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GetYourGuide is a platform for booking tours and excursions around the world. The service has been operating since 2009 and offers all types of entertainment: from museum and theater tickets to gastronomic tours and safaris. 

The GetYourGuide affiliate program offers a reward: ~6-7% of the total order price. 


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October 20, 2022
  • Profitability 6
  • Support 6
  • Quality of offers 6
  • Reliability 6

I have a travel blog, and a few months back I noticed that several of my very successful competitors were affiliates with Get Your Guide. They offer text links and customizable widgets to promote guided tours, tickets to attractions, etc. in cities around the world.

As I often review guided tours and attractions, it seemed like a no-brainer to sign up. I put a text link in my copy to purchase tickets to the same attractions I’m reviewing, then a widget below that contains a photo of each tour or attraction and a star rating.

After two months, I have 20 total clicks on all of my affiliate links. I’m sure most of those are from me clicking on them to make sure they work!

I know it’s not lack of traffic to my site. It’s only 8 months old, but I’m averaging 18-20k sessions per month.

I’m getting 3-8 clicks on my Adsense ads per day (2-3 per long format post) and 6-10 Amazon Affiliates purchases per day (those links are on physical product reviews).

I haven’t dumped the program yet because they offer decent commissions and they have products that are right in line with what I know my customers buy. They’ve been around for 10 years, and I don’t see lots of negative reviews about the company.

I’m just baffled about this. Is it a scam? Or a glitch? Does anyone have any insight?


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

August 29, 2022
  • Profitability 8
  • Support 9
  • Quality of offers 8
  • Reliability 8

Great links with good layout. Easy to use. Good customer service for help with affiliates.


This review reflects the subjective opinion of the user, and not the official position of the editors.

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16 July 2024
Quality of offers

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