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Launch date: 08 Feb 2018
Official website: is a rapidly evolving ad network that adopts the Popunder, In-page ads.

Apart from all the word-of-mouth publicity and functionalities, this service integrates a very handy self-service format from where you can purchase the web traffic you need.

The service is popular for its creative and easy-to-set-up ad campaigns. Similar to any other platform across the market, you would have to test at least 3 different creatives.

Three ad formats: ads in push notification messages, ads in notification messages floating at a website (in-page), popunders (clickunders) full-page traffic.


  • Commission Type CPC
  • Payment Frequency Monthly



  • GEO
    Top GEO Global, US, CA, European, LATAM
  • Payment methods
    Wire, PayPal, Paxum, BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, WebMoney, Capitalist
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09 June 2023
Problems with anti-viruses

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