again for no reason or any information why my withdrawal has been rejected. I tried resolving the issues with them so they can tell me what is wrong, I get nothing or email reply from the site, the customer care operator has no information on it too and they have completely ignored me.


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

August 29, 2022
  • Profitability 2
  • Support 2
  • Reliability 2
  • Lockouts 6

I had a payout of 5 000 euros... I tried to log in and it didn't work! It said User does not exist! Tried to write with live chat! They told me to try recovering the password. Standing there doesn't work! I took screenshots, everything is there. It wouldn't work because the support team changed my email! That's why I couldn't login or recover my password! In the chat they said to wait until tomorrow morning! That was 12:50 a.m.! At eight o'clock I was able to recover my password with a bang! And I see that my last withdrawal was declined. And all the money was gambled away in the casino! With bets of 1000 2000 3000. I don't know what exactly was bet on!!! I don't really know about online casinos! In the chat they say, the team claim I changed everything myself! Wrote to chat where all my money was wasted. With a rejected payment it is 12780 euros! No one knows why it was rejected! obviously ignores me.

There is a phone number on their website! Which of course doesn't belong to them!!! That's not fair! Man must be able to do something! There must be justice! Now my account is blocked! chat can only be reached with vpn! They changed my email address again! I can't recover passwords!


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

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24 March 2023

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