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Publisher.House stands out as a prominent affiliate program specializing in the monetization of traffic through PUSH subscriptions, offering a range of features to support publishers and maximize their earnings.

With Publisher.House, payments are processed on a weekly basis, ensuring a consistent and reliable income stream for publishers.

The platform boasts extensive push notification coverage, spanning over 180 countries, allowing publishers to reach a global audience and capitalize on diverse markets.

As a leader in the field of PUSH, Publisher.House leverages real-time bidding (RTB) technology to compete for traffic, optimizing campaign performance and maximizing revenue potential.

Publishers have access to live statistics, providing real-time insights into campaign performance and allowing for informed decision-making.

The platform offers 24/7 personal support, with dedicated managers available to address any questions or concerns that publishers may have, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

With its commitment to weekly payments and personalized support, Publisher.House provides publishers with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.


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12 April 2024
Problems with anti-viruses

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