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BillCutterz operates as a bill discounting service catering to consumers, organizations, and businesses in the United States and Canada. The service aims to lower monthly bills across various categories, including cell phone, internet, cable and satellite TV, electricity, and gas, among others, by securing discounts for its clients.

Under BillCutterz's model, if savings are achieved for customers, the company splits the savings with them on a 50/50 basis. This incentivizes BillCutterz to maximize savings for its clients.

The partner program offers a first-tier commission structure, where partners receive 5% of revenue from their referred customers. Payments are processed via PayPal, with alternative payment options available upon request.

Membership in the partner program is free, with partners earning based on the number of customers they refer to BillCutterz. Payments are made monthly, with partner reports generated at the beginning of each month for the prior month's referrals.

Partners have the flexibility to promote BillCutterz using their preferred methods, provided they adhere to guidelines prohibiting illegal, offensive, or deceptive promotional tactics. 


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19 July 2024
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