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Rankpay is a SEO company located in the United States.

They served more than 2000 clients globally. Coming to their affiliate program, you can earn the decent cash.


  • The minimum commission is 10%. Once you refer more than 20 customers, you can earn up to 20%. The commission type is recurring. That means you will receive the commissions until the referral stays with the RankPay.
  • The payments are made on monthly basis. 


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August 29, 2022
  • Profitability 4
  • Support 4
  • Quality of offers 6
  • Reliability 2

Terible company, dont join rankpay affiliate program. Cannot be trusted. In 2012 i join their affiliate program and they pay me well. But after 2019. They make fake partner payment invoice and didnt pay me at all. I did not receive $150usd. I think they hire greedy marketing manager. I manage to made few sales but they simply cut my commision.


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27 March 2023
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