April 02, 2019
  • Support 10
  • Technology 8
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

I work with adwords traffic, so it was hard for me to enter the niche without cloaca. I do not use cloaca as a matter of principle. I found a niche for myself - resume writing. I searched for resumes in essey affiliate program and it turned out that not everyone have them, I have found a total of 2-3 offers. One of them was from educashion and I did a white label from them.

It wasn't even seasonal, because resumes don't have a clear seasonality, as essays. My average check came out to about $200. Conversion +-19%.

What's another advantage of resumes of this affiliate program offer - it's great rates, not 30% like others)

I hope that my experience will be useful to other arbitrageurs.

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